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God damn disaster

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I Created a Persona Scene Generator
Heyyyy, that's pretty good
best p5r girl?
<quote user="Ren_bestrickster">Cant we all come together and agree that the best girl is joker</quote> I'm with you
best p5r girl?
Did you already beat the game?
Fell into it for like two weeks straight and beat royal
What would your palace be?
I feel like most people are gonna choose based on the stuff they like, and while your likes and dislikes will be there a bit, it's based on your distortions. That being said, I think mine would be a foggy forest
Just a thought about the true final Palace... (MAJOR SPOILERS(I think, just warning either way))
It's because of how he views humanity, given how he sees humans as feeble creatures who if given free will, will tear themselves apart, how he mentions after every sin he pulls out &quot;will be the downfall of humanity&quot; or something along those lines

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Possible DLC
What do y'all think about potential more impactful DLC, such as maybe new mementos requests that could lead to possible new personas with fusion key items. I'm personally game for more dlc thats not just costumes (although I'd be down for my persona packs)
I need help, for real
For years I've been lost in this dark cloud, of hating myself and being sapped of energy, I feel like I've lost control of myself and I've just succumbed to my pain.. yea I know the Phantom Thieves don't exist but it feels like no one really listens to me, growing up abused and moving out at 16 on my own, it feels like I'm all alone, so maybe shouting out into this niche void that no one will look at, maybe I'll find some solace, or whatever, I'm running out of energy and my mind feels like it's taking over.. I can't control myself and it's scary..
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