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Just somebody who's existence matters little to the grand scheme of cognition.

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Best Persona 5 Palaces?
-Okumura's -Futaba's -Madarame's -Kaneshiro's -Kamoshida's -Shido's -Sae's -<spoiler>Apocalypse Now</spoiler> -<spoiler>Depths of Mementos</spoiler> I put spoiler tags as I have met people who've blasted through the game and saw neither of these palaces. Ever.
Could you be a Phantom Thief? Welcome to the Velvet Gruum
<quote user="Takumi_Yamamoto">How can you tell if someone is a Phantom Thief? Just asking.</quote> You don't need to ask half the time. They'll just blurt it out without provocation..... <spoiler>Ryuji</spoiler>

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