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Mmm I'm in my bed
Mmm I'm in my bed
*Nervously sweating while loudly singing, as the outcome of this isn't looking good* NOW I FACE OUT I HOLD OUT AND I REACH OUT TO THE TRUTH OF MY LIFE
Mmm I'm in my bed
I really hope he meant he was going to steal your heart next...
LeBlanc: The Coffee Hunters
*Crawling out from behind the fridge* Hunter, I hope you aren't trying to steal the way I enter Leblanc, now.
What do i do if life isn't changing?
Just have confidence, anything is possible when the moon's reaching out to the stars.
What do i do if life isn't changing?
If you're gonna burn your dread, you're gonna have to be willing to face yourself.
The Mementos Exploration Squadron.
[OOC] After fiddling with the new layout I managed to get a page going. If any of you want to add/remove things such as facts, feel free. Especially you, Star since it's your group.
What do i do if life isn't changing?
Should I ask if you're ready?
Tartarus: Entrance - Floor 5
*Steps into teleporter* That sure did make me hungry, though...

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A scenario I didn't know could happen in Persona 2 EP
(Tl;Dr at the bottom) I decided to look for an Izanami in the Bomb Shelter Area 5 to help me on the Was Sugawara boss fight. Because Izanami is rare, I've basically been level grinding for an hour now. Before one battle begins, Cerebus, a Persona I have equipped to Maya is summoned forcefully and has a conversation with the Orthros in front of us. The conversation is just them greeting each other (Since they're brothers who haven't seen each other for awhile), and Cerebus asks Orthrus for some cards. Does anyone else know any other combinations to make that happen again? Or at least increase my odds of it? It'd be easier than trial-and-error contact. Tl;Dr Cerebus hooked me up with 55 Fortune Cards and I didn't have to do a thing.
Akechi's Birthday Thread
It's June 2nd where I live so I'd like to say happy birthday Pancake Boy. May your birthday be filled with delicious pancakes. (Sorry if this double posted. I keep getting struck with a case of The Errors)
Since nobody has mentioned this yet...
June 2nd is Goro Akechi's birthday. <a href='https://phansite.net/forum/redirect.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fimgur.com%2FiM9EYEg' class='link' target='_blank'>http://imgur.com/iM9EYEg</a>
Phan-Site Wiki Suggestion
In the wiki we have the &quot;Events&quot; section as a sort of timeline for the site's history, but the more I look at it, it makes me wonder, &quot;Shouldn't there be /couldn't there be a Meme category?&quot; Don't get me wrong, the Events section is somewhat of it's own &quot;Meme Timeline&quot;, but I still think smaller and less recognized memes such as the &quot;In this House we appreciate&quot; meme should be posted about somewhere separately. Especially since not all events include memes. (I'm not sure what to tag this as, so to be safe I just tagged it as other. Sorry about that.)
An unpopular Persona you use?
I'm not sure how you'd classify a Persona's popularity, and I'm sure everyone's Persona list is different, but if I ever need any Persona with wind skills, I generally go for Narcissus or Fortuna (Assuming at least one of those two isn't used often.)
What's your Arcana?
I usually go by zodiac, so my arcana is either Hermit or Strength (Sun/Moon signs). Also, no, this isn't a variation of some cheesy pickup line.
Favorite Persona 5 Song?
I'm certain this has been posted before at some point, but there's no harm in it now, is there? Personally, aside from &quot;Price&quot; (Third palace theme), I like &quot;Tokyo Emergency&quot; (Mission Start! Theme)
Mishima/Admin Appreciation Thread
Thanks for your work, Admin.
But where is Skull?
The Phantom Thieves are most likely to look at the Phan-site pretty often, but how come a certain member you'd expect to be pumped about it hasn't made a post? Odd.
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