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As this world grows more corrupt I only grow stronger. A simple means to a not so simple end but what end that is, is up to the minds of the masses.

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WHO IS BEST BOI?! 2 electric boogaloo
I, the embodiment of the entire franchise, have spoken... Best boy is- *Gun shots*
Post in this thread and i'll rate your odds against me in a fight
Rather than fighting, why eon't we sit down for some delicious and refreshing Amrita Soda. They have new flavors. Including Royal Root Bear and SMT V is never coming out grape. #NotASponser #NotPhilemon
Chaos Studios
<i>Yes...a normal family gathering. Nothing is going wrong. Everything is under control. The family would enjoy their dinner...guests included. The curtain would close. The performance ends here. There is nothing more. The end... ...</i> ... [Everyone who was acting would suddenly have a moment of awakening. They would be able to see everything for how it was for a moment. The walls of the building they were in starting to crack and break as they weren't made to last in any way, he food in front of them mostly appeared normal but the roast had a veil of static over it and was changing color at a rapid rate, and finally they'd begin to notice that their memories were false as their true memories would begin to flood back. And then finally...they'd witness nothing but darkness as the show ended. When the light finally returned they'd find themselves in a gray colored room. The air would be very still and there'd only be one exit to the room they were in, a door with what seemed to be a spiral pattern on the front of it. Though they could vaguely remember who they really were, their true names, and what they were once capable of they'd find their bodies weren't as they once were. They'd feel a certain sense of emptiness in the place of any previous abilities they once had. Meanwhile... The masked man seemed to react to the fact that there was nothing on Kazuo's hand. It was hard to read him but it didn't seem that he was upset.] Masked One: &quot;I see, then I'll answer almost any questions you have as long as it doesn't break the rules. Though, it may also just be a waste of time since its hard to say if you'll be able to use such knowledge. Luckily, time is all we have now. What your dealing with is...them. I do not know what they are only that there are more than one. I've only had the honor of meeting one and it wasn't a pleasant experience but thanks to that I have a unique 'gift' in this world. Perhaps curse would be more accurate but I'm getting off track. Each of them seem to control a different aspect of this place. They're the ones who force the actors to perform their parts. As for your previous abilities. Well, let's say you're not exactly in your own body right now. Rather they've built a body you'd be comfortable with but also one that isn't exactly human. Here's a fun trick. Try pulling off your own arm, you might be surprised by what happens. Now, the hand trick. Well...&quot; [The masked one would take off what looked like a glove and showed Kazuo the back of his own hand. Despite their distance he'd be able to see the mark clearly. It looked like an eye contained with a circle and it seemed to be glowing lightly. The man would quickly cover the mark back up with his glove before continuing.] Masked One: &quot;Can't trust anyone with a mark like this. You never know what they might be planning so I had to make sure you didn't have one.&quot;
Chaos Studios
<i>The man would look at the tax collector with a sudden dead expression, unsure of how to even deal with him or if he even should. It was like the question had caused him to short circuit in some way. As if maybe the tax collector should change his line of questioning and play his part properly. Finally, the man would begin to speak in an incoherent tone, as if he was simply speaking without saying anything.</i> Farm Man: &quot;...Those are the names of everyone here...&quot; <i>The woman would smile before bringing the 'roast' to the table. Thanks to some earlier interference it would seem a little worse for wear but still edible of course. Not like eating something inedible would be a problem though. Food would be served onto everyone's plates regardless of any further interference. The show had to go on. Most of the food would seem normal. Corn, potatoes, biscuits...and then there was the roast...Still edible of course.</i> ... [The man would raise up a hand to expose the backside of it. However, his hands would be covered by gloves of a similar material to his mask thus no skin would be exposed.] &quot;If you wouldn't mind, show me the back of your hand. I should be able to see it from here, yes, it would definitely be noticeable. I'll answer anything non-essential first. I cannot introduce myself as I have no name, not one that I remember anyway. I have come to know myself as the Masked One as I am the only one who seems to have been given such treatment. Those things...I'm not sure. I believe they're part of the pre-intermission. Perhaps a security system of sorts. They can only move when you're touching the ground outside. Plant life slows them and the fate of those caught is...unknown.&quot; [He showed reluctance to explain anything else, seeming to wait for Kazuo to show his hand before saying anything else.]
