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Roses are black...
Rose giggled, "Yes you are" she spoke
Roses are black...
Rose smiled and giggled at Flareon, "How cute" she said
People Think Im Crazy. If So Please Change My Heart
Don't worry, me and my group will help you, I may not be a Phantom Thief but I lead a similar group, I will help, I will need a location, and suspected distortion to get there quickest
Birthday Thread
Two things One Happy birthday! Two I love your profile picture,
Shadow Network: Thrill of the Haunt
<i>Twilight walked in, no hesitation, being the one Devon referenced earlier,</i> &quot;Glad Devon got my attention to this, who knows? Might see Kaito and Kali again&quot; she said as she stepped into the house <i>Hee casual clothes instantly were switched out for a more odd outfit, a short cloak like thing wrapped around her waist, showing her shorts, a dark purple muscle shirt and mesh sleeves going up to her black gloves, and the mesh leggings going with her dark purple shorts, and a black mask resting on her face, the green mist left it's effect, but she'd dealt with it before,</i>
Okay, let's get something clear
I can try and do alts... but I don't want to get rid of any of my characters... and I'm trying to get better on ignoring things I don't like... like the octopus in that one roleplay, I didn't like that but worked with it, aren't I getting a little better?
Okay, let's get something clear
Maybe I should roleplay in chats? I could probably do the alts if I did that, but I am the only one who creates rp chats aren't I?
Okay, let's get something clear
When I try using one I keep getting left out and ignored, or the roleplay dies very quickly... I do make fanfics but I like roleplaying... I used to be able to roleplay with a lot of people as a lot of people... maybe I should have stuck with amino... no one really likes me here all that much... the ones that do disappear a lot...
Okay, let's get something clear
Yeah but I like having a lot of characters, Kali, because I would want to have one of my other characters say something to another one and if I couldn't I would be a bit upset, good grief I killed one of my characters off in a roleplay because they would only allow two...
How did you get into Persona?
Similar story here, except I only heard a few things about persona until I started getting suggestions for videos where people played as Joker, I watched them because I love smash bros and upon seeing where he was from I looked into it and became a fan,

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Roses are black...
Rose wandered among the people, pulling off a disguise of normality, black hair danced with each step she took, and ice-like blue eyes locked onto the grounds below her feet, she wore a hoodie, as it was cold, and warm pants, winter boots were on her feet, and a scarf flowed off her neck, she walked alone, as normal, until a point when she stopped and looked around, &quot;I'm back... did you miss me?&quot; Rose asked
Okay, let's get something clear
Everyone keeps coming to me, telling me to use an alt because I have multiple characters, but chances are I would go crazy using an alt, I don't have all the time in the world, I might have a bunch of different characters but I am used to using only one account, and having to switch between MaskedTwilight and however many others for each character would make me rip my hair out, please understand why I only use one account,
Favorite persona song
What is your favorite persona song?
Ball of power
You get an invite in the mail, and when you read it you are caught off guard, it was an invitation to a ball! But it seemed a little suspicious, especially with how they called it the &quot;ball of power&quot;, they said that only strong warriors would be invited, but why was the big question? You realize you only have three days before the ball, you get the clothes you feel will fit best with a ball and go to the specified location on the third day, it was a large mansion, mainly covered with black paint but it had sliver trim, and the door was sliver with a golden doorknob, someone waited at the door, when you approached they spoke to you by name and finished their sentence saying &quot;the master has been expecting you&quot; they bowed lightly as they opened the door, you would soon find that you are not the only one there, as there were a few others, one girl with blonde hair put up in a bun and dark eyes wearing a long blue gown, a boy with black hair and teal eyes wearing a suit, a boy with dirty brown hair and sweet eyes wearing a suit as well, and one other boy, he had white hair falling over his left eye, and his eyes were gray, he wore a suit like the other two boys, they seem to be friends with one another, they turn and look back at you, &quot;I was starting to worry that we were the only ones invited&quot; the boy with dirty blonde hair chuckled (No shitposting)
Unknown Phoenix arising(persona 5, legend of Zelda and fire emblem warriors)
It was a beautiful day as far as you could tell, but an eerie feeling wouldn't leave, suddenly portals appear in the sky, and the thought of the legend about the chaos dragon pops into your head, you run for all your worth but soon find yourself surrounded by monsters and enemies from different worlds,
This might be crazy (not sure if this would count as spoilers)
Hey guys, so I recently saw the scene where Morgana remembers everything and reveals that he was born in the velvet room, and with the mixture of that and the rising suspicion that the dark haired boy in the persona 5 royal trailer is Morgana I got this, could it be possible that in royal Morgana is a velvet room attendant? And if so, would we get a new test of strength against Morgana and Lavenza? What do all of you think?
Question (not sure rather or not this would be referred to spoilers or not)
What happens if you say &quot;Maybe it was&quot; to Arsene when he asks if your previous decision was a mistake?
The trail he saw lead straight to a portal, but he could hear someone calling for help from the other side, they sounded hurt, badly hurt, so he went onward, though he didn't know what he was about to do, he walked through and the portal instantly shut, he spun, his eyes widened, but then he continued onward, the cry for help was gone, but he eventually found... what should have been a body, covered with planks of weird wood and bleeding from a wound on the chest, but somehow, the boy with the black mask was still alive, of course, he helped the boy, unburying them and then looking for someone who could help, he walked and suddenly, everything was different, and the boy was wearing a different outfit, almost like a school uniform, no... it was a school uniform, he carried the boy to the nearest hospital and they instantly started helping the young boy, but when he saw them later, they all seemed surprised, he quickly started hearing whispers, all of which were about him and the boy he saved...
Fan made Palutena's guidance for Joker
Pit: uh... who's that? Palutena: that's Joker, leader of- Morgana: the Phantom thieves of hearts Dark Pit: um... how did a cat get into our discussion? Morgana: I'm not a cat! Futaba: *giggles* Viridi: seems like we got a lot of guests... Arsene: you can say that... Palutena: okay so now personas are spying on us? Futaba: Arsene I didn't expect you to say something! Morgona: I think no one saw that coming Arsene: that was the big idea Palutena: I still need to talk to Pit... Morgana: sure sure sure... go ahead and talk, Dark Pit: you guys are gonna... I don't know, leave first? Futaba: nope (I tagged it other because I didn't know what to tag it)
Anyone else
Who else is looking forward to Joker getting a echo fighter in smash? (I am hoping for Akechi)
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