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Characters You Want REMOVED From Smash
I didn't think people with no profile picture were allowed opinions...
<i>G L I M M E R I N G S H A D O W S</i>
hey guya
hey guys
Elm Tully's Phanganronpa 2 Ghost Zone
&quot;I guess we're doomed to stay here. Even worse, I'm stuck with <i>you</i>.&quot;
Phanganronpa 2: Meet & Grief
[Monovia looks puzzled. In a weird bear sort of way.] &quot;Well, whether you're the killer or not, you'd die if everyone votes for you. So why are you so eager to get the vote on when you know everyone is gonna vote for you? Humans are weird...&quot;
Phanganronpa 2: Meet & Grief
[Monovia popped out again to make another useless observation.] &quot;Upupupupu! You're pretty weird, Lazy man. I thought humans enjoyed being alive?&quot;
Phanganronpa 2: Meet & Grief
[Monovia pops out from behind Monokuma's seat, holding pens and papers in her hands.] &quot;I don't like this, but you guys've gotta solve this quick! Here you go!&quot; [Monovia hands out a pen and a sheet of paper to all 7 remaining students.]
Phanganronpa 2: Meet & Grief
[You already know what's happening.] &quot;Hello again everybody! It's me, Monovia! Daddy's favourite! He wanted me to tell you guys to get up and get to killing because it's already 8 AM! That's all from me! Buh-bye!&quot;<div class='edited'>(edited by Monovia)</div>
Phanganronpa 2: Meet & Grief
[An announcement was heard, but it was different than usual.] &quot;Uh... Testing, testing... Can you guys hear me? It's Monovia! Daddy's too tired to make the announcement, so he tasked me with it! It's now 8am! Wake up guys, and get to killing! And ghosts, go away!&quot;<div class='edited'>(edited by Monovia)</div>
Phanganronpa 2: Meet & Grief
[Monovia is sent flying.] &quot;Curse you Monodorooooo!&quot; [Monovia disappears.]

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