Chaos Studios
<i>The ntable would once more seat 6 people. This was completely normal and nobody should question it. Not even you tax collector. The man would furrow his brow as he responded to the tax collector.</i> Farm Man: &quot;Alright then, so you gonna bother telling me why yer here then? I'd rather get back to the rest of the family, specially since we've got guests now.&quot; <i>The woman would go to greet the girl who just had entered the house while also aproaching the other girl who had already been present.</i> Farm Woman: &quot;Well, that's enough of that you two. Everyone should take a seat while your...While business is being discussed.&quot; <i>For a moment even the woman was confused as to what she was talking about. This confusion doesn't last though as she quickly seems to revert back to her usual expression. This was simply just a reaction to so much happening at once.</i> Farm Woman: &quot;Lets all sit down and we can worry about the details later.&quot; ... [The distorted woman would repeat the same thing over and over again until Kazuo left. He'd also find his previous abilities gone. In there place would only be an emptiness and unfamiliarity as if the function simply didn't exist within his current body. Outside it was dark but yet all could still be seen as being perfectly visible. The ground was much more uneven then before, having a lumpy almost fleshy texture. Further ahead would be a field full of plants that seemed to have grown in unnatural ways, this resulted in the field being covered by vines and crops of inconsistent sizes. The thing that would stand out the most is an odd platform that would protrude from the center of the field. The platform was an odd shade of lime green and seem to glow in a way that defied the atmosphere. of the area. On top of this platform was a man in a suit with a mask made of a black fabric that covered his whole head. Despite there being a rather large distance between this man and Kazuo, Kazuo would be able to hear his voice as he spoke.] Masked Man: &quot;Hey, new guy! Might not want to stand out in the open too long! This set doesn't like it when you do that!&quot; [Kazuo would suddenly feel vibrations coming from the ground as something from his far left and right was closing in at once.]
Chaos Studios
<i>Ka...The young man would simply receive silence from the woman as he dissapeared never to be heard from again. Perhaps he never existed in the first place? Thus is the fate of those who begin asking too many questions. The girl need no longer concern herself with the young man as his spot at the table had now disappeared along with his presence. The woman would look back at the girl with a smile on her face.</i> Farm Woman: &quot;Ain't no reason to think about those kind of things now, dear. Seems as though we have more guests now. Why doncha go introduce yourself to them?&quot; <i>The man would begin leading the two through the living room of their house before stopping and tuning to face them. He'd start by addressing the tourist.</i> Farm Man: &quot;Why don't you go into the kitchen and introduce yourself to the rest of the family first. It seems I've got some business to settle with our friend here.&quot; <i>... ... There's nothing more. ...</i> ... [Kazuo...they'd finally remember that name and that it was theirs. Something so foreign and yet so familiar, a tiny piece of their removed identity. The room around them was now changed. Distortions would phase in and out all along the walls. The girl from before was gone as well with only the woman remaining but in a much different state then before. Their was no emotion in her face now and distortions seems to pulse through her body as well.] Distorted Woman: &quot;...Le...ave...&quot;
Chaos Studios
<i>The woman would seem slightly confused for a moment as she is questioned on the roast. The young man might even see that unfortunately the roast seemed to flicker for a moment, almost changing in shape and consistency before returning to it's original shape. The young man should take this as a sign to stick to the script. The young man should stop questioning things. After a few moments as the woman waited for the girl to return she seemed to snap back to life.</i> Farm Woman: &quot;Now, now! You kids just sit at the table wherever you'd like. It seems we'll be having guests tonight.&quot; <i>The table would have 6 spots set up, being much larger than it might've appeared to be at first glance. This of course was completely normal. Outside the man would look over the two strangers with a bit of caution before speaking.</i> Farm Man: &quot;So, a hitch hiker and the tax man? Never heard of no combo like that before. Why don't the two of you come on in. We're just about to start supper.&quot; <i>The man would invite the two in as he looked around outside behind them. It was starting to get dark out.</i> Farm Man: &quot;Not all too safe outside lately. Wild critters getting restless and all.&quot;
Chaos Studios
<i>The woman would turn to face the two as she was pulling something out of the oven. For a moment, there'd be some obscurity as to what she had prepared but you'd be ensured that it was a normal roast.</i> Farm Woman: &quot;That's awfully kind of you kids but things are almost ready now. Why don't you two darlings go and wash up before supper is ready?&quot; <i>The man from before would seem to be waiting by the door as if he already knew something was coming. The two outside might run into each other as they reached the farmhouse door in their appropriate roles. The man would open the door to greet them before they had a chance to knock.</i> Farm Man: &quot;Well, what can I help you two gentleman with today?&quot;
Joker (DC) is just diet Akechi
I'm sorry, DC isn't anime enough for me to even know what a Joker is.

