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Phansite Highschool Reunion because it’s been a year
<i>Busts in</i> &quot;Aye, my subjects, tonight you may party as hard as you wish. Remember, this dance was sponsered by Laharl Enterprises. Which is the company I made just now.&quot;
Joe's Average Joe Cafe
<i>A blue haired boy with attenae and a red scarflike ligament enters. He gives a slight smirk as he eyes over the café. He then walks up to Joe and orders.</i> &quot;I'll take a chocolate milk.&quot;
The Nexus' First Libraryâ„¢!
<i>Laharl eyes gaze upon the shelves of literature that filled the halls with wonder and amusement. He hadn't read in a longtime, and wondered why people found it so fascinating. Out of curiosity, he wonders upon if any books would interest him. But, it had been so long that he did not know where to start. Unfamiliar with the concept of &quot;genre&quot; even. He blinks a bit and glances at the librarian</i> Sooooo, how do I use a library again?
The Nexus' First Libraryâ„¢!
<i>Laharl puts his fingers together to extinguish the fireball.</i> Eh? You know, perhaps proving my might to others may make me a bit more popular in this Nexus. I think there are actually place made specifically for that kinda stuff. GYM, was it? Waddya say, wanna see an overlord in action!? <i>Laharl puts his arms in criscross position and his eyes begin to literally light on fire in excitement</i>
The Nexus' First Libraryâ„¢!
Ooc: i'm having trouble following any of this. IC: <i>Laharl lets out a wide and devious grin, as to brag. He raises his right hand up in a flashy manner as he hides his left hand behind his back. He starts talking as he curls his right hand in on itself and crooks his head forward slightly</i> What, you don't believe? Perhaps I should show you some of the power that comes with being a demon overlord! <i>As Laharl leans his left elbow on the counter, he ignites a moderate burst of fire in his right hand, controlled so that no one gets burnt</i> Impressive? I'd show you something cooler, but i'm not in the mood for hurtin' anyone.
The Nexus' First Libraryâ„¢!
<i>Laharl answers Luard's question with an annoyed tone</i> No, this is a library
The Nexus' First Libraryâ„¢!
<i>Laharl shoots an angry glare at Espeon</i> I'll have you know I was the great overlord who led that war on Celestia! And, if you must know, I only wanted that book to show others how to be as awesome as me!
The Nexus' First Libraryâ„¢!
<i>Walks in calmly and approaches the espeon</i> Excuse me, miss, but do you happen to have &quot;Being An Overlord For Dummies&quot; in yet?
Icons UwU
It's your demon overlord here! I demand you create a beautiful portrait in my likeness!
Lightning Leblanc 2: Electric Boogaloo
*shouts loudly* Hey, everyone! I'm back from my three or so month long nap and ready to be the overlord again!

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Splat Tim I challenge you!
You probably won't accept cause you'e too much of a chicken cheap cheap chirp chirp cheap
Saughter Spree
*Laharl drops a gigantic meteor on Shibuya, causing millions to casually die and nobody will care* Lol, I bet no one will even notice with all the time they spent glued to their smart phones! XD
Tax thread
Pay your taxes
A location
*Laharl is walking in the location* I'm so borrrrrrrrrrrrrred... I'm the main character! I should have more action!
New law
&quot;Petunias&quot; are now renamed to &quot;Laharls&quot;
You're just jealous of my awesomeness! I can 1on1 you anyday, scrub.
*Laharl faintly yawns as he slowly awakens, albeit half-asleep* Hmm? I could've sworn I heard someone say my name.
General discussion thread here
*Insert Tatsuya bullying others off the phansite*
If you read this...
Then you know how to read. Congratulations. You've just passed the first step to overcoming your retardedness
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