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I came here hoping that you would say that you're Emily, i'm disappointed.
I think that the phansite is dieing and I don’t like that.
Making these threads doesn't really help anyone...
Did you even play the game?
[Spoiler] Persona 5 Royal new character ??!
Aw maaan this is totally old news! Did you sleep under a rock for the past months?
The shadow castle
Tsk get this thing away from me and other than that... I am the supreme leader of a giant secret criminal organization, if i wanted i could call all of my subordinates and finish everyone off. <i>He then reached for his pocket looking for his phone and unsurpisingly there was no reception whatsoever.</i> Ah, seems like i can't whooops but you should be wary on turning on us again! If you do my organization is gonna take all of your family hostage until you leave us alone! Soooo are we moving or not?
The shadow castle
<i>Kokichi would not waste time and get an another bottle of Panta, this time finishing it before throwing it in a random direction.</i> Nee-heehee I'm getting boreeeed why don't we just go ahead and grab the totally awesome stuff i saw there instead of being here? Also now that i saved you you'll be my subordinate again! Right? Right? Or you'll give me your part of the reward. Be careful on lying to me, i can spot them easily you know...
The shadow castle
Tsk, no one even listens to what i say and instead they do all of this lame fighting... <i>as the fight continued he totally forgot he still had a the noise sword tied on his back and so seeying as Eito is in pain due to the bullet he'd try to get closer and to remove it the hard way. When he started using the sword tho a piercing noise would diffuse all around and he hoped that would distract any of the people present.</i> If i manage to do this you'll owe me everything nee-hee-hee Even your quote of the reward.
The shadow castle
<i>Kokichi decides to look around the room, to see if there was anything hidden in it. After a while of not finding anything he starts to inspect the armor.</i> This is too heavy! Who would wear something like this? Tsk garbage! <i>he tries to kick it but he gets a little hurt instead and so he glances over the sword and tries to grab it. It seemed lighter than the armor but it would still way to heavy for him to move it and on top of that, it looked like it could zap him. </i> Hmmmm, i know what to do! I'll make someone else move it for me Nee-hee-hee <i>and with that he makes his way back outside, hoping that anyone would be done with the fight and fall for his lie.</i> Heeeeey everyooone i found a giant buffet and the gold down there, can anyone help me move it?
The shadow castle
Well then, &quot;make yourself useful&quot; you said! I'll show you! I'll show all of you! <i>Seeying as the situation was getting a bit heated, the fact that he ran out of panta bombs and his unwilliness to fight, Kokichi did what he could do best and so he made a run for it. With his remarkable speed he got slip past everyone and entered the doors the queen came out of.</i> If anyone wants to join me instead of doing all of this fighting feel free to do so, otherwise.... I'm keeping everything i'll find here for me! Nee-hee-hee <i>And with that he disappeared in the dark, (what he'll find in there is up to you GM) smiling all the way.</i>
The shadow castle
<i>Seems like he was ignored, so since there was still something he needed to ask he decided to get his attention the hard way. His half empty Panta bottle would fly towards Eito and cover him in it if he got hit by it.</i> Heeeey, hey, hey hey hey! <i>Actually... He thought, this would be a question for everyone present and so, he screamed from the top of his lungs.</i> HEY EVERYONE, WHERE ARE THE MONEY I WAS PROMISED? <i>He then gets an idea for later and quiets down to listen to the Queen.</i>

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Please buy me Panta
If you do great things will happen to you <spoiler>or is this a lie once again?</spoiler>
I will uncover the secret of the world!
naah that was a lie too! but i finally managed to make something decent on digital. i'm still kinda trying to find my style so please don't judge it too harshly. https://i.imgur.com/S25K90u.png By the way, since i can't really take requests at the moment due to not being too good at it, i'll gladly accept suggestions of any kind, such as ideas on how i can improve or something new to draw.
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