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Chaos Studios
3 ... 2 ... 1 ... <i>After a moment of confusion the image of a farmhouse would come into view. A large countryside could be seen around it, almost seeming like a perfect image that someone might also see in an old movie. At first what was before you kight almost be a movie but as the world comes into focus you'd find yourself able to look around and examine your surroundings. You would be standing on a field full or freshly planted crops. Perhaps though, it was more accurate to say that you would be if you were still you. You have no role yet, you have no identity. Your previous role and identity has been removed. For the moment you are no one but that doesn't mean you will remain no one. What role will you play in this place? Decide quickly and appropriately or the decision will be made for you.</i>
Wings of Gold: Reflection's Meaning
<i>As was a custom, from time to time, a strange establishment sometimes appeared within the city of Tokyo. Nobody could exactly predict where it would next appear or for what reasons. As such, there were many rumors about such a place and what may happen to those who entered. Some say that those people would disappear only to come back after a while completely passed out. Other's say that what they saw inside was more beautiful than anything they had every seen. Only one fact was certain though...The establishment had excellent reviews on Yelp. Regardless, it has once again taken form within a random corner of a quiet street, this time in the form of a restaurant and Bar. &quot;Wings of Gold&quot; would be printed on a sign in golden text hanging over the establishment. Inside would be what one might expect from an establishment of its kind. Most of the furniture and decorations seemed to be a mix between golden and black. There were many empty tables within as well and a bar was also located near the back, being manned by an odd man with golden eyes and hair to match the building's interior decoration. Another man was sitting at the bar, simply drinking what seemed to be a colorless liquid he had been served. A sign at the front underneath a podium also would simply read &quot;Seat yourself.&quot; As if the staff just couldn't be troubled to guide people to their seats on such a calm night.</i>
Gobbles of the Dead
<i>In a small neighborhood there would rest an old, small church with a steady stone structure. Many rumors would've spread about such a place that had been long since abandoned by the locals. Some believed it to now be haunted, filled with the ghosts of some ancient faith that had long since been forgotten. It would be on a average fall day however, when the rumors finally reached their peak. People had stated that they had seen odd cloaked figures outside the church and that at times anyone who got too close could hear an odd sort of noise coming from within. There were even rumors about how the souls of the dead could take on a physical form whenever they entered the church grounds. The truth...was hard to discern for there was only one way to truly discover what lay within such an ancient place of worship.</i>
Wings of Gold: Soulful Bar
<i>The building would look somewhat ordinary from the outside. The walls were made of an amber colored wood and light would surround a sign that simply read &quot;Wing of Gold Bar&quot;. The front entrance would be a simple set of glass doors with images of butterflies painted in gold around it. The interior would be mostly the same although much cozier than simply staying outside. The tables and chairs seemed to able be made of a similar wood but were decorated with golden cushions and cloth. Over at the counter was an older seeming man with golden eyes and hair. He seemed to simply be cleaning a glass as he waited for his first customers of the night.</i> Golden Man: &quot;Slow so far tonight. Wonder if Tsukiya scared them away somehow. Well, nothing one can do but wait.&quot; <i>The man would just calmly smile as if undisturbed by their lack of business. Rustling can be heard from behind the bar for a moment but the man would just continue washing cups.</i>
