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I'm Leo, one of the princes of Nohr, Xander is my older brother and Camilla is my older sister, while Corrin and Elise are my younger sisters. My assistant is Tico, she is a bit crazy, but she takes care of us (be carefull, seriously, you don´t know what is she able to do). As weapons I use a few magic books, like the holy book Brynhildr. An ice sword and a stick Elise gave me. Equipment: Brynhildr: Leo is able to perform diferents moves: create a barrier. grab things and threw them. attack with trees or roots. The skill seed of life (needs to be charged). Bolganone: heavy fire damage. Scramble: Creates copies of Leo (gift from Rom). Ginungagap: massive almighty damage (1 target) Elise's stick: Salvation and Heat Riser effect (1 time per battle). Fortify: broken (unknown) Rexbolt: massive thunder damage. Gronnblade: medium wind damage, buffs increases the damage done by this magic. Support ranks: If you do things with Leo the support rank will increase, according to the rank it will have a the following effects: D: Nothing. C: able to follow up attacks (or do small combo attacks). B: buff´s duratión x2 (for both, for example Sayaka Miki uses tarukaja on Leo, it will last for 6 turns, not 3). A+: enables a powerfull skill between Leo and the character. You can check the support rank here: Akari: C. Blackcat: A. Eito: B. Hunter: A+: Skill: twilight rain. Jiyu: C. Kotori: D. Nanaka: D. Owain: D. Pineapple: D. Rom: A+: Skill: absolute zero. Tatsuya: D. Sam: A+: skill: Thor's avatar. Sayaka Miki: A+: Sword Dance. Geist: B. Xander: A+. Note 1: if you have an A+ but you created an alt you love tell me and I´ll think about creating another A+ skill. Thanks for your time.

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Sun team: a new dawn.
<spoiler>that was the last post of this thread, I'm moving the plot to Discord so we are done here. Good bye.</spoiler>
Sun team: a new dawn.
<i>Hate, a being that has ressurected a group of people to make them fight by her side, not only she has lied to them, she has manipulated them, she wanted to torture them and use them as Hate vessels. She is also a being that has been manipulating mankind, destroyed uncontable lifes and a being that has even killed her own son. Hate looked at the ship and moved her head to perform a sign, when she did it both Ridleys flew from the mothership and passed by the casttle's rooftop at high speed while more little ships began to leave the bigger one.</i> <i>Selena Thanatos and Cassandra went ahead and confronted Hate.</i> Thanatos: if she joins the battle we won't be able to win this, we'll keep her busy while you deal with her allies. Selena: we got this, go and kill the flying lizards. Cassandra: we'll be able to fight her if we work together, is better if you deal with her allies. <i>Selena, Thanatos and Cassandra charged against Hate. Meanwhile the little ships were preparing their weapons to shot at the group but the moment they did it a few portals opened around the group and redirected the bullets towards the ships dealing severe damage and making them explode.</i> Tico: do I have to remaind you that my friends have died by those assholes? Do me a favor and slay the big insects while I do fireworks. <i>Tico looked at the group with a smile in her face.</i> Tico: have a nice weeeeee! <i>Tico opened another portal and went into it, moments later you saw a explosion inside the enemy mothership, suddebly you daw Ridley landing in front of you while Meta Ridley landed behind, there was only one way to do this, you have to kill them.</i> Battle begins: Ridley: 30000. Meta Ridley: 30000.
Sun team: a new dawn.
