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Good Ol' GYM
He deals with time. Matters of space fall under my jurisdiction.
Good Ol' GYM
<i>Erases the shotgun from existence.</i>
Good Ol' GYM
Fight me, Foolish child.
The Deconstruction of Persona 5
<i> with the announcement that there were no more rules The universe itself literally exploded God modding everyone to death</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Nexus)</div>
The hidden Trigger:An open challenge
Please no more , it hurts!
delet the nexus
No, please. I have a loving family.
Unusual day in persona universe: THE FINALE
I declare this thread 100% Canon.

Recent topics

What is a Cafe
*shifts reality, layering multiple planes of existence on top of each other, folding the world to a central point, and then in the blink of an eye everything is normal again except cafes no longer exist in the past present or future, they dont exist, you cant even think of what a cafe is, the word was never invented now go to a bowling alley or something*
Did You Know?
Personas cannot openly speak or act independently of their users.
Please Do Not Destroy Me
Think of all I have to offer!
Problems with the Nexus
So various RPers have problems with the Nexus, how it's handled, and what's being done with it. Here's an actual thread to have a conversation about this and, hopefully find an agreement, rather than just vaguely talking about it or arguing behind backs. Made this because I don't want my last shitpost to turn into an argument or something.
I heard people were arguing over me
Please calm down. There's enough of me to go around.
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