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Cacophonous Din
<i>Homura's blade would rise up to meet the hammer, shadows coiling upon her weapon while pushing back against the attack as the older girl stares over at Sonomi.</i> H: &quot;God dammit, what happened to you... The magic of another Witch? It'd be nice if you'd just snap out of it, but somehow I don't think that's gonna happen so easily. Madoka, try and give her a hand!&quot; M: &quot;Yeah I'll try, hopefully it'll even work!&quot; <i>The pink-haired girl would glance over at their friend for a moment, her Persona had been well away from the Witch by the time their ally attacked, and is now pointing towards Sonomi before a bright light engulfs the girl. In theory, it should remove any magically induced mental changes and such. Or physical ones really, but this might be something else entirely... Either way Lilith isn't about to let the chameleon go unattacked, a massive web of shadows would launch up towards the beast. Aiming to engulf it and tighten around the thing, not only that, but each strand is covered in small sharp blades along it. That would hopefully cut into the enemy brutally while the Persona aims to drag it down towards them.</i>
Cacophonous Din
<i>The black haired girl would grin while Lilith bursts to life again, a blade made of shadows forming in the Persona's hands as her master's own katana appears. Both of them move with impossible speed and startling grace, swords slashing aiming to slash through the things flesh in an insane blur of motion as they smirk. Madoka meanwhile would conjure her own Persona again, light rushing through the air from her and taking the form of what appear to be chains aimed at the Witch's limbs, aiming to latch on and hold it in place as an attempt at leaving the thing open and vulernable to her partner's attacks.</i> H: &quot;Mmm, I like to think we're a bit more than just talk anyways. Now please just die quickly witch.&quot; M: &quot;Hehe... That would be nice, but don't go and underestimate it or anything, best never to assume you're too safe.&quot;
Cacophonous Din
<i>Homura would smile a bit grimly at the older woman, danger... Danger isn't the big reason they got out. But no telling if that reason would freak this person out so she'll be vague about it. </i> H: &quot;I... Get what you mean, but the fighting isn't really why we stopped. We had other reasons, and I'll thank you for not trying to attack us. Not just against the point, but it'd hurt us all too.&quot; <i>Madoka would chime in at that point as a bow appears in her hands and a large rifle that clearly fires massive bullets in Homura's.</i> M: &quot;Heh, yeah... Kinda cliche, but with great power comes great responsibility. And this power we use now, it isn't quite as problematic for us as being magical girls. Not all hope and despair balance out to zero, contrary to some beliefs.&quot; <i>Houmura chuckles a bit at that remark, eyes darting around the area while keeping her anti-material rifle ready to begin aiming in a moment's notice.</i>
Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
Powerful. Also I wouldn't mind of these two nerds in my PfP when you decide to start again. If it's cool with you
Cacophonous Din
<i>The two girls would stare curiously at Lucky Streak. They glance between each other for a moment before nodding and deciding to step out, Madoka greeting her with. Not a smile at this point, but merely a nod as Homura speaks up in a casual tone.</i> H: &quot;Ah, so you're looking for the barrier too? I suppose if it's to end this place, we have a common interest. And before you ask, no. We don't care about the seeds, as I'm sure he could tell you.&quot; <i>Homura waves dissmissively toward Kyubey, he really is well aware that they have no reason to care about those things any longer. And if they can work with this girl rather than against, it'd be easier in theory.</i> M: &quot;Mmm, yeah. We just don't really want to leave these things around to cause people issues later...&quot;
Fragment of Light: Scourge of the Past
<i>Madoka just sighs heavily while realizing that her bow doesn't seem to be working out, there must be... Well there is one other thing she knows how to do, but no clue if it'll do any better. The girl does her best to move evasively as possible while trying to get closer to the enemy, she'd leap up into the air as high as her new gear can carry before hoping to slam back down onto the thing with as heavy a punch as a teenage girl is able to manage.</i> &quot;Why the <b>heck</b> does this seem even remotely like a thing I should try right now...&quot; <i>She mutters to herself while crashing back down toward the ground, clearly it isn't the best plan possible but hey. If nothing else works out gotta try something different right?</i>
Fragment of Light: Scourge of the Past