<i>Meanwhile, the Moon team:</i> <i>Cassandra raised her hand and everything got surrounded by light, they moment they were able to see something they saw they were over Nohr's casttle, they saw the whole city was burning and most of the house were destroyed. Flying over the city, they saw Hate who was smilling.</i> Hate: this girl is always making me wait... Uh? <i>Hate then looked at the rooftop with curiosity and she flew closer to the group who was there.</i> Hate: Crow? Aina? What are you doing with them? <i>Cassandra walked ahead from the others</i> Cassandra: They know the truth now Hate. Hate: oh, and? Cassandra: let's say, Selena has new allies. Hate: Hmmm... <i>Selena and the others went to the rooftop where they saw the second group looking at Hate. They saw a red haired woman with a golden armor that covered her legs and arms and white and blue clothes. A black haired woman with Yukata. A man that looked like a hunter and a familiar person that suddenly had disappeared.</i> Selena: Dante!? You were with them!? Tico: who? Oh! I thought he was dead! Thanatos: I won the bet then. Tico: FUCK! Selena: EJEM... Why are you here? Cassandra: didn't you need a miracle? Well, we are that miracle. Hate: Miracle that is going to disappear. <i>Everyone looked at Hate, they were expected something, but nothing happened, Cassandra then showed the back of her left hand to Hate. </i> Cassandra: they are no longer connected to you, they are free now. Hate: in that case I'll kill them again, is not that hard. Selena: try it! <i>Selena went next to Cassandra and aimed her katana to Hate.</i> Selena: I'm not going to let you hurt them. <i>Tico and Thanatos went with them too.</i> Tico: I have not forgotten you've killed my friends, also, I'm tired of you. Thanatos: While Selena uses my katana, I'll show you how strong I'm physically. <i>Looks like anyone os going to do a move for now, if you want to say something to the other group is your chance.</i>
Sun team: a new dawn.
<i>Selena slowly walked towards Himeko to help her to calm down, she was about to say something when Thanatos talked.</i> Thanatos: she is here. <i>Suddenly a lot of sparks appeared in the sky and a colossal ship appeared over the city, Selena looked throw one of the windows and she saw Hate on the top of the ship, she jumped from it as two angelic wings appeared on her back, she used them to remain in mid air and she opened her hand, a strange white prism appeared over it and it went to the middle of the city. Selena looked at it for a second and then ran away from the window. </i> Selena: be carefull! <i>The prism sent a few rays of light and then began to spin at high speed, moving the rays through the city and the casttle, when the prism stopped every spot the rays touched began to explode with violence and in just a few seconds the city got destroyed and the casttle got severe damage.</i> Hate: well? Are you going to do something? I'm waitting... Selena... <i>Selena was with Himeko, Alcibiades and Loki, she and Thanatos made sure to protect the others from the attack.</i> Tico: dude... This woman likes to call the attention... What do we do? We can't fight her now. Selena: I know... We need a miracle to fight her or atleast leave this place alive... Thanatos: hmmm... Maybe we are going to be lucky, I feel a familiar presence comming. Selena: uh? ... ... ...
Moon team: Shared destinies
<i>Cassandra walked closer to Aina stopped when she was inside the circle.</i> Cassandra: Did you know we have a lot in common Aina? We both have someone which is alive and dead at the same time. We both are very carefull because we know how humanity is and not only that... <i>A black rapier appeared in her left hand, she carried the weapon to the other and made there a little cut which dropped a bit of blood on the circle.</i> Cassandra: ...I also like to observe everything around me, even the smallest detail because is something I can use in my advantage. <i>Cassandra walked away from the circle after accepting Aina's deal, after seeing everyone was ready she made disappear her rapier.</i> Cassandra: alright then, we must move fast maybe Hate and Selena are already fighting, what is the plan? Is very simply, me and Selena will deal with Hate, meanwhile, go with the others to help to beat Hate's allies, both flying lizards and the copy of Samus. It seems easy, but it is not, you've seen Hate with your own two eyes, she is reaaaally smart. Well guys... <i>The woman closed her eyes, slowly, she took a stick with a crimson stone at the end of it, the stick began to shine and the stone got surrounded by a few lines of fire. She then opened her eyes and gave a serious and deternined look to the group.</i> Cassandra: ...is time deal with an infinite. <spoiler>End of this thread, you will continue in the Sun thread for a bit.</spoiler>
Sun team: a new dawn.
