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Hey there! My name’s Jiyu Hatanaka, your local vigilante from Tokyo! It’s been about a year since I’ve moved to Tokyo, more specifically in the Yongen-Jaya district to live with my mother, who I haven’t seen in almost an entire decade, after a....erm, tragic event had occurred a few months prior to me moving in with her. ...Yeah, I’m not gonna get into that just yet, or maybe just not at all... With that out of the way, everywhere I go, I am accompanied by my Persona, George Washington, or “Washington” as I usually refer to him, who specializes in swift physical attacks with his green-hilted, hanger-type sword that glows orange when active and strong fire skills. Just take my word for it and do not get in his way, unless you want to get severely damaged by his blade. When my Persona is not at my side, I usually make use of my trusty Colt Paterson Revolver, that is modeled off, and shares the same functionalities of a flintlock dueling pistol. The chambers of my revolver are loaded with custom musket rounds, designed by yours truly, that were injected with gasoline to amp up the effectiveness of my buddy’s fire attacks. But generally, I only use it to snipe my enemies from afar. Well, that’s about all for my introduction. I hope we can become great friends if we ever meet! Arcana: The Chariot, Death (Formerly) Metaverse Codename: Patriot

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Someone needs to make this a ios app
Just post Memes I don't care
What're your OCs? Put them here!
I should probably dump my inactive ass here... Name: Jiyu Hatanaka Arcana: The Chariot Persona: George Washington (Or just “Washington” for short) Codename: Patriot<div class='edited'>(edited by Jiyu-Hatanaka)</div>
Win quotes
General: “Come on, even the shadows in Mementos can put up a better fight than you!” (Perfected) “That was a nice fight. I hope you learned something from it.” (Neutral) “They almost beat me... How am I going to pick up groceries for mom in this condition?!” (Low hp) Persona User: “You’re a bit too reliant on your persona’s power. Maybe you should consider learning how to establish a balance between yourself and that thing.” (Perfected) “Looks like that training really payed off, eh Washington?” <b>“...”</b> (Neutral) “That was a close one. I need to fight more persona users to fully understand their fighting style.” (Low hp) Super/Ultra attack victory: “Aw shit, hope I didn’t kill ‘em...” Eito: “You’re going to need a lot more training to best me, Eito.” (Perfected) “You surely have improved over the years, old friend.” (Neutral) “Damn, Odysseus really did give you the boost you needed...” (Low hp) Quintus: “Did that cat spirit or whatever make you weaker or something, Quin?” (Perfected) “Just needed to get past all of those roots, that’s all.” (Neutral) “That was one hell of a rematch.. I’m surprised I managed to beat him.” (Low hp) Rep (or Zane idk): “Wow I- Wait, why am I even surprised?” (Perfected) “You know, it’s been awhile since I’ve last seen you. How’ve you been, Rep?” (Neutral) “He’s really gotten stronger since the last time I’ve seen him. I shouldn’t have underestimated him...” (Low hp) Shade: “Your final judgement: A devastating loss!” (Perfected) “Sometimes, you’ve gotta fight fire with fire, ya know?” (Neutral) “Maybe I should have kicked my power into overdrive sooner...” (Low hp) Niko: “Hey, you’re Niko, aren’t you? I’ve gotta say, you really know how to hold yourself up in battle!”
I have stolen your gummy bears.
Dammit Rep, I was gonna save those for later.
Calling cards
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Well, I suppose I’ll just have to remember this site’s existence once more, when the time of the anniversary comes around, so I can celebrate it with y’all.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Jfc, this thread’s still alive?
A Chilling Announcement
“It’s almost that time of the year again, huh? I hope everyone there doesn’t try to bombard me with all of their snowballs like last time...”

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Madman Executes RP Hub (Colorized, 2018)
An Abandoned Warehouse
<i>It was a very peaceful night in the city of Tokyo, men and women were heading home from a long day at work or just shopping. A multitude of cars passed by the streets at a moderate speed limit. It seemed like a perfect night, especially for a certain blue-haired young man.</i> <i>A blue-haired young man wearing a beanie and white headphones on his head walks down the sidewalk of the city with his hands in his jacket pockets. He makes a left turn down the corner of the sidewalk, heading into the backstreets. After walking down the backstreets for about a solid minute, the boy would take off his headphones, stop walking and turn to face a rather big abandoned warehouse with a small smirk on his face. He takes a look around him to make sure he wasn't being watched before opening the warehouse door and entering, closing the door behind him.</i> <i>The inside of the warehouse is filled with wooden crates with burn and scratch marks, even some of them are blasted open with their remains scattered across the floor. The walls are covered with red targets spray painted on along with bullet holes and more scratch and burn marks. The place looked like a literal war zone.</i> <i>The boy walks further in the warehouse, admiring the destruction. He reaches inside his jacket, whipping out a strange gun that resembles a cross between a revolver and a flintlock pistol. After doing so, he'd finally speak.</i> &quot;Alright, it's time to train!&quot;
In A Sea of Text Adventure Threads
Mine will most likely drown.
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