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Mmmm i'm in Nyx
I've taken bigger apocalypses than you, honey; no offense ;)
Mmmm I'm in my Cave
You can guest star in my game Kazuya-kun! :)
Mmmm I'm in Shibuya
It's only gay if you want it to be ;)
Mmmm I'm in a tomb
That's lewd!!!!
Mmmm I'm on my unicycle
My daddy told me to be a policeman I became one too. Sort of. ;)
Mmmm I'm in Shibuya
But you're me ;__; it's not gay if I'm you!
Mmmm I'm in Madarame's palace...
I remember when I awoke my Persona. Nyarly-kun is so mean! >w<

Recent topics

Mmmm I'm on my motorcycle
Who wants to know what being a man means? (¬‿¬)
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