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A Snowy Day
//Can....anyone join this...or is it only specific people?
Mona2, please don't post if you aren't going to join the rp. Mal_covet, I don't mind at all. It actually is nice to get feed back. Character introduction is first. If you want to be a cannon character, you are more than welcome. I'm going to be playing as the protagonist of the game, but you are more than welcome to act as an OC (original character) if you please. I only listed the first few, since I didn't want to make it too long to start with. I do ask that you write at least a 5+ sentance paragraph, though more is always appreciated. :) And, if you have more questions, please do DM/PM me. I will be more than happy to answer. Be sure to add in the RP title somewhere though, so I know what the message is about.
Your Own Palace / Persona?
My palace would be interesting to say the least. As my greatest desire at the moment is to start my own coffee shop and roastery, I'm not sure what it would look like. But, I know what the treasure would be. An espresso machine, expensive and new. As for my persona, I'm sad to say it cannot be Loki. Akechi already uses Loki, so I'm SOL there. Some sort of dragon perhaps? Maybe a wolf. And the second awakening could be for the goddess of foxes, Inari. Foxes are known to be great tricksters, so it would make sense if one follows Japanese myth.
If you had to save one game for the sake of posterity, what would it be?
I liked persona 3 the best. Give it a good graphics update and make the confidants - the social links - easier to max, and a few new personas and the game would be gold. Also, the whole male/female thing was only for the PSP version, which sucked. And, Thanatos was a b***h to fight if you weren't over lvl 70. As for persona 5, it was quite easy. Good story, a lot of personas. DLC got kinda spendy, and there weren't nearly as many confidants as in 3, but a good game. Controls for the Monabus could have been better too. I don't know much about the other persona games to be able to say anything about them, though I have done a little looking into persona 4.
mega excite :0
I told my dad about it, and he asked me "Did they update the controls?" I told him about the expanded story, and cast of playable characters, and that I hoped they had updated the controls. The Mona bus was hard to drive, so I hope they made the controls for that smoother for that at the very least. And, if you get the collectors edition (mask, artbook, CD, etc.) then you get a better deal. My friend Hope's to pre-order the collectors edition for my birthday, even though I'll be out of the country when it releases.
Best Persona 5 Palaces?
Honestly: 1 Futaba Sakura's palace 2 Ichiryusai Madarame's palace 3 Depths of Mementos 4 Masayoshi Shido's palace 5 Sai Nijima's palace 6 Junya Kaneshiro's palace 7 Kunikazu Okumura's palace 8 Suguru Kamoshida's palace I haven't seen much of the final palace in P5R, so I'm not including it in my ranking.
Could you be a Phantom Thief? Welcome to the Velvet Gruum
I mean, I'd have to work on my physique, but yeah. I can be a phantom thief.
Change my bully's heart
"You seem tired. You should go to bed." -Morgana
Can we ask for help on the game here?
Ah. Thank you. I recieved similar advice on another forum, but having this confirmed makes it a lot easier to plan on who to hang out with. It helps that I've been working with Chihaya (fortune) for a bit now. Almost at rank 5, and I believe that comes at rank 7 or 8. I will keep working then. I presume this works with all the confidants (lovers, temper, sun, star, etc)?
I hope to get the phantom thieves edition as my late b-day present.

Recent topics

DLC persona and costumes
Will the royal version accept the DLC for the regular version, or will it have to be bought again? And, does the trophy data stay the same too? I spent $80+ for the costume and persona DLC, and I really don't want to have to buy it again for the royal version. And, I have over two thirds of the trophies too, so I don't want to loose any progress there.
Desire and Hope
Does anyone know the canvas size used for the art piece Desire and Hope in the game? I was hoping to draw and paint the piece for my room, but I'm not sure of the dimensions of the canvas.
A single night turned everything around. A false accusation, the decision of sending him away for a year, and the journey that will begin. The first of many was Ryuji, a lackluster student. A goofball and runner. A teen of strength with a bat, with an electric personality. Morgana was a different story. A guide to the fledgeling wild card, with a serious demeanor and the stubbornness of a hurricane. Ann was a passionate and fiery addition, wronged by many and full of a desire to gain strength. Model, better at english than anything with her time abroad, and slightly spicy yet sweet personality. And then, the artist. Stiff, uncertain, and overly heavy on the politeness. Sheltered by Madarame, the only student still living in the Atelier. Skinny, bad with money, and hyper focused on art only. Lacks understanding in social customs, and comes off as both blunt and a bit ditzy. The love he once had for his mentor frozen over in an icy shell, unforgivingly. What will become of the rag tag group, the ones that push back against the ideology of the adults they can no longer forgive? The Phantom Thieves that steal the hearts of the corrupt, and bring about peace for those that have been suffering from them. A society heading towards certain ruin in an apathetic daze. Let us start the game.
Raised stakes
No one knows the true stakes of life, until it is put in great peril. When the stakes are high, luck may not always be on your side - but high stakes are just what a phantom thief of heart thrives in. And hearts are risky places in and of their own right. "The mission is go." Masked phantoms infiltrate a casino, a warped cognition of Sai Nijima - a prosecutor that was thrown into competition to prove herself capable in a male dominant work line. *code names only until out of the metaverse. A description of your phantom thief outfit if you are playing an OC, and please remember to remain in character if you are playing a cannon character.*
Can we ask for help on the game here?
Just wondering, since the fanbase learns tips and tricks to help beat the game, and I need a little help on some things. So I guess..... Phantom thieves: Do you know of any way to help max confidants like Iwai, who rank so slow it is almost ridiculous (I compair it to pulling teeth)?
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