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Bullet Club 4 life I'm a bit of a Phantom Thief too

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Hi there flex fans
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My Persona is my canon love interest Kota Ibushi
sae's palace
I understand I am not Shaggy, but I will improve. We will aid you whenever you call our aid. Nick and Matt would love to see Shaggy again someday. I liked that knife girl... even though she cut off my first hand. We should bring her back with the dragon balls.
sae's palace
Do not bother with ghosts, Crow. Gohan, I thank you for training with me in the 10th universe. Though our paths differ, I will always consider you an honorary member of Bullet Club.
sae's palace
<i>With the OPs leave, Malachite can no longer defend himself. Kenny Omega evolves into Kenny Omega Blanco, and lifts Malachite high into the air... The space aliens in the audience cheer as the IWGP US Champion hits his ultimate attack. THE ONE WINGED ANGEL! Malachite is devestated. A referee counts to 3, and Omega has pinned Malachite. The power of the end result of this match made the gods of wrestling proud, so they praised Kenny Omega and gave him a new title belt, Champion of the Multiverse. He raises it. The power and pure adrenaline creates a flash of light that restores the Earth and everyone that died. They now stand in Tokyo with Champion Kenny Omega, savior of professional wrestling.</i> With this title... Bullet Club lives forever! One day, I will rule this world. But for now... We on earth, are ALL Bullet Club! Goodbye. And. Goodnight... BANG! <i>Kenny Omegas music plays like a symphony throughout the planet. The world was saved.</i>
sae's palace
And with Crow, our forces grow! Stand down or face my finishing move, phantom thief.
sae's palace
It seems bullets have no effect... I will slay you like how I won my championship! <i>The Cleaner drops his cannon and rushes in with his galaxy-busting V-Trigger knee strike. The shockwave would be enough to turn Malachite inside out and turn him into a kind of gender you would only find on tumblr. The raw masculinity would save his hand through terminator like regeneration Amidst his high budget anime attack he smiled at Sasaki.</i> Good! Welcome to the most dominant faction in Japan... I, the Cleaner, am humbled. It is a shame we have become enemies, blade bearer... But it seems we may be evenly matched... Bullet Club proposes a truce with your &quot;agency&quot;.
sae's palace
<i>The casino is in shambles... But The Cleaner stands unharmed.</i> You will have to do more than that to defeat me, Phantom Thieves... I am versed in 15 languages and 200 wrestling holds! This next shot will tear through the earth core itself... But it's not too late... <i>Kenny Omega tossed everyone a shirt.</i> https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61WOfA3416L._UY445_.jpg Put this on, and become a member of Bullet Club! I will spare you, and this world will belong to the Club! You, with the knife... The way out is through my will. We could use your skills... You could be the first female member of Bullet Club! You As well, boy. We know all about fun in Bullet Club...<div class='edited'>(edited by Kenny_Omega)</div>

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I'm gonna wear my best unicorn horn when I go see it ^_^
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