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Phansite Ships?
Mishima x Pineapple Mishipine Mishapple Pinema Pineshima
Last post wins: pancakes edition
<quote user="Queef">thanks son but mishima is our creator not god, he shared a secret with me last night</quote> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qO6LWQhvzRw
I have a GF now because I put you as my religion on my dating profile. LONG LIVE LORD TACHANKA
A silent prayer to Waluigi
I stopped caring about Waluigi when I saw we got not only one, but TWO Belmonts.
What's the point of living anymore.
You are right, life is dull and boring, school sucks and most of what you said is right. This is the lot most people draw. If you want to die, wait until you are 21. Then you can decide for yourself whether you want to die or not. I'm not trying to encourage you to off yourself, but at least spend a little more time on this Earth before you go. Life is what you make it. Take the cards you are dealt and add a few from your sleeve to make a full house.
How to win at Arena Ultimax
<quote user="PhantomGana112">Step 1: kill the online players who play 24/7 and then rage about you... <spoiler>IRL</spoiler></quote> Yesss yesssss yesssssss! Correct answer, best do it while they are gloating
A Phan Site Predessor
That looks wicked!

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P5 Dancing in Starlight
Yusuke has funny dance moves. https://youtu.be/LhOgSVPvARE
Not sure why my favorite Persona 2 character is
I'm torn between Tatsuya and Eikichi Btw did I mention Tatsuya shares the same VA as Shido from P5, and Speedwagon from Jojo?
The way Joker says Izanagi
Makes me very moist.
Shibuya People Watching
Here comes the reaper!
It's time to stop
Stop making waifu threads, I love my waifu as much as the next guy, but there are too many waifu threads. Otherwise, I will have to tell you my hidden waifu...
Thinking of buying a Japanese version of P2:Innocent sin
Does anyone know if the Japanese version has an option for English subs?
I have a confession...
I play Layer Cake in my bedroom as super chill background music, because...Iwai is my dad and if he doesn't hear it he beats me with his hat. <span class="through">No, but seriously, I like the song and it makes me want to actually clean my room </span>
Savage Hibiki
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