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Wings of Gold: Reflection's Meaning
<i>The critter would nonchalantly approach the pair of lesbians, lifting their crown to reveal a whoppurgisnacht meal below it, which the being would slide on the counter by tilting their head forward. They put their crownback on and begin to chew on chickyuen fries.</i> &quot;I am no longer villain. I crave borgar.&quot;
Wings of Gold: Reflection's Meaning
<i>Out of nowhere, a woodland creature pops up from behind the counter at the bar, carrying chicken fries on his back and a Burger Kyubey crown on his head. He would strut around the counter, offering chicken fries to anyone that got near him.</i> &quot;Try the chicken fries. And remember, every purchase goes towards diminishing the loss of energy in the universe also I don't work here.&quot;
ask me dumb questions
Exactly, who would advertise their illegal restaurant chain in a public website?
Burger Kyubey
<i>The counterperson writes all of Ina's order down and gives it to the cook.</i> &quot;That'll be 3.6 grief seeds.&quot; <i>Jevil then phases through the ceiling and stares at the American</i> &quot;I can do anything&quot; <i>He then begins dancing around the restaurant and flying through the air, phasing through whatever enters his path.</i>
What’s an area that P5 didn’t allow you to enter, but would like to?
Hello hi yes I personally would want to enter the hip restaurant, Burger Kyubey. If a delicious meal is your wish, head to the nearest Burger Kyubey off interstate 69.
Coolest shop menus?
Check out the menu at Burger Kyubey. ... We just added shaved ice

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Make-kyu-wish foundation
<i>Right next to the local Burger Kyubey, Make-Kyu-Wish Japan decided to open up a new facility to hire volunteers and grant wishes in the area. Those who wished to know about them could browse their website which would appear identical to its American, non-extraterrestial counterpart. Many employees wore blue outfits with the foundation's logos on them, with the exception of the one guy in a giant Kyubey suit.</i>
Burger Kyubey
<i>A new restaurant has recently opened up near your house. On the outside, it appears as a regular brick building. A sign stands in front of it reading &quot;Burger Kyubey&quot; with the words stylized to look as if they were the mouth of the very alien creature who the outer design of the sign was modeled after. A man dressed in a tall suit resembling the creature stood outside the restaurant, spinning a sign saying &quot;TRY OUR NEW CHICKYU FRIES&quot;. While a drive-thru was to the side, the interior of the restaurant appeared child-friendly and comfortable. A series of Dragon Quest themed toys were on display along the ordering line. Employees were dressed in white with a hat appearing similar to the creature's head. The resident Kyubey laid down on a round table, nibbling on a fry.</i>
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