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I like giraffes.

*Has awakened to the persona Dovahkiin: Dragonborn*

NOTE: Not really a lesbian. Not really named Miranda. I'm a guy named Ronald.

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What kind of topics...?
No problem. If you need anyone to talk to, I'll be there for you.
Let's take a moment to be grateful that we live another day. :)
I'm happy everyday I don't randomly burst into flames. It seems like most people don't appreciate not spontaneously combusting.
What kind of topics...?
The harder it is, the more rewarding success will feel. Just remember. The most important thing is to never give up.
What kind of topics...?
Don't just think positive. Try to change what you're depressed about, if possible. Make an effort to make your life better.
What kind of topics...?
Never give up on everything. That's what you do when you feel that way. Keep pushing yourself until you find happiness in life.
OOC: I've lost control of my life
To be honest, whenever someone tells me I'm a gaming addict, I ask them if they'd rather I be addicted to hardcore drugs. That typically gets the point across that gaming isn't bad.
Here's a breakfast burrito. In fact, breakfast burritos for everyone!
OOC: I've lost control of my life
There's nothing wrong with gaming a lot. Trust me. I play a lot more often than you said you do. Just try to find something in life that makes you happy. If that's gaming, then that's okay. Try to get your family to spend time together again. Trust me. As long as you make an effort to better yourself, no matter how small, life will get better.
LeBlanc: 358/2 Cups
@bluehairedemo This place is a dimensional nexus after all. You don't need to vacation in this world. Take your bride somewhere nice. The southern part of Skyrim is really nice this time of year.
LeBlanc: 358/2 Cups
@AdachiImouto Duck Kawakami will never kill me. I am the one that poorly Photoshopped that duck onto Kawakami's head. I am its creator. @bluehairedemo Why not honeymoon in Skyrim? I could rent you my house near Falkreath. It's on a cliff overlooking a lake. A really beautiful area.

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Sorry I've been offline for so long
Sorry I haven't been around lately, but my dad has been in the hospital lately, and I've just been too stressed to go online. He's recovered now, and they're just keeping him a few more days to monitor him. So I should be online a lot more often now. Any new forum memes I missed?
Does Akechi remind anyone else of
Light Yagami? They look similar, and both murdered people though supernatural powers.
Art Thou Feeling It Now?
Duck Kawakami is best girl
Favorite Atari 2600 game?
My favorites are probably Pitfall and Adventure.
My first fanfic
School had just ended for the day, and Makoto Nijima was off to see her boyfriend at the fast food restaurant where he worked. "This is the place," she said as she reached the restaurant. The sign out front read, "The Krusty Krab." Makoto entered the building, and approached the octopus behind the cash register. "Excuse me," Makoto started, "I'm looking for Spongebob." The octopus coldly replied, "Why not ask someone who cares." Just then, Spongebob Squarepants jumped through the order window, crushing the octopus. "Makoto!" he said, "I'm just about to get off work. Want to go jellyfishing?" Spongebob then looked down, realizing he was crushing the cashier. "Oh. Sorry Squidward." "If only that had killed me," Squidward responded as he stood up and dusted himself off. Makoto then answered her boyfriend's question, "Sure Spongebob, I'd love to go jellyfishing." After a few minutes, Spongebob and Makoto left for Jellyfish Fields.
Lucky for you
Ooh! Lucky for you! I just got this pre-owned box of chicken beaks in just now! Like right just now!
I promised the origin of my username, so here it is.
In 10th grade, Minecraft Pocket Edition had just launched, and everyone played it on the school wifi during class. One day, after school, I was at a friend's house, and we had a small group playing it. They pissed me off. So I left. I realized I never disconnected from their wifi. So I snuck behind their house and changed my username. I joined, disconnected, changed my username, joined again, and repeated several times. Several usernames included, Light Yagami, Technical Testicles, and other random things I could think of. They eventually found me. When I was caught, my username was Miranda The Lesbian. The next day at school, I forgot to change my username. I decided to have some fun, and destroy people's stuff. I continued this daily. Eventually, I heard in the hallways, people talking, "We need to find this lesbian chick and beat her up." I told a few close friends. They kept an eye out for people trying to find me, and would warn me, so I was always a step ahead. Nobody ever knew it was me, because they never expected I was a guy. They were too busy accusing every girl named Miranda. Eventually people stopped playing Minecraft because of me. And I kept the username for everything else I did online.
Come Back Ali! Come Back Ali's Sister!
Oh, that's great. Great, thank you. Yeah, go ahead and save that one, why don't you, yeah. So I can treasure it for years and years, and show it to my kids. The ones I should be having with Ali and Ali's sister!
For Persona Spongebob Memes, Follow Me On Twitter
I just started the other day. I hope you guys enjoy. @Minato_Arisato5
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