<i>Selena went to Himeko to calm her down, however she suddenly stopped and looked at her, how her tears were going down and falling to the ground, how her body was shaking and how she was transmitting the fear she was feeling, then Selena opened her eyes as she smiled.</i> Selena: that's it! I know how to do this! <i>Both Tico and Thanatos returned just to see Selena smilling and Himeko crying.</i> Tico: dude bulling is bad... Thanatos: I'm sure Selena would never do that, unlike you. Tico: INLIKI YII BUENUNEUEBUEBUE... Selena: I have a plan. Tico: is a good one? Selena: enough to save our ass, Thanatos, we must talk in private, but what will we do? I don't have time to explain everything, but Tico, Himeko, Alcibiades and Loki, Hate will come eith a few of that flying ships. I want you to go inside one of that ships and take control of it and then use it to destroy the others if you do it we can leave Hate without reinforcements and we will have chances to beat her. While you do that, I'll be fighting and distracting her to make sure she doesn't interfere. It sounds as a basic plan, but I can tell you the hardest part is the psichologically one, if Hate feels something is going wrong, she will change her moves and that will be lethal, <b>even what we feels count, so for that I must distract her.</b> Can you do that guys?
Moon team: Shared destinies
<i>The woman pointed to Dante's left, there he saw Aina who was talking like if nothing were happening.</i> ???: the Aina you saw is from the past, Hate revived them but she took her time to do it in a way more practical for her own plans, in ither words, that was just a memory from Aina. <i>The woman then let out a sigh and then she said just a word to answer Aina.</i> <i>Cassandra.</i> <i>The moment she said that the atmosphere changed, she was not fine with revealing her name and her voice turned more serious.</i> Cassandra: are you happy now? But I have to tell you to keep my name as a secret, as I told you, if others discover my name it could have severe consecuences to the future, so do me a favor and never say it without my permission. <i>The woman continued talking, there was something different on her, like if she was being herself now.</i> Cassandra: look, I can help you to deal with Hate, do you think you even have a chance to her!? No, she is a magical being who has enough power to destroy entire planets or worlds if she wants, I can tell you if you go agaisnt her without a solid plan you are done, not dead, done. As I said before, she will turn you into hate vessels. What do I want? Well, let's say I've fallen in love with a girl called Selena, but there is a magical being that want's to destroy her psichologically and later kill her, I can't let that happen, however, I can't do it alone and that's why I need your help, and to make this pact more fair I offer you this. Aina: you will regroup with your old friend. Crow: I'll help you to save your queen. Dante: you don't know this yet, but Selena has saved your life a few time's already, I can help you to pay your debt with her, but still if you want something else we can talk it. Cassandra: have we a deal?
Sun team: a new dawn.
<i>Selena looked at Albiciades, Loki and Himeko.</i> Selena: Hate is a being that is strong enough to destroy worlds, she is an infinite, the strongest kind of magical beings from a parallel universe called Time's Eclipse, she is smart, strong and &quot;human rules doesn't apply to her&quot;, that means she can simply ignore mortal skills that could kill any human being, a skill to kill goods is usseles agaisnt her, and that magical being is comming to this location right now. Tell me, what do we do agaisnt her? Don't forget she has even resurrected dead monsters and she can revive them again if we kill them. If we want to get out alive from this we need a plan... A really good plan, do you have any ideas?
Sun team: a new dawn.
