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Apocrypha Chapter 3B: Misfits in Brunehild
<i>Orchis shrugs her shoulders with a sigh. There's really not that much to say about it</i> &quot;What little I remember doesn't even make sense to me. All I remember was some sort of weird, outer-space thing with some shirtless guy who felt like asking weird questions. I'd rather not worry about it for now.&quot;
Apocrypha Chapter 3B: Misfits in Brunehild
<i>Orchis lets out a sigh shrugging her shoulders, kinda figures the androids would end up leaving, though its unfortunate she had to fix them up for it, its only natural. Of course her own Marionettes would be with her as she pauses for a moment before turning to Xillia</i> &quot;I'll want to check out Walker Industries myself, to learn more about the place, but you can go pretty much anywhere you want.&quot; <i>Uno would separate itself from Orchis's side and heads over to begin inspecting Xillia, as though trying to analyze any details</i> &quot;So long as you stay with Uno, I'll be in touch.&quot;
Konichiwa Phansite! Peni here
Omae wa, mou shindeiru
Apocrypha Chapter 3B: Misfits in Brunehild
<i>[i]Orchis closes her eyes with a sigh before shaking her head</i> &quot;I hardly even felt anything, you're good to rest Xillia, we've got a pretty long day ahead of us tomorrow. I'll follow you shortly.&quot; <i>Orchis pauses and thinks for a few minutes, whatever happened was most certainly a sign of something big, she tended to get involved in those kinds of issues back home too, an unfortunate side-effect of her company. She'd wait to see if anyone else felt the need to mention something, if not she'd go ahead and head to bed, there's a fair bit she needs to sort out on her own after all</i>
Apocrypha Chapter 3B: Misfits in Brunehild
&quot;hmmm?&quot; <i>Orchis groans as she wakes up, rubbing her eyes for a moment, she felt empty without the voice, but it wasn't an entirely unfamiliar feeling for her, so the girl paid it no mind. The boy said something about changing fate? That's too far away to be a concern, her priorities are Xillia, herself, and learning, nothing more. Its not until Chrome runs over to Ai that she notices her friend collapsed</i> &quot;Sorry, let me help, we'll need to be careful with her.&quot; <i>Orchis would help Chrome get Aina in bed, her devices simply remaining out of the way for the pair to do what they need to. Afterwards Orchis would return to the living room for a while with a sigh, one of her dues accompanying her as she sorts out her thoughts.</i>
Apocrypha Chapter 3B: Misfits in Brunehild
&quot;How could I?&quot; <i>Orchis asks as she closes her eyes, thought drifting not to her master, but to the world he left behind, as long as he girl has traveled she inevitably found the people to be selfish and miserable, or was it merely a projection? What is a heart? It doesn't mater now anyways</i> &quot;Master loved the world, or at least, parts of it, and I owe him more than I could ever repay. But how could I love anything that would take him away from me?&quot;
Apocrypha Chapter 3B: Misfits in Brunehild
<i>Orchis shudders, crossing her arms over her chest as though trying to hide something. She doesn’t know this... Being, for lack of a better word, but still. The question “what is your desire?” As a whole, apparently, it’s not what flavor she might ask. Her mind initially slips back tothoughts if her creator, his loving words and warm hands, but the girl closes her eyes to block it out. Some things simply can’t be, and it hurts to dwell on them. So after a moment, she gives a quiet answer</i> “I... Don’t know. I’m not sure what I want.”
How can I get my friends into P5
ngl, Joker’s idea sounds like the best. It’s what got me into watching it at least, walked in on one of my favorite streamers in an encounter and said “woah that looks badass”
Apocrypha Chapter 3B: Misfits in Brunehild
&quot;not now Gran, can't it ju...&quot; <i>Orchis mutters sleepily as she slowly opens her eyes, only to find herself floating in emptiness, the girl sits up to attention, blinking the sleep out of her eyes as she tries to take in the view of space. Or something like space, somewhere between it and the underworld. It was all strangely captivating, so much that she didn't even notice the boy until she heard him speak.</i> &quot;I.... I'm sorry. I didn't really mean to intrude...&quot; <i>Orchis soon realizes she had been asked a question after all, it would be rude not to give some sort of answer, but she also knows next to nothing about this person, the question could mean pretty much anything</i> &quot;I would like to know where I am.. And how I got here. That's what you meant right?&quot;
I think it counts as a spoiler if you say it in reference specifically to ultimate personas, especially with how Joker’s is gotten, but in general it’s not. I also don’t think anyone will mind since anyone who’s interested has likely already either played, or watched someone play by now

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Mikage Sun Mall
<i>Its a bright and sunny day at the mall, people milling about between different businesses, whether they be looking for something or simply hanging out with their friends. Everything is right as it should be, in fact, the only thing seeming out of place is a small, dark adornment sitting silently atop the central fountain, every now and then it almost seems to turn slightly.</i>
GYMbots: Marionette version
<i>In the side streets of the city, a fairly innocent spot for those who aren't in the know, stands the GYM, renowned among the abnormal for the kind of patronage it brings. Its front door lies cracked open, as some indicator of a being's presence. Looking inside, it seems no one is waiting near any of the combat areas, in fact, the only unusual addition would be an almost-demonic looking black ornament, perched utterly still on the GYM's counter, to the point where those who didn't know better could easily mistake it for a decoration</i>
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