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Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
&quot;O. M. JEJEJEJEJEEJEJEJEJJEEEEEE!!!1111!&quot; <i>Jojo screamed as she felt her ear getting grazed, her head somehow turning towards the trajectory of the bullet. When she turned around, she was extremely excited. But she breathed in, and composed herself. As soon as she did, she started to forget why she was even there.</i> &quot;Wait,whydidIthrowitagain?...Hmm...&quot; <i>{When she started to think, a pink bubble formed around her head, and it almost seemed to form a very detailed and manly face. Yet, Jojo Siwa's high pitched voice could still be heard once the bubble popped, now instead a lightbulb appeared above her head.}</i> &quot;Oh,Iknow!&quot; <i>{She gave a thumbs up towards the sky, and as she does so, a bus flies straight into the building from the rooftop, and crashes right onto Jojo Siwa. Though the bus came out vertically, out came 6 kids who just walked around the bus as if they were still seated regularly, as well as JoJo who came out last.}</i> The 6 Kids: &quot;Hey yall', we're the Kidz Bop Kids!&quot; JoJo Siwa: &quot;Ibroughthemheremyself,omegalul!Didyoulikemytalent?Itwasthankstomystand, 「You Just D.R.E.A.M!」&quot;
Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
&quot;OMGOGMOGMGOGMGMOEEEEEE!!!11!!!1&quot; <i>{As the girl hears herself being aptly described, she goes up on stage and waves at everyone in the audience while hitting the folks. The dance, not the action. Aftwerwards, she speaks into the mic...or just loudly to everyone else.}</i> &quot;Iwouldliketothankmysponsors,myfamily,myfans,andespeciallyMYDOG!! Also,mynameis *ahem* JoJo Siwa.&quot; <i>{She says to everyone, proceeding to hit the woah (the dance, not the action) and laughing to herself, then going back to the center stage.}</i>
Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
<i>{One lone person in the stands clears out their throat before taking out their phone.}</i> &quot;HEYEVERYONEIT'SJOJOWELCOMEBACKTOMYCHANNELIHOPEYOUREMEMEBERTOSUBSCRIBEEVRYSINCBGELWEELRK-&quot; <i>{The girl says in the audience as she stands behind the whole talent show, even though it's starting right now.}</i> &quot;IreallyhopethatthistalentshowisgoingtobeSUPERAMAIZNGIbhugadyoukneow?&quot; <i>{When she sees the man enter, Jojo Siwa immediately heads backstage, still recording the experience.}</i>
We are stand users
The Papilon's Deathly Wings
<i>As the girl looks up at the sky, she finally notices the wave of spores starting to cloud around the whole general area. Though this doesn’t really stop Tea from thinking to fight, rather to avoid this situation first.</i> “Oh, isn’t this what we saw last time? Alrighty then, I got just the thing.” <i>She places a card on her duel disk, and then an identical mermaid that was on the platform earlier digitalized itself into existence once more, this time shooting a stronger blast of water up into the air. Afterwards, the dark angel gets behind Tea and carries it into the watery blast, coating the pair with a curative liquid in order to hopefully not get affected by the spores. Same can’t be said for the mermaid though as it gets left behind, disappearing in a fit of bursting pixels once the spores hit.</i> “Rule is the same as always. If you want a heal, just say the word!” —Action— Mermaid used Water Gun Tea and Darklord Marie flew into water and up in the sky Mermaid got game ended
Come to the Carnival
<i>A tall, teenage girl skipped towards the entrance of the carnival, holding her phone up towards the air and seemingly talking to nothing but the audience that's going to watch this soon.</i> &quot;HEYEVERYONEIT'SJOJOWELCOMEBACKTOMYCHANNELAeveyhusjkdfbvn...&quot; <i>The phone in her hand shook violently as she whipped around her blonde ponytail round to explain to the people that she's at a carnival now. In record time?</i>

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