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this is such a bruh moment. bruh? bruh!!! funny bruh laugh funny bruh lol bruh

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My 1 Year Anniversary On The Phansite
im glad you found it too :sunglasses:
Kitagawa Returns - The Doodle Thread
<quote user="Kitagawa">lower the quality</quote> perfect
Kitagawa Returns - The Doodle Thread
my icon is awful make it worse
The site is back, what happened, what's new
mishima how come you are literally jesus
Velvet Room Attendants
<quote user="ruu_shi">i call the protagonist master too</quote> hes a bottom also bruh elizabeth is best
my wedding!!
come or else
probably somewhere around the 2 year anniversary
holy shit marsh is in that thread lol
Reach out to the truth is the best Persona song
the ending songs are the best ones from every game

Recent topics

breaking a rule (this should be tagged meme)
https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/296376342537175040/570336984774606871/unknown.png?width=400&amp;height=56 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/296376342537175040/567443440820944937/nim_craft.png?width=300&amp;height=300
let us repair the phantom website
if i say it isnt active it will definitely become more active and i am not annoying in the slightest
will sans be in smash poll
that is the question https://www.strawpoll.me/17467895 bonus: will minecraft steve be in smash
today is an important phansite anniversary
on this day 1 year ago the infamous cornwiggle (TogoSystem) was banned.......... he will not be missed but he has shaped the lore of this site forever
phansite pms
go on them
from our like second darkest hour
we rise again into a new fap site the other darkest hour was when mishie accidentally deleted the front page
ass lol
the threads all fucking died man also this is a terrible idea we all gonn get n o o k e d
thread number
yeah i really did just make this to have number 12345 congrats nerds we really uh did something
Appreciation thread for...
that sassy kick that akira does when he's destroying those cameras in kaneshiro's palace.
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