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I'll clear this with no continues! Gashat! Let's Game! Metcha Game! Mutcha Game! What's your name?! I'm a Kamen Rider!

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GYM DX: Button Smashing
<i>Ex-Aid frowns, pulling out his game device and beginning to game.</i> &quot;What the hecc is a Power Rangers?&quot;
GYM DX: Button Smashing
<i>Suddenly, a fist punches straight through the wall right next to The Hunter, causing it to crumble and allowing the man to walk right through it. He entered underneath the stands, so he punched through them to. One would notice that he was in his Hyper Muteki form even though I don't know what the fuck that means I never really watched through all of Ex-Aid. He then does the thing and takes the form off, appearing as a regular human once again. He speaks in a monotone voice to the general audience.</i> &quot;What is up, gamers?&quot;
Ninjago RP 2
HNNNNNG <b><i><span class="underline">MIGHTY CRITICAL FINISH</span></i></b> <i>Emu punches Terra and he explodes</i>
Ninjago RP 2
<i>Emu dabs and then backflips in order to face Terra</i> Wait, why fight when we can play videogames instead?
Game Theory finally did a Persona Theory.
I theorize that Akira is a Kamen Rider
Hubris of the World Part 2: The Second Sun
<i>Emu flies backwards due to Kids show magic</i> Oh no!
Hubris of the World Part 2: The Second Sun
Ooc: back Ic: If you intend for this fight to continue... <i>Emu glares at Al dishearteningly</i> Then i'm afraid I'll have to stop you right now! <i>Emu jumps directly in front of Al and swings a right hook with his giant bulky fist</i>

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Mmmm I will change the patient's fate
Who wants to see me <i><b>H E N S H I N </b></i>
*Emu walks in wearing an apron* Henshin! *He then dabs and proceeds to drop a plate of cake (not pancakes)* ZA OH NO! NOW ZA BRAVE-SENPAI WILL NOT HAVE ZA CAKE!
Another completely ordinary hospital
*A completely ordinary intern walks in* Well, I can't wait to save some lives today. Because, you know, I like retrieve those smiles and stuff (Not Lenny face)
There's an error with making threads
I tried making a thread, but it just told me that the Thread name must be 4-99 characters and the post must have 4-2,000 letters. I was absolutely sure that it was within these parameters, so i'm sure it was a mistake. If this thread even manages to post, then i'm not sure what triggers it.
<div class="youtube" yt="5wJnMTa_7Jo"><img class="thumb"src="https://img.youtube.com/vi/5wJnMTa_7Jo/mqdefault.jpg"><img class="play" src="images/play.png"></div>
Site's deader...
then Brave's girlfriend, before she died.
Completely normal hospital
Well, it's just another mundane day at za totally normu hospital. Since there's not much to do today, I say we play some video games. How about this one MMO I keep hearing about, Sword Art Online. I heard something about that game. What was it? If you die in the game... ah, I can't remember. I'm sure it's not important though.
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