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Makoto Niijima Club
Agree. Morgana is underappreciated
Love me
Don't we all wanna be loved?
My own palace?
<quote user="Pancake_Knight">Oof. I uh, hope your alright! I have a friend as well that can suffer from delusions and paranoia due to schizophrenia, you should be careful! Unfortunately I don't necessarily feel okay with saying what a palace of mine might look like, but I will commend your bravery! I'm assuming you are a new member so welcome and enjoy your stay!</quote> Yeah I am fine now. I'm still a little scared of the person I used to be, but persona helps me at lot. Seeing all of that as a palace makes it easier to get over it. It really isn't a problem anymore, just the aftermath. I am a new member, thank you for welcoming me!
Makoto Niijima Club
Fat makoto is a disgrace
Morgana why
Y'all would be dead without Morgana! Quit hating on him, this is why he went to Haru.
Makoto Niijima Club
Makoto can step on me and I'd thank her
Dragon hunting?
Dragons are awesome but dragonhunting seems awesome too.. but befriending them and riding them is totally the best!

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My own palace?
So uhm.. something a little personal here. About 2 years ago I believed I was a fallen angel stuck in a human body for like half a year? My cognition was totally distorted. How did that happen in the first place? I was always an outsider and never really had friends. I did get bullied, but I'd say that was my own fault since I was the weirdest person ever, I wasn't even nice. I didn't like reality so to escape it I created my own. That's how my palace came into being. The location would be home and the cognition is hell. Not hell as a bad thing, I genuinly believed hell was my home, and that heaven was just as evil. Shadow me, obviously, is a fallen angel with beautiful huge black wings. My treasure is a dagger that I used to cut a satanic pentagram into my hand. I wanted it to become a scar so I would never forget my 'real self' again. The palace would be a giant mythical forest, where it's always night and there are a lot of lakes. Walking around would be tons of demons, fallen angels and other hellish creatures to function as guards. In the background you can hear the song Hello by evanessence, since I thought that song was my soul trying to speak to me. My palace would be huge and the layout would constantly change, almost like Mementos. That is because my cognition also constantly changed under the excuse of 'remembering' more things. The treasure room is my real room, since that is where I stored my dagger. I would always be wandering around and very hard to locate, but if you follow the singing voice you can find me. As a boss, shadow me is very very powerful, that is, until you talk too me. There was always some reason left in my mind, telling me that the whole fallen angel thing was just something I made up, but I kept pushing it away. If shadow me begins to argue with herself somewhere in the middle of battle, you have to exploit what I am saying and tell me all of it is made up. First I land an incredibly dangerous attack on you to push you away aswell, but if you survive that and say it again a few times then I finally give up. Shadow me would kneel before you in shame. I would say how I was just running away, and that I don't deserve to be saved. I ask you to finish me off. But you wouldn't do that and leave with the treasure. After returning to the real world you find that changing my heart went wrong and I had a psychotic breakdown. In reality, I did get depressed after all of this too. I was again left with the reality I hated so much. In this time the only way to save me is to befriend me. In the end, I join the phantomthieves. I make myself usefell with lots of ailments and stat buffs/debuffs. I suffured from psychotic delusions. Thankfully, I am not like this anymore and ever since I have devoted myself to becoming a kind person. If you wanna rp this, or tell me about what your palace would be like please do so!
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