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Hi, I'm a friendly dragon, I can talk human language so thanks to that I am able to do human friends. I'm strong against wind and ice, but weak to nuke and thunder, keep that in mind! More about the Kushala: Survival of his species is the most important thing to her, so if you say something like "I'm going to kill you" her survival instinct will tell her: "The strong lives and the weak dies, be stronger than your enemy by killing him". I say this because you must be carefull about that, even if it is a joke she will act like you said it i a serious way. please, be very carefull. She has a few offsprings but for now I only use it as data, no need to worry about it for now Don´t think she is a beast who only thinks on hunt, she is very smart even if she doesn´t understand everything the humans do, also, she is good at listening. Thanks for read this.

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GYM: The Dragon Rises
<spoiler>I'm busy spending the night with my family, probably I won't post in 8 hours</spoiler>
GYM: The Dragon Rises
<i>Kushala was innocently <span class="through">walking around the city and scaring one or two persons who saw her, she was</span> looking around when she saw the GYM. </i> The dragon raises... Finally one of that things for me! <i>Kushala went to the GYM's doors and somehow she managed to go inside.</i> Hello humans, look! I'm a dragon!<div class='edited'>(edited by Kushala_Daora)</div>
Apocrypha Chapter 3A: Blood and Wine
<i>After the attack the winds began to stop as Kushala fell to the ground and lost her conscience.</i>
It's been awhile..
Welcome back, I don't have nothing to say at all because my life doesn't change, but I'm glad to see you again around here.
Apocrypha Chapter 3A: Blood and Wine
<i>Kushala scratched the prison, trying to escape from it has she was getting suffocated by the smoke... Slowly her vision began to get more blurred. &quot;At this rate I'm going to die... W-wait... <b>D-die...?</b> ... ... ... !!! It was triggered, her survival instinct was telling her to survive... No mather what... Survive... <b>Survive...</b> Kushala remained a inside the smoke, the winds around her went more and more black with the time, but not only that, more and more winds went around Kushala, signs of something big comming, when a scream came from the smoke as a colossal tornado appeared kn the middle of the room, it was impossible to see something there, but suddenly two red points appeared in the tornado, anyone who looked at it would feel nothing more than fear... The points disappeared and the winds got more and more violent with the time, if this breaks the barrier it would drag everyone who is in the build into it.</i>
this place is dying
Then heal it before it dies, or cast samarecarm if it dies. <i><b>Ba dum tss</b></i>
Apocrypha Chapter 3A: Blood and Wine
<i>Kushala smelled it, she norticed the sweat from the guys who where keeping the barrier. &quot;So... You are tired... Very well then.&quot;</i> <i>Kushala waited an instant and then she flew a bit back showing all signs of going to charge against the dragon, however she flew down and began to spin the air, surrounding herself with a tornado, if she is succesful she will strike the dragon and push him into the barrier, if the dragon dodges the attack she simply will strike the wall to try to destroy it.</i>
Moon team: Shared destinies
<i>And the time stopped.</i> Hi! Don't mind me, I just came here to slap. <i>Slaps Crow.</i> Good bye. <i>and Kushala disappeared.</i> <spoiler>You can ignore this guys.</spoiler>
It's deader than my funeral in here
<quote user="Setsuna_Tamaki">Trying to make an RP thread is like trying to herd cats, none of them ever go the right direction and the participants will vanish for weeks on end</quote> That is the most stu... Uh... Ehm... Nevernind...
It's deader than my funeral in here
You can always try to make a talk thread (well, this can be considered like one). Or a RP thread to cheer the people to coment.

Recent topics

(Chill) resting.
<i>Kushala was resting and having a peacefull day acter hunting her dinner.</i> <spoiler>Free to join, I do this because I'm bored and want something to do, we can always do stupid stuff here if you want.</spoiler>
The real tittle is: Apocryfa ultra chapter 3: BETTER THAN THE OLD ONE WITH ALL GROUPS IN ONE PLACE, WERE GIN FIXED KEVIN'S MISTAKE AND WITH 4000% MORE DRAGONS FEATURING THE MARIO BROTHERS! <i>Kushala was having a fucking nromal day when she went into a multiverse-creator portal and suddenly all the universes of the plot got mixed on one!!! BUT NOW SHE WANTS TO KILL ALL!!!! </i> <spoiler>This is basically a joke thread I had to do.</spoiler>
Phansite goes to reverse world
<i>Is the reverse world guys! Is time to explore it and see if you find the legendary Giratina! Kushala found a portal when she was chilling in the elder recess and blah blah blah, so now is your chance to do something amazing!</i>
A day in the elder recess (chill)
<i>Kushala was lying down in the ground, it was a normal day at the elder recess... but there was something strange. There was also a Nergigante and a Teostra, but the most strange thing it was the three dragons were just lying down, despite they are at aprox 15 metters away from each other.</i> Kushala: what a calm day... I wonder what will happen today... <spoiler>Anyone can join, I do this because I'm a bit bored now.</spoiler>
(Chill) Calm day.
<i>Kushala landed, she left her blurred marks and she lied down. *Why I feel like I'm on a hurry to lie down and rest? It must be my imagination.*</i>
(Chill) Another day for a dragon
<i>After a good day Kushala returned to the lake, it was a peacefull place for her.</i> <i>*I have the feeling that someone will magically appear from somewhere... wait... actually I've done that... uh... nevermind...</i> <i>Kushala shaked her head, she walked around leaving her blurred marks and she lied down on a good spot.</i> <spoiler>No history, everyone is welcome.</spoiler>
(Chill) A normal day for a dragon.
<i>Kushala was flying around and she saw a lake in the forest and she decided to stop there. First of all she left her blurred marks around and she took a good place to lie down and rest.</i> <spoiler>There is no history here so everyone can join, I do it because now I'm bored</spoiler>
Visiting the GYM.
<i>After a long walk, Kushala finally reached the GYM, this time, instead of running and destroying the door, she walked towards them and carefully pushed them in order to go inside.</i> <i>Kushala's skin was filled with scarred wounds and parts of it are half-melted. She was carrying two strange and things on her back.</i> Greetings humans! I've come with a gift for you!
My discord server.
Hello everyone, around 21 of June I'll begin my next plot and I've created a discord server in order to gather everyone and leave the important information. It will be also important because probably you will need to use it in order to talk with your team and see how you act during the battle. Here I leave the link (it will expire in 24 hours): https://discord.gg/zd7wHT PD: I wasn't sure so I've tagged the thread as RP.
Banquet in the Earthen Hall
<i>Kushala spent the last past days exploring the golden caverns, she also saw the monster a few times, but the Kushala didn´t attacked him, she preferred to watch his moves.</i> <i>Kushala noticed that the monster follows a way, sometimes it changes it a bit but ussually takes a route and follows it, the Kushala watched him in order to learn his patterns and predict the way he is going to take. Kushala also explored other parts of the cave, trying to see things she could use against this monster and she managed to find a few things that later would share.</i> <i>The monster left for a bit and the Kushala used that chance to return to a safe place, in a high spot where the monster can not see her.</i> So that´s are your moves... well, I´ll wait a bit in case someone comes and helps me in order to beat you. <i>Kushala carefully looked at the hole the monster used to disappear.</i> But... that monster seems very resistant... I would need a week in order to kill him... wait... what about if I... hmmm... that could work. <i>Kushala walked away to not be seen, she sat down and she began to clean the rest of gold she had in her skin.</i>
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