<i>Selena ignored both Faith and Loki, she went closer to Himeko and slowly hugged her while smiling, she whispered to her with a calm voice that made Himeko calm herself.</i> Selena: Don't worry, I promise I'm not going to let you die, I'll do my very best to avoid that, so please, now calm down and don't think about Hate now, just close your eyes and try to not think about her... <i>Selena kept hugging Himeko for a minute aproximatelly, she then stopped and looked at Faith and later to Loki, now with a serious expression.</i> Selena: I was wondering when you would show yourselves, I know you have been watching us from the laboratory, actually I would like to know just what you've asked, why are you here when you have no reasons to? Or have you come just to see our friends die? Because that is not funny, not a single bit. <i>A dark ball came from a mark in the back of Selena's left hand, it went to a wall and turned into a black armored warrior who was supporting his back in the wall with his arms crossed.</i> Thanatos: calm down, there is no need to be aggressive right now, we are a bit tired so is better if we think logically. Selena: what do you mean? Thanatos: Hate has killed part of the only group who is able to fight her, she knows we are weak now, <b>and she will use the chance to finish this right now.</b> Selena: do you mean... Thanatos: she is comming here right now, and I'm sure she will be here sooner than we expect, tonight, this city will be a battlefield, but we still have time to do things, I could give the orders, but you do it better Selena. <i>Selena looked down, she knew exactly what she had to say, but it was something she was not used to, despite of have done it a few times, she was never getring used to it, however she made her mind up and looked at Tico.</i> Selena: Tico. Tico: me? Selena: Order the king to evacuate everyone, and I mean <b>everyone, we will be the only ones who will remain here.</b> Tico: oh.. You think Hate will try to redirect the hate towards you... Okay, I'll do it. <i>Tico ran away and Selena looked at Thanatos.</i> Selena: you know where the exits are, when everyone has left mske sure you close them all, destroy the tunnel or do whatever you need to do. Thanatos: if we destroy alm the exits she won't be able to know where they are, okay. Selena: I must get into her head... She already knows what we are doing here... What we are saying... What we are thinking... We will do exaclty that, she must count a semi-infinite number of posibilities, the fact that we are doing exactly what she thinks is something she will easily discard because she knows me, she knows how smart I'm. <i>Selena began to walk in circles, she was mumbling to herself ehile thinking on everything that could affect Hate's way of thinking.</i> Selena: No, she will expect we are doing the first thing that came to her head, for that... Is why we are going to strike first I'm sure she will come on one of that ships, the moment she comes she will go outside, she knows anyone can beat her now, for that we must avoid her, <b>if we fight her we will lose.</b> oh... Sorry, I began to overthink it. <i>Selena passed her left hand near her left ear, she looked away but she was still thinking about Hate.</i>
Moon team: Shared destinies
Annalise: who are you? Hate: hmm... That even matters? I mean, I just saved your life! Annalise: you've killed them... Hate: them? <i>Hate looked back and she saw Crow who was completelly disquartered, Hate then looked at her left that was still holding Crow's head.</i> Hate: oh right! I totally forgot... Annalise: ... Hate: don't woooorry. <i>Hate then showed a demonic smile in her face as she dropped the head, and went to grab and raise Annalise.</i> Hate: because you are the next one! And the fact you are inmortal makes everything funnier!!!!! <i>Hate brutally hit Annalise until she ended up being a piece of meat, piece she picked up.</i> Hate: listen dear... Just thinking on how much your knight and you are going to suffer makes me smile... Hahahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! <i>Hate remained in the spot, laughing and playing with the piece of meat, then everything began to turn black as you heard the voice of the woman.</i> ???: Cainhurst casttle, there is when you died Crow, Hate is manipulating you to make Annalise suffer, not only that, I'm sure she will make you hurt her until both of you beg Hate to kill you, there is when she won't do it, she will keep you as a hate vessel. Now you know your truth let me go with Aina, you died time ago, you are a very powerfull and smart woman, but Hate is smarter... <i>Everything began to get illuminated again, there they saw the garden they appeared the first time, but Aina and Hate were the only one who were there.</i> Hate: Hello! How are you feeling? ... ... ... Hate: so... This is how is going to be? Fine by me. <i>And then Hate and Aina fought but Aina quickly lost against Hate and died.</i> Hate: I'll try without memories... That will help me to manipulate her... Okay then. <i>A light appeared in front of Hate and went to the ground, it grew up until it took Aina's form, at first she was confused but Hate quckly got closer to her and talked with her.</i> Hate: Yes... You are perfect, do me a favor and die quietly... Better... I'll torture you a bit to see the best way to use you even better... Maybe I can even revive the little Cat that was with you, but we know what I will do... <i>Hate took her crimson katana and slayed Aina by decapitating her, she remained there with a psychopatic smile.</i> Hate: I will enjoy so much seeing your face while I torture that kitty friend of yours! But first... I need my new warriors to obbey me... Hmhmhm... <i>Everything went black again, and the strange woman spoke again.</i> ???: Is not different from Crow, she just want to use you and later torture you and turn you into hate vessels she can use to earn power from you, Crow, Aina, I want now to ask you something. But first, Dante, watch this. <i>The woman went to Dante and she touched the mark on the back of his left hand, Dante then felt a bit of pain in his head and he began to remember something...</i> ???: Aina, Crow, can you still go with Hate after knowing this?