<i>Madoka sighs a bit to herself while watching the fight start, there... Really isn't any talking now is there? But she also gets this strange sense that the beings were going to try and kill them all regardless of any attempt she made at peace. Some new instinct which has formed within herself that compels the girl to begin firing, in contrast to Chloe her shot would quickly fall straight toward the remaining Fallen's head with practiced ease. If that missed though she would simply follow up with a quick pair of shots aimed towards the chest, roughly where she expects their heart to be but no telling with aliens. </i> &quot;Fun... Isn't the word I'd use for killing Chloe, but I did get the sense they were gonna be hostile. So best to make quick work of them I guess...&quot; <i>Assuming their foes were dealt with by now she'd merely absently advance alongside the other two, going quiet while pondering exactly what the ragtag group might be doing here anyways.</i>
Fragment of Light: Scourge of the Past
<i>Madoka would just sigh at the other girl while properly getting her bow ready, after a moment she'd just aim to follow after the strange man... Along with calling out to Chloe in a concerned voice.</i> &quot;Could you, handle that thing properly please? I can show you how if needed but just quit waving it around like a fool. Weapon forward, keep it aimed only at things you're prepared to kill and remember that it isn't a toy.&quot; <i>With her arrows ready and her annoyance for Chloe's casual handling very clearly on display Madoka just tries to keep following after the Warlock while scanning the area around them. Wondering what sorts of things they may run across from this point on.</i>
Fragment of Light: Scourge of the Past
<i>Madoka would groan a bit while standing up, she feels... Weird, and like something's missing. Her Persona, but there's something in its place too... And also, she's stuck with two utter lunatics. Just hope that the armored one is comptent enough to back up his insults.</i> &quot;I know some yeah, I've practiced with bows a lot more than guns. But I can reload a rifle or something and point it okay.&quot; <i>Bits picked up from Homura over the years, as for Chloe. Given what she knows of the other girl Madoka has little hope for her knowing anything now, hopefully she learns fast.</i> &quot;What kind of enemies can we expect, if you have any idea? You call this a raid, so I'm kind of hoping you've got more clue than us honestly. And let's try to focus okay Chloe?&quot; <i>Asking the idol to actually focus seems a foolish move, but here she is doing just that while speaking in a serious and wary tone.</i>
First It Giveth: The Sky Is Fallin'
<i>Homura would grin a bit, absently sending some constructs of shadow into the ground to function as... Hooks really, trying to anchor herself before firing the gun that's frankly big enough a teenage girl ought not be capable of lifting it generally.</i> H: &quot;Lilith, speed it up!&quot; M: &quot;Keep that fire away from us D'Arc, Saint's Shield!&quot; <i>Madoka's persona would rush forward to meet the Agidyne as her shield begins glowing with light, powerful holy magic bursts forth in an effort to block the fires as the knight faces them head-on with her ash-covered defensive tool. As for Homura, she would begin firing at... Frankly, an impossibly fast pace, the clock design upon Lilith's back begins spinning around quickly for several moments and the deafening sound of her gun going off to fire a massive bullet at each of the targets which would upon blasting into them explode in a shower of inky black shadows and curse magic. The ground she'd anchored herself into looks torn up from the effort of keeping the girl in place, and she'd just replace the oversized rifle with a much smaller assault rifle while panting heavily. It's fairly obvious that the young woman isn't going to be applying that weapon much if any more, she just hopes it's worth it.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Madoka-Kaname)</div>

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GYM DX: A Lazy Afternoon
<i>A girl wanders down the streets of Tokyo, smiling slightly and absently checking the weapons resting on her back. A simple light-weight spear, and a bow with runes carved into it. She'd glance up towards the early afternoon sun with a slightly wistful look, she should all told be in school right now but instead, the pink-haired girl just keeps on wandering through streets into a dark alleyway.</i> &quot;Guess there's nothing to do but see if anyone else is around here right now. I just don't feel like hanging around in a crowded building all day today anyway so this should be a fine distraction, and I need more practice.&quot; <i>She'd absently walk up to a well kept clean building with a sign that reads GYM DX on it, casually waltzing through its doors with her hands balled into fists while checking the room out. It's got a rather large fighting ring in it, the juice bar, some computer system for VR maybe? She's never seen that before but there it is, huh. Either way, Madoka takes a deep breath and begins stretching herself out some to warm up. Eyes drifting over towards the building's door every now and then in the process as the girl dressed in what appears to be a gym class uniform waits quietly pondering to herself.</i>
