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"Maelstrom of Conspiracy", "Rotten Cutlass Queen", and other titles that people don't belive from what they see from her. Though honorable from introduction, she is a very cruel person at heart. Think what you want, but just know that you need to stay wary.

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meme me baby 4
Blue and purple are really nice colors. Black is also nice too, and so is white, I guess.
Complex Game ; Simple Game
<i>{Malloryn keeps quiet to herself during the discussion everyone's having about splitting up, side-eyeing everyone so that she wouldn't have to face them. All she's really doing so far is thinking about home anyway. As soon as Marcus puts his hand on her shoulder, she gasps as she steps back, her aghast expression feeling a bit overreacted.}</i> <i>[She sighs before facing Marcus with a somber gaze,]</i> &quot;Ugh, it's fine. I don't disagree with you at all...&quot; <i>[she mumbled under her breath, smiling,]</i> &quot;I mean, it's nice to have someone worry about me. I'm used to worrying my little head over someone else...back when I wasn't caught up in this pity party...&quot; <i>{She then eyed everyone else, seems that everyone else is already picking buddies. She really doesn't care all that much about who is going to be the third teammate, but it would be nice to have some preferences.}</i> &quot;Well, I'd prefer that whoever's up for last helpings could join...us...but if you want to pick whoever will be last once you lay your eyes on them, that'll also be appropriate enough.&quot; <i>[After she says that, she immediately stops talking, facing directly away from everyone in hopes that she said something sensible enough.]</i>
Yu's Amazing Text Adventure
&gt;Go to the kitchen.<div class='edited'>(edited by Malintent_Covet)</div>
Yu's Amazing Text Adventure
Shakespeare himself says as he misspells grammar.
How to get water out of an Iphone 6s+?
Sorry, was out ordering food. Anyways: 1. Just say Mal. 2. I checked with my sister, and the only thing that isn't working is the sound. But the sound does work with headphones. 3. I don't really see a red light, nor do I have silica gel packets.
How to get water out of an Iphone 6s+?
And how long with that take?
Complex Game ; Simple Game
<i>{Malloryn jumps slightly as Marcus puts his hand on her shoulder, her head slowly turning towards his direction to meet his eyes. Her eyes look pale, but as soon as she blinks, she goes back to normal again.}</i> &quot;Yeah, thanks for asking. It's just that...this is all new to me. I've never thought I'd had to do anything like this. To be honest, I would've liked it better if I stayed dead. It's more simpler that way.&quot; <i>{She then stares back at everyone else, her grip on the knife getting looser as she steps back, putting her hand on her chest as she breathes out.}</i> &quot;I feel like it won't even try to go for me, though, so I guess I should just watch. Hopefully they'll all be alright...that thing is probably almost dead anyway.&quot;
SAO: Fatal Bullet
To be perfectly honest, I forgot they kept making games. I also forgot SAO existed as well. But it MIGHT be good compared to the actual shows, I wouldn't know.
I have returned.
<span class="through">Who were you again?</span> Yeah, welcome back! What happened to Yusuke?

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How to get water out of an Iphone 6s+?
I didn't have this thing for over a month and something bad happens to it. I hate my life. But yeah, read title.
La Corona Role Call
Who else forgot this existed? Anyways, continuing the rp, if anyone is up for it. <span class="through">Because I know you all won't be awake.</span>
Honors to Our Best Students!
Ooc: It's alright if you don't join at this point in time, just that you join before the actual exciting part! The most GM'ing I'll do in this phase is guiding you all and getting your agendas straight. Also, to have the 5 days go by. <i>It was a great day at Deluna Academy. It was the day to award those for their best efforts and acheivements. After all, anyone would be lucky to attend this school, let alone be the gifted ones of it. Deluna Academy was a very pupular and recommended high school, as it was a great rich, private school. It could even be counted as college since the subjects taught there were college level.</i> &quot;I'd like to thank everyone who made it here, on this wonderful time. We'd like to celebrate all of our students that serve as role models at Deluna Academy. So, if you may, lets award them and give them our applause.&quot; the principal announced as all of you stood in front of everyone. <i>They proceeded to give you medals and trophies, and of course, your certificate. You bowed as the crowd clapped for all of you. The principal took you backstage, to wait for when this ends. You also had cupcakes and drinks backstage, to give you something to do. It's a positive atmosphere, so some of you decided to talk to each other as you waited for the principal's instructions. (This is your cue to rp.)</i>
La Corona Role Call
Doing this for everyone who joined. If you don't come or you're not ready, you can at least PM me your schedules.
Critical Hit/Finisher Quotes
The shit you say whenever you deal a blow that makes you look cool. Yes, I'm bringing this back, sorry. It's kind of a fun game. This was to follow the theme of Kalib, Yu, and 04's threads...from about 6 days ago. The minimum is 4, the maximum is 7. I'm way too late. But I digress, if you may, &quot;Allow me to demonstrate!&quot;. For Mal: &quot;Consider this an honor, heathen.&quot; &quot;Save your apologies.&quot; &quot;I'll make an example out of you.&quot; &quot;Opposing me is treason.&quot; &quot;You'll be nothing but a faint memory.&quot; &quot;Out of my sight!&quot; (finisher) &quot;Away with you!&quot; (finisher) For Keilin: &quot;I'm gonna get you, and I'm gonna gut you!&quot; &quot;All right, let me through you piece of trash!&quot; &quot;Time to play with your corpse!&quot; &quot;Say goodbye to your insides!&quot; &quot;It'll be fun to watch you grovel!&quot; &quot;Can't run away!&quot; (finisher) &quot;I found you!&quot; (finisher) For Angel: &quot;Are we done here?&quot; &quot;Say your prayers!&quot; &quot;Be saved from your suffering.&quot; &quot;The gods favor me for a reason.&quot; &quot;My gratitude.&quot; (finisher) &quot;So be it.&quot; (finisher)
A Tour of La Corona Stay (Spots are still open.)