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Sun team: a new dawn.
<i>Everyone returned to Nohr's casttle after a long fight against the Heart of Darkness, everyone went to their rooms after some talk, they decided to call it a night and rest. In the middle of the night, the only one who was not sleeping was Leo, he was with a candle and writting a few letters. *Greetings, I know you probably don't know me or maybe yes, who knows. Instead of opening a portal, bring you here and dropping you a lot of strange facts, I've decided to write you a letter. Tico, my assistant has told me that you could help us with a problem against... A magical being we have here. First: I want you to know, is that this is going to be dangerous, so you must trust your skills. Second: I also have left a summary of the current events, you will need to know a bit so please, read it twice if you need it. Third: we have a dragon with us, I just say it because she always scares everyone. Thank you for reading this. Leo. </i> Leo: done... It tires me to write three letters... <i>Knock knock</i> ???: Leo, are you still awake? Leo: that voice... Corrin? <i>The door opened and Corrin went in.</i> Corrin: hi, I had a nightmare and I went to walk around. Leo: why have you come here? Corrin: I also heard you talking alone. Leo: I've said everything I've written? Corrin: yes. Leo: nice... Corrin: I think is fine, we need all the help we can get. Leo: true, Anyways is late, you should go to bed. Corrin: yeah, you are right, good night. Leo: good night. <i>Corrin left Leo's room, Leo then blowed the candle to turn it off and he went to sleep, but suddenly he said.</i> Leo: Tico now that you are still here spying, go to deliver the letters. <i>Suddenly a vase moved and it turned to Tico, she went to the letters and picked them up.</i> Tico: damnit... I feel lazy now... Leo: don't spy me the next time. Tico: Din't spi mi thi- <i>Leo turned to Tico while placing a hand on his brynhildr, that made Tico run away liie if she was running away from a demon. She went to deliver the letters and returned to Nohr.</i> <i>Now at the morning, the three heroes opened and read the letter, what will they do?</i>
Moon team: Shared destinies
<i>Two hours later, a portal opened in front of Raal, Crow and Aina, they all went in and they appeared at Gladsheim's entrance that was a big portal. They looked around and they saw they were on ancient ruins, the walls were filled with ancient writtings you were not able to understand.</i> Hate: ignore that writtings, it just say that Gladsheim is a place anyone has to step in, but we are not here to follow a writting, we are here to find that orb and... I'm not going to waste time repeating stuff you know, let's move. <i>Hate, Ridley, Meta-Ridley and Samus went into the portal. Raal, Crow and Aina were about to follow them, but suddenly a note fell in front of them and remained in the air, could it be from George? You can choose to ignore it or read it, the decision is yours.</i>
Sun team: Light and Darkness
Selena's team: <i>They left the ruins thanks to Thanatos, they left the kingdom and went to the forest that was nearby, when the night came Selena picked some sticks and Thanatos used a light fire spell to burn them. Selena left for a second and she returned to the improvised camp with a bigbfish and a dead buffalo, she cut then both in pieces and put them closer to the fire.</i> Thanatos: to much meat for a little flare. Selena: what are you waiting for? Thanatos: allow me. <i>Selena threw up the pieces of meat, Thanatos used now a fire slash that unleashed a wave of fire that instant cooked the food. Selena placed a blanket and the food fell over it, she picked up meat from the buffalo and began to eat it. If you want to ask something... probably the best thing is to do it now.</i> Selena: eat what you want. Kushala's team: <i>Leo, Tico, Samus and Dante were in Kushala's back, they were going directly to Askr. Kushala was flying very high to not be seen by civillians.</i> Leo: I sent a letter to Kiran, I'm sure he knows we are going. Tico: I also contacted with them, just in case. Samus: I wonder how is that kingdom... Leo: is a good place. Kushala: is a funny place. Tico: very funny. Samus: you said that for good or bad? Kushala: for both... <i>That made Samus look away with worriness in her face, but anyways soon they reached the casttle. Kushala slowly began to descend and she landed on one of the rooftops, where Kiran was already waiting.</i> Kiran: greetings, I'm glad to see you again and on those friendly circunstances. Leo: greetings Kiran, same here. Kushala: What is this orb? <i>Kushala hit Tico with her head and she created a screen that was showing Kushala's intestines and the orb of light. That picture made everyone look away and Tico quickly closed it.</i> Tico: dude, respect that we have our limits... Kiran: s-she is worse than before... Leo: my apologies... Kiran: I need to drink some water... Samus: ... <i>You followed everyone through the casttle, you were able to see a good variety of heroes, they were looking at you and some of them waved at Leo or Kushala. While walking Kiran looked at Dante.</i> Kiran: excuse me, who are you? <spoiler>Chapter 2 is here guys, only the ones who were in the history of the previous Sun thread can join this one. Have fun.</spoiler>
Moon Team: the reborn.
