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Heyyyyyuu I was just digging Persona 5 thing and came across this site

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Persona Services
Hmm, sonim violent and brave and am very clever with traps and jukes, so let me just make a sheild, ladder, and flash light
What Persona 4 Character Are You?
Yu, okay then I'm the protagonist, and leader, I'll probaly just say "OKAY , Time ti start kicking ass and chew gum, Im allnout of gum," god why did I say that, anyways I'd probably say "Hey guys lets go up our stats and barely focus at the mission at hand" yep thats me
So what does everyone do?
I work at a wrapon shop, get lots of collecters durring the summer
OOC chat 2
Makes sense
OOC chat 2
I wonder what would happen if P5 and P4 protagonist faced off? Just a thought
Forum rules.
Well I didnt read the rules but I have good manner

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