When you’re in this camp, you’re expected to have great times! And you still do, (except for the weekend…) as there are multiple places to choose from. There are 5 types of cabins, the poor one, the average one, the rich one, the specific ones (told about later), and the diner cabins. (Here are some references:) http://wsharing.com/D752%200090CR%20RFW.JPG For the Poor Cabin. https://blog1.fkimg.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Romantic-Cabin-Pine-Mountain-Club-CA-Coolest-Cabins.jpg For the Average Cabin http://www.standout-cabin-designs.com/images/log-cabin-plans16.JPG For the Rich Cabin https://roadfood.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/rfl_3825-960x600_c.jpg For the Diner Cabin (Along with a car location.) And specific ones like the sheriff’s cabin (Even though you’re self-chaperoned, it’s still useful.), the killer’s cabin, etc. You use these cabins to your advantage by searching for items to help fight against the killer and escape while also working as great hiding places. The specific ones are used to do specific actions that help you escape, the Sheriff’s cabin has you find a red button that you can press if you look for it, it has you alert 911 without needing to call. It also helps you to call in a certain person that helps you greatly. The killer’s cabin is used to get a free weapon (the axe) and a sweater. The sweater is used to distract the killer, it can also help kill them in certain scenarios. Poor cabins are better then nothing, as you can use them to hide. Though hiding spots are usually better. Average cabins are useful for searching for items quickly, or finding a place to take refuge in quickly, as they are good when you need them. Diner cabins are the equivalent of a rich cabin, except with a bit less resources and smaller. Rich cabins are the best cabins other then the specific ones, though the killer would know when someone is in a rich cabin or not, because of all the lights you have.
Sign-ups for a RP I planned out.
The (basic) lore of this rp: You along with other classmates of yours have been handpicked to be invited on this “self-chaperoned” trip. You have to spend a week in this place, that being a camp, specifically named “La Corona Stay” or some shit. Most of the week being friendly, getting to know each other, planning, etc. It’s at the weekend where it goes down, as a selected individual spots the killer prior to the eventual murder-y goose chase. How this rp works: As you’re a normal human individual, it’s quite apparent that you have no powers. That being said, you can still use everything you can to your advantage. There are 7 things to consider when you’re you after all: Composure - Basically the charm stat. It’s how long you can stay focused before you start panicking, also helps when you’re in a desperate situation. Luck - An unusual stat to have in general. It affects how fast your weapons break, and some other things. Repair - A basic stat, representing the intelligence stat. It affects how good you can repair things, like the car, the boat, and the phone. Speed - A staple stat, and useful stat. It affects how fast you can run, and it can also affect how fast you do things. Stamina - One of the most important stats. It affects how much damage you can take, and also how long you can run away for. Stealth - A stat very useful for the timid. It affects how much sound you make in general, and also how good you can hide. Strength - A stat very useful for the brave. It affects how much damage you can do with a weapon, how good it hits. Here are the rules for this rp: No powers, you are an ordinary human. No exceptions. Only team-kill/betray if you’re on low sanity, and you’re alone with another counselor. Except for special case scenarios. You can’t instantly kill the murderer chasing you, because what’s the point then? Just fight back as best as you can. If you don’t specialize in something, it’s best that you don’t attempt to do it at all. I.e Someone stupid trying to fix the car or phone. Have fun, no godmodding, as usual. Prizes: These are for the special ones. You can either get a prize by doing any of these things: Be the last one living. Be the first one to betray/team-kill. Kill the murderer. Be the most helpful to the team. Die first, and quickly.
A Day In Europe.
[It's obvious Europe isn't Japan. After all, it's inhabited by people who use a different language, different people in general, and a different continent in all. Today, we take a look at Paris, France.] [The you're in right now is a book store that also acts as a coffee shop. It's full of people that are reading books, drinking coffee, all that other jazz. Some might even be couples on a date. The only thing you know is that the different language makes it sound like a bunch of jabber.] [You walked in, the first thing you noticed was the smell of coffee, as the coffee area was quite busy. Thankfully, so were the lines. (We gotta speed up the process, so not realistic.) What you ordered was a basic cup of mocha coffee and a cheesecake, and decided to sit down.] [Everyone looked a bit basic, they were all wearing a light pastel, their noses were either in the books, or at something else, like food or others. But the only one that stood out a bit from the crowd was this one girl, sitting at the library reading a long book about Napoleon.] [Unlike everyone, she was a bit short, and not an adult. They wore clothes reminiscient that of a dark ocean, clashing with everyone wearing light pastel. It fully covered them, and only left a bit open in the chest. (Unfortunately, she's a bit flat.) Her hair had purple tints and her eyes were blue, though it was very faded and was as if they were absorbed by black. Again, this set her apart from everyone as they brown or blonde hair and green or brown eyes. She closed the book and went outside, going to a park that was uninhabited as of now. She pulled out a cigarette and started smoking under a tall tree.]
I'm dead, you're dead, we're all dead.
Don't make me a mod.
Because twelve year olds obviously can't moderate a site. I have to go to school in 4 minutes. First two bits are jokes.
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