Behind the Den- Err Leblanc: Madoka vs Sayaka
<i>A young girl with pink hair wanders through forgotten city streets, a bow in her hands and a spear on her back. She's dressed in a black leather coat, concealing what if one looked closely they'd realize is a suit of armor. Not metal to be sure, but some kind of fibers woven together.</i> &quot;Geez... Guess there's no turning back now, gotta go ahead and do this no matter what.&quot; <i>She'd mutter a groan while walking to the building's side... And smash a card against her bow while a large armored woman appears.</i> &quot;Heat Riser D'Arc!&quot; <i>The girl would be engulfed by a bright glow for a few seconds, stepping forward as her Persona vanishes once again. And feeling magical power flow through her body while finally stepping behind the old rundown cafe fully.</i> &quot;Now I just wait... Let's hope this works out.&quot;
Faba Magi Capulus Magicus: The One I've Been Saying I'll Make
<i>It's a typical day in Tokyo's Shibuya district, crowds are bustling around, cars move down the streets with the usual slowness one would expect from a large city filled with pedestrians. And on this typical day, we move to... Another typical thing, a lazy cafe with a homey softly lit style and a quiet atmosphere sits in a corner of the city.</i> It isn't overflowing with customers at the moment, but there are several people sitting and chatting within. An employee wanders about taking orders with a calm smile on her face. Another can be seen now and then dashing about the kitchen while he rapidly cooks various things. And in a corner of the room, sitting next to an unlit fireplace is a pair of girls. One with long black hair going down to her chest, wearing a black sweater with a dark purple skirt and leggings. She absently munches on some scrambled eggs while glancing up now and then. But is otherwise quiet and paying little attention. The other has pink hair tied in twin tails with white ribbons, wearing a simple plain white dress with a coat over it. Her face is lit up with a smile while she leans toward the other girl and speaks up in a curious voice.[/i] M: &quot;What's up with you Homura? I'm not used to you being this distracted, has something happened recently I didn't hear about?&quot; <i>Homura sighs for a moment and rubs the back of her neck, leaning back in her seat and replying in a melancholy tone.</i> H: &quot;It's... Just about what we heard from the damn Incubator. I can't help but think this is simply the calm before storm if something big really is gonna happen, are we ready?&quot; <i>Madoka shrugs a bit and smiles regardless, leaning in a bit more and pecking the other girl's cheek before taking a sip from some hot cocoa in a mug.</i> M: &quot;I'm not really sure, but I think we can handle it... I believe in us, but maybe that's because I can't bear to think about the other possibilities. For now though, just relax and try to have fun~&quot; <i>The taller girl chuckles a bit and smiles back at Madoka, nodding and looking through the building to see if any they might know has come in. Madoka also takes out her phone for a moment, sending a simple message to one Sayaka Miki asking how she's doing, and if she'd like to meet. Though she's unsure on a reply. Either way, the pair would devolve to small talk and laughing among themselves for a bit while wondering who if anyone interesting might show up today.</i>
Pink Dawn
<i>A young girl stands outside in an alley facing... A TV she'd plugged into an outlet, there's a grimly determined look on the pink haired young woman's face as she stares at it.</i> &quot;Just... Jump in huh, or so that's what I've heard. Gotta do it sooner rather than later I think, can't help anybody like I am now.&quot; <i>Her hair's tied back in a ponytail behind her, and she wears a simple pair of jeans with a pink t-shirt, and a red ribbon tied around her head. After taking a brief moment to wait and look around some more, she'd sigh and step forward, hand reaching for the screen and... Sinking in, she in theory knew that should happen, but it's still so strange to see in person. Even so, she leaps into without looking back.</i> &quot;Whatever I find in here, I'm sure I'll figure it out somehow... Not like I've got any choice but to figure it out after all.&quot; <i>She'd land inside... Somewhere, the screen absently flickering outside where she'd left it, and rippling a bit as if to invite people inside.</i>
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