???: oh... look how they sleep... my poor friends... well, I've just resurrected them, so I understand why they are still asleep. <i>You don't know what has happened... and you feel exhausted and a bit dizzy, but probably is better to stand up and see where are you and who is talking to you.</i> ???: oh you are awaken? Why don't you introduce to your teammates? <i>You stood up and looked around, but you were still very dizzy to even see them, the only thing you were able to see was a woman floating in the air with black hair, a white dress and green eyes.</i> Hate: let me introduce myself, you can call me Hate, I have a lot of things to explain, but I think is better if I let you rest a bit. <i>Your vision recovered a bit and you saw a strange person inside a black powersuit, that person looked at you but he simply ignored you and aimed his cannon arm towards Hate.</i> Hate: do you really want to do it? You are here thanks to me, you owe me one, don't you? <i>That person was still aiming his cannon to Hate, but a few seconds later he decided to lower it.</i> Hate: good choice... well, are you feeling better now? (This is the bad team, or evil as you want to call it, here will be evil characters like Hate, another example is Ganondorf (I say him just to give you an idea), this is free to join but remember this will take time)
Sun team: an unexpected accident
<i>Everything was in calm, the birds were singing, the guards were walking around and talking and the casttle was filled with peace. Meanwhile, Leo was reading a book, Tico was with her screen playing a videogame and Corrin was with her hair, actually Kushala was there too, but anyone noticed her yet.</i> Tico: what is the plan? Corrin: what plan? Leo: stay here and spend a calm day, that is the plan. Tico: but that is boring! Kushala: not really, is fine to spend some time like this. Leo: WHEN!? Corrin: WE HAVE AN INTRUDER! Tico: an intruder!? DIE HAHAHAHAH! <i>Kushala scared everyone and they were about to attack her, but suddenly, a strange orange ship crashed in the wall.</i> Leo: w-what is that!? Tico: a spaceship? What is that thing doing here? Just in case... I'll send a warning signal in case someone is around. Corrin: should we take a look? Kushala: it is openning... <i>A part of the spaceship began to open and it revealed a small cabinet, there was a person with an orange supersuit with a red helmet, that person stood up and looked at the others.</i> ???: ... (This is the good team, or hero team if you want to call it like that, here will be what we call (good characters, like Leo, and the others as last note, this is free to join, but remember this will take time.)
