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Fuck ICBMs, seriously.

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April's Fools
Morgana is unnecessary and the game would be better without him, change my mind
Look I'm not implying that Mascot characters are bad, I'm fully affirming this statement They are weird ass comic relief and only serve as exposition until they are gone and we need to feel sorry for them, while also having their existence sorta explained by Igor or someone similar and even then still make no actual sense because from P3 up to 5 the universe consistency has been gone to such shithole extents I'm surprised they still treat it all like one universe, same timeline and world. This was this week's "Kazuya rants", next up, why Wild Cards are stupid
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
mona die this is a friendly request
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Damn it gamma only 4 more days and this thing would've been locked
The strongest Persona user
trick question, not a single Persona user compares to the power of Mainline chads
Kichijouji: [A Learning Experience at Inokashira]
&quot;What does mating habits have to do with demons being sexually attractive to a human or not? Besides demons for the most part don't reproduce like we do. What are you even saying?&quot; <i>[Kazuya was even more confused at Horus making stuff up. He would sigh and silently decide to walk into the shrine, and would soon after completely disappear from the area.]</i>
Kichijouji: [A Learning Experience at Inokashira]
<i>[Kazuya would remain in silence for a few moments indeed.]</i> &quot;What would make you think I would know about sexually attractive demons. I don't fine a single one to be that.&quot; <i>[He was genuinely confused about the question.]</i>
Kichijouji: [A Learning Experience at Inokashira]
<i>[Kazuya would momentarily gaze at the Horus with his calm expression, but his eye would have this weird feel to it, like he wanted to laugh but would force himself not to. It was clear, it was because Horus was already proving what all so-called deities do upon being called demons. He would turn to Asami.]</i> &quot;I don't think I can take you, miss. I train mostly normal humans and at the youngest I take 15-year-olds which... you don’t look like. If you ever visit though, since I already know you have other ways of reaching places faraway, I can teach you about demons.&quot; <i>[He would quickly gesture towards Shihiro.]</i> &quot;She's going to learn more than just fighting, there a plethora of subjects that are also theory and pure knowledge.&quot; <i>[He would focus on Sen afterwards, as she declines and starts to go her own way. He smiles and nod.]</i> &quot;That's fine, if you ever feel like learning more about demons, almost any occult book will do the trick. Be careful on your way back!&quot;

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April's Fools
This site, you've been had
i made an origginal song for yoker, im very good lyri (Dial J, dial J) kokoro hare nai (Dial J, dial J) ashita ga mie nai (Dial J, dial J) yume ga mie nai watashi o oi te iku toki no nagare hada de kanji te tasogare ni tatazumu no &quot;kawara nai mono nante nai yo&quot; anata no kotoba kuyashiku te DAIARU hitotsu no hosoi kizuna marude GARASU zaiku da ne &quot;ima doko ni iru no?&quot; hontouni kiki tai koto ha chigau koto (Call a JOKER right now!) watashi naze iki teru no? (Call a JOKER right now!) nan no tame iki teru no? (Call a JOKER right now!) nakushi ta yume torimodoso u tenshi no hane morat te tobitato u! Oh yeah! it nto stolen please give like and subscribe and ring that bell for more, see ya next time and keep on Jaming
The strongest Persona user
If you say P3 guy lemme tell you you're fucking wrong cuz <spoiler>dying and becoming a door</spoiler> doesn't make you strong You're all getting tested fools
Kichijouji: [A Learning Experience at Inokashira]
<i>[Kazuya had put some kind of announcement online for this. His students were currently getting something of a break; they had been fighting hard after all. In fact, he was even considering training them properly in the way of Demon Summoning. It wasn't hard, he had given them some tips, hidden at least, about how to negotiate with them. Either way, he would accept anyone here. The announcement itself called for anyone who wanted to understand the ways of battle, understand themselves better through it, and to learn about the world as a whole, because this one was just one weird thing after another.]</i> &quot;I wonder who will show up...&quot; <i>[He would keep looking at his COMP as he waited, just lying on the grass. He was in front of this kind of abandoned shrine that gave off a strange feel to it, and on its entrance, there was this big TV screen without a single plug even.]</i> &quot;I'll know if they really are in for it. If they do seem ready fast enough, I suppose I can take them inside the TV World for a change.&quot; <i>[He just had that feeling, at least.]</i>
The worst Persona related meme joke haha
Okay kids you've heard of tarot and waifus for too long, it is time we ask the big question The worst fucking meme related to persona, personally i think pancakes and akechi's entire existence is wack but i could change my mind ngl So tell Tell me yuor pick :)))
Why Persona should not feature Social Links anymore
we We should have Have uuuh loot boxes and a battle pass instead Thank yuo Brazil
Battle Themes: The Mutual Re-Coming Under Heaven Situation
Alright people we doing this one. Give yourself a main theme for battle and then any &quot;Versus&quot; theme you would have against another character or type of character in a similar way to how Guilty Gear, Blazblue and Uniel does this. Also I suggest you put the links within the spoiler tag, just so it's not a pain to scroll down~ <spoiler>It's easy, right?</spoiler>
P5R memes are funny
now that i have your attention go to the PS Store and pre-order Resident Evil 3 (2020) right away, which releases on the 3rd of April, 2020, to win some special features such as Jill's and Carlos' original look from the 1999 game Resident Evil 3 Don't miss it
[Phansite Hot Takes] Social Links
t hey are badd no more me no like <spoiler>slinks more like slinky HAHAHA</spoiler>
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