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Used to RP, not so much anymore. Now I write fanfiction for western cartoons and complain about Kingdom Hearts lore.

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Best year and few months of my life.
raptors won
They also just ended Golden State's entire existence. Because that group of players is likely breaking up this summer, and also the team itself is moving to San Francisco.
New P5R info
<quote user="Sayaka_Miki">Akechi's was forced progression so you'd be pretty much guaranteed to use him when he joined up and would theoretically take greater note of him than they would any other late joiner, who would naturally tend towards neglect on account of them being behind on social link bonuses</quote> At the very least can we please get Rank 1 without having to clear their dungeon? Baton Pass is the #1 reason I ignore new party members.
New P5R info
<quote user="TheRemitron">Who’s kingpin supposed to be? Are you referring to the principal? </quote> Principal Kingpin, yes. :P
New P5R info
<quote user="TheRemitron">I know that this might be a bad example but we got Akechi’s social link before he joined. Maybe Kasumi will be a similar situation </quote> Akechi's auto-ranked though so we would for sure hit the rank to unlock all his party goodies, though. I sure hope Kasumi's doesn't auto-rank because that's gonna be P4G anime levels of shoehorning in the new girl.
New P5R info
Depends when Kasumi unlocks as a proper Confidant. If she follows the party member trend or if her Confidant is divoriced from her being a Thief. And we've seen her in the Casino, but so far for sure we haven't seen her up through the Pyramid. So either the Pyramid moved up and Kasumi slots in late Summer, or she's in the Fall. Which probably needed some extra padding anyway. The story moved way too fast after Kingpin was offed.
Atlus Registers Multiple Domains
Move movement on this one. This is getting too deep to be fake. Something is coming. &quot;The P5R domain has been assigned an IP address and now returns an HTTP 403 status instead of a 404. This means that it's being configured and public access has been restricted. An HTTPS certificate has also been issued to it as of December 26th.&quot; https://twitter.com/Persona_Central/status/1078292557484998658
Atlus Registers Multiple Domains
R was actually registered via a straw company earlier this year. It was just transferred over to Atlus finally. The plot thickens. And Teddie thickens too. Or you could say the plot is.... Reloaded.
Who are you maining in Smash?
K Rool and Joker for sure. I'm interested in the changes to Bayo and Palutena. Plus I seem pretty good with ROB.
<quote user="S3_Studios">Cloud is the main/most popular character of the most popular game in the biggest RPG franchise after Pokemon, so of course they'd choose him. As for Joker, I honestly thought that if we were gonna get a Persona character, it'd be Narukami just because legacy. Also helps that Sakurai is a fan of Persona 5 to the point of admitting taking inspiration from the menus.</quote> It's apparently Nintendo making the call on who gets in, not Sakurai. Which makes all of this that much more amazing.

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Persona 4.... Remastered? The rumor you never knew you wanted.
How's that for clickbait? I'm practicing for Youtube. Anyway this is a serious thread, believe it or not. I was browsing discord when someone linked me this news story. https://powerup-gaming.com/2018/05/21/persona-4-remaster-being-teased/ I, for one, would be stoked for a remaster using the P5 engine. Though that stoked comes mostly from the fact I'm still riding my &quot;please bring Persona remakes to Switch&quot; train. If it was just a remaster on PS4 I'd probably shrug my shoulders and cry inside. What do you think? And can we get Yu in here to cry about not being left alone?
An Official Request For the Future of the Phansite
I hereby propose that starting today, April 1st, the site be rebranded for the biggest upcoming release of 2018. Kingdom Hearts 3.
Gauging Interest in an RP Plot
So I've been trying to get an RP off the ground on Discord, but sadly with my availability it's been tough to do. So I'm gonna see if it has a better shot of surviving on the site here. Basically the idea is it's a Persona game! Done in RP form! Which basically means you make a new character (or lobby me so hard I cave and let you use an AU version of your Phansite character) and weird Personaey stuff happens. And when it's not happening, there's an actual town setting and social links and shenanigans of that nature. The main issue here... is time. My main availability is Mondays or Fridays, after 7PM US Eastern, before 2AM US Eastern. So.... I'm wondering if anyone has interest in something like this here.
One Last Trip to the Beach
*It is fall. The weather is starting to turn... slowly.... in theory....* *The beach isn't as populated as it would have been even a few weeks ago, but a few people linger about. One of them being Migrant, in regular casual clothes, seemingly drawing things in the sand before wiping them away...*
Even Bigger Praise
Outta the way, Hazamod. I got the big fish for today. Happy Birthday, Persona! Released September 20th, 1996!
Shopping at the Underground Mall
*Ah yes the Underground Mall. It has a flower store.... that's about all I know. But Migrant was there anyway, darting through the crowd, looking at the shops, looking... for something....*
I have found Persona 6's Igor.
Totally not a fake Igor this time, guys. <a href='https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/evil-genius-businessman-14350948.jpg' class='link' target='_blank'>https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/evil-genius-businessman-14350948.jpg</a>
Shibuya Adventures
*It was a cold September Saturday in Shibuya *ya* *ya* *yaaaaa....* and a smol neko girl was darting between various shops. Trying to look as inconspicuous as possible.... and failing. It's a Saturday, miss, why aren't you in school?*
A Forested Interlude
OOC: Interlude in what, I don't know! *Mig was hanging out in a forested part of the city. Not quite the pre-planned beauty of the city parks, not quite the sheer untamed wilds beyond. The trees were continuing to show the changing seasons and the air was cool. Mig, meanwhile, was just enjoying it.*
The End of a Path: Inokashira Park
*Ah the famous park where you all spent way too much time trying to kiss up to Confidants, huh?* *Well today, Migrant is there, hanging out on a bench in a public location. Watching people, waiting for someone....* Maybe tonight....
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