The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>The news channel would come on. Whatever you were watching before an emergency broadcast from the local news would begin playing.</i> Broadcaster: &quot;A special report just came in. All residents are advised to avoid any areas within 20 miles of the Suraimu mines. Evacuation is being recommended but not yet enforced. Reports suggest that a series of dangerous chemicals was released into the mines by a unnamed power company. There are also several reports of a group of teenagers entering the mines beforehand. The fate of the teenagers is as of yet unknown but what looks to be a group of armored special forces has been sighted outside the mines, presumably to try and rescue the group. More on this later on channe-&quot; <i>The report would be cut off, returning to whatever was on TV before. Whatever may have brought you there, regardless of seeing the broadcast or not, a strange group would be outside the Suraimu Mines. It would be an odd mix of professional looking soldiers in dark armor with a mix of blades and guns that almost looked mystic in nature and what seemed to be office clerks wearing colorful armor with weapons that simply looked like toys. Among them was an older looking man wearing a monocle. He was also holding a watch and seemed to be waiting for something.</i> <spoiler>OOC: This thread may involve characters dying if stupid decisions are made or if good decisions are made at the wrong time. Luckily, it's also non-canon to any other threads or anything so feel free to die to your heart's content.</spoiler>
I've dicovered you imposter! There's only room for one Persona around here!
Losing Control - Corpse of Reality
<i>The cool evening air began to fill the city as day turned to night. The air was still...<span class="through">too still, it was maddening.</span> People would still be walking home from their respective jobs as the last few stores would begin closing. [s]Such mundane existences yet I still envy them.[s] It was no surprise that something would happen on such a calm day as fate couldn't help but schedule tragedy when all should be at peace. A figure stood on a beach by themselves. Their form was surrounded by obscurity as if their appearance was perpetually clouded by an unknown force. All that could be made out was a set of 5 wires that seemed to extend from each of their arms and two pale eyes that seemed to stare on forever. Today though, something seemed to light up in their eyes, a deep hunger that seemed to be almost bottomless. One wire would extend outward to the ocean and plug into the water despite its lack of a solid surface. It was almost as if rather than plugging into the water itself it was plugging into something surrounding it but it would be hard to determine what it was exactly. The ocean, starting from the beach, slowly began losing colour and form as it began hardening into a stone-like substance. It would be slow at first but it seemed as if this infection threatened to keep extending until it consumed the sea itself.</i>
A Persona 2 EP Fan Theory
EP stands for Eternal Pizza.
Gate to Another World: Eyes that Watch from Places Unseen
<i>Today a local convention center was holding an event promising exciting new technology and advancements beyond the imagination. The one behind these revelations was a rich scientist type by the name of Yutani Isa. She apparently already had a reputation for being somewhat eccentric but the event was being put on with free entry so many showed up regardless. The center would already be full of people as the room where the main presentation was being held had finally opened its doors. A large portion of the people began to fill the room but there was another door next to the main entrance that most of the normal citizens seemed to be avoiding. The other door was guarded by a rather odd looking man with cyan hair and yellow eyes. He didn't seem to move much, almost like a statue. There was a sign next to him that read: &quot;Supernatural Entrance, no civilians unless you're willing to put your life on the line.&quot;</i>
Calm...I am [Error] calm...
<i>It would be an oddly stormy night with rainfall that seemed to calm out of nowhere. Around the residential district of the city would be a large mansion in a considerable state of disrepair. Lately, the nearby residents of the neighbourhood had reported hearing strange noises from within the mansion and even as having seen odd shapes rush past the windows at night. Because of these reports rumour soon spread of the mansion being haunted. Eventually, these rumours of something residing within the mansion would lure people to investigate and try to get to the bottom of the mystery. Those who have returned from the mansion have either been in too much of a state of shock to speak. One incident though even reported that someone who came back from the mansion refused outright to speak on what truly resides inside. Several have also gone missing within the walls of the mansion, all with unknown fates. On this stormy night noises could be heard from within the mansion once more as well as what seemed to be...classical music? Regardless, the mansion would be unlocked and sitting there waiting for more souls to entrap once more.</i>
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