Elec Portal: The colossal laboratory
<i>When the group used the elec portal they appeared inside a colossal build filled with machines, and cords carrying electricity, it looked like an incredible futurist world. the build is that big that even Alatreon is able to walk, run and fly around.</i> Leo: wow... Corrin: this place is amazing. Alatreon: ria! Magus: it remains me to the Black Omen. Kushala: has MLF Sam created this? Tico: yep, everything of this building has been created by MLF Sam, it has more than 100000 robots working, it has like 12000 cords carrying the electricity and the storage here is like 10000000 Petabytes, that is like 2000 years of HD video recording. I detect a lot of things here... seriously, this MLF is amazing. Leo: so, he is as good as Sam. Tico: yes and no, they have their differences, however, Sam could be able to build a place like this, but he is a human and he would need a lot of time, like... 2 years. Magus: what do you sense? something in special? <i>Tico displayed a screen in front of everyone and they saw a colossal map of the area with over 10000 rooms, however there are only a few marked rooms.</i> Tico: I´ll mark you the most important ones, so you don´t have to check everything. Another thing is, we can only go to the first two floors now, we need a key. Magus: in that case, let´s find that key. Alatreon: RIA! Elec portal begins: Current objetive: explore, search and reach the top of the build. Go to: First floor: Test room (Kushala) Building room (Magus) code room (Leo) Second floor: Toilets (corrin) Repairing room. playground (Alatreon)
The eye of the storm
<i>When the group began to wake up they saw they were on a beatiful garden, more specifically on a little altar filled with flowers and surrounded by statues of angels, away of the altar, there was a lot of ways and parts with plants. There was also a lot of Magic Life Forms, however, those were kinda different, specially because they already knew they group was there, but they are ignoring them. The only one who was already awaken was Tico, she was analyzing the place.</i> Tico: helloooooooooooo! How are you guys? Leo: what!? Where are we? Tico: this is what I call, the eye of the storm. Magus: the... eye of the storm? Kushala: a calm place between all the chaotic places? Like the eye of an hurricane? Tico: exactly! How smart is this dragon. Corrin: uh... could you explain it again? Tico: let's say this is a calm place and in the surroundings there are just chaos and madness, is not that hard to understand. Corrin: I think I got it. Alatreon: ria! Tico: yeah... she is a bit short... Corrin: WHAT HAVE YOU SAID!? Magus: leave that child game for later, we have to find our colorless copies. Leo: about that... <i>Leo explained to Magus how they ended on Time's eclipse and about the colorless copies.</i> Magus: Interesting... they are also Magic Life Forms... MLF Addalme: it is actually Magus: !? <i>Everyone looked at MLF Addalme, they of he has been all this time there anyone had noticed his presence.</i> MLF Addalme: so, you've met the Dream Devourer. Leo: yes... Corrin: we couldn't save Schala. MLF Addalme: is fine, I already knew you wouldn't be able. Magus: what do you mean. <i>MLF Addalme spoke while raising his left arm; when he did that a few portals appeared around the garden. A elec portal. An Ice portal. A bloody portal. A dark portal. A light portal. A magical portal. A ghostly portal</i> MLF Addalme: let me explain, in order for us to gather the necessary strenght, we need you to go to each portal and beat the MLF at the end, for example, in the elec portal you have to reach his core and beat MLF Sam there. MLF Addalme: Questions!? Or can I die again? Meh I'm not going to wait you. <i>MLF Addalme died, but... you feel you can ask him.</i>
Battle against an infinite: Dream Devourer.
<spoiler>As I said before, if you want to spectate say it to me and I leavw a discord server.</spoiler> <i>When the group went into the portal they appeared on another magical area. Magus was fighting a colossal crimson creature, there was also a woman, floating inside a crimson barrier.</i> Leo: no way... Corrin: what is that!? Tico: hmmm... Kushala: I don´t know why, but I think I´ve seen this creature. Alatreon: rrrrrr... Magus: You again? I told you this was personal. Leo: it is... https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/omniversal-battlefield/images/c/ca/Dream_Devourer.png/revision/latest?cb=20170514011807 Leo:... Lavos!? <i>That creature looks like an exact replica of Lavos, however he is a bit bigger and he has more crimson tones, the woman floating in the red barrier with her eyes closed is Schala.</i> Tico: not at all, he just took Lavos´appearance, but he is the Magic Life Form we came to kill. Corrin: Lavos was like that? now I can see why you were about to die... Kushala: that human... Tico: she is Schala, I feel bad for her... Leo: Schala... Magus: Sorry for interrupt your little chat, but I´m here to kill this thing and save my sister, <i>Magus dashed towards the dream´s devourer head and performed a powerfull electrical slash on him, after that he performed a somersault to go a bit back and prepared another skill, however a thunder fell over Magus and he fell over his knees, another thunder was about to fall over Magus, but Alatreon and Leo protected him, Corrin, Kushala, Tico and the others went next to them and prepared themselves to fight against the Dream Devourer.</i> Magus: what the hell are you doing? Leo: don´t you remember? she helped us the last time, and I don´t forget a person who helps me. Corrin: we are not going to leave you, also, this thing as been manipulating my dreams and I don´t like that! Kushala: I don´t know why, but I really dislike this thing... Alatreon RIA! <i>Magus looked down for a second, but he stood up and aimed his scythe towards the dream devourer.</i> Magus: this thing is very strong, be very carefull. Schala: is usseles... <i>Anyone expected Schala would talk, everyone looked at her with a surprised expresion.</i> Schala: you can´t killl the Dream Devourer... your destruction... is inevitable! Omega boss Battle: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-QgUjqMxeXo Dream Devourer: 32000.
A new adventure.
(Hello everyone, I've come with a new plot, however, it has diferent things. A few weeks ago I created a thread where I left a discord server, I created it for this plot, if you want to spectate I recommend you to join in the server, if you don't do it you will miss important facts of the history. Another thing is what I'm already full of people, however, I'll leave another link here in case you want to spectate, don't try posting or &quot;suddenly appearing&quot;, I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to add your actions, my apologies on that point. Here is a link to the discord server: https://discord.gg/pAfpH4 That's everything, thanks for read it and enjoy the history) <i>Somewhere where everything is black, the only thing you can feel is the voice of a young woman and a deep anxiety and desesperation... </i> ... ... ... Everything is dark... ... ... ... I can see you... but you can't see me... ... ... ... Are you scared...? ... ... ... You don't know... how much I've suffered... you... must disappear... with everything... soon... your own dream will kill you... and then... you will suffer... for the rest of the eternity! Man: AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! <i>A citizen woke up, he was sweating and he was also a bit pale. A few seconds later her wife and his two sons woke up concerned about that scream.</i> Woman: dear... are you alright? Man: a horrible nightmare... sorry for scare you. Kid: a nightmare? about a woman? Man: what!? How did you know it!? Kid: I also had that dream... Kid 2: me too... Woman: y-you too!? Man: what!? E-Everyone...!? ... ... ... <i>Now returning to Nohr, in the middle of the night, everyone is sleeping in Nohr's casttle, however, Tico is awaken, she is looking at her screen with a serious face (something very strange on her).</i> Tico: a lot of people has talked about that dream... something about disappearing... what is causing everyone to have that dream? Hmmm... <i>Suddenly, someone hit the door two times, and went in, it was Corrin.</i> Corrin: Tico? Tico: what are you doing here at this... Wait... Have you...? Corrin: yes, I've had a strange dream... Tico: tell me everything. ... ... ... Tico: hmmmm... you weren't able to see anything? And, you say... you've heard that voice before? Corrin: I'm sure of it... it was the voice of a woman... I know she is suffering... I feel bad for her... s-sorry, I should remain calm. Tico: is fine, for now I'll look into it to see if I can discover something, go to sleep, we have a dragon to visit tomorrow. Corrin: alright, good night. Tico: good night. ... ... ... <i>A day later.</i> <i>The group is walking through a snowy mountain, Kushala is carrying a dead monster on her back and she was also leading the way while the others were following her. The mountain has a thin layer of snow, enough to leave your footsteps when you walk over it, it was nothing important now, because you was just following Kushala. Tico was also following Kushala but she was with a bored face.</i> Kushala: thanks for comming humans... Tico: I'm bored... Kushala: I know you've been busy, human life is filled with things to do... Tico: I'm so bored... Kushala: so I apreciate this, soon we... Tico: I'M SO BORED! <i>Kushala turned at Tico with furious eyes and screamed near her face.</i> Kushala: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Tico: Oh my god! I'm having a lot of fun! HAHAHAHAHA! Kushala: stop complaining... Corrin: I want to see the offsprings, I'm curious about how is a baby dragon. Leo: you've also invited the others? Kushala: of course, why not? <i>Kushala looked back to see how the others were going.</i> Kushala: are you tired? This as been a long walk.
Separated ways (2).
OOC: I'll create this thread to the people who want to continue this If you want to join, send me a PM.
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