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A simple homeless man. Items:Glock 17 ,Hot Tea,Newspapers

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A nice fanfic to warm the heart
But then nyarly and nyx Decided to join in the fun as they were on there honeymoon. As akechi stayed off screen too long he went to the prosecutor for sushi and got married after being brought back from the dead by Forming a Blood pact with the Demon Lord Mundis. And teamed up myotismon to kill once again but Only to know Shido was behind it all!<div class='edited'>(edited by Hobo_Homer)</div>
Good Ol' GYM
&quot;I will take something from you, Jackass!&quot; <b>A metal pipe strikes the fool as the patriotic homeless man being a former US navy seal does his duty once more and keep the peace</b>
Who needs a change of heart?
There was a man at a diner who kept harassing and blackmailing the customers to give tips, his name was Yu Narukami i think? No no his name Kamoshida that's right he pissed me off alot! i beg of you to change his heart! i know i got no money...But i beg of you to help me!
Joe's Average Joe Cafe
<i>Homer offers hot tea to brycen but accidentally spills it on him</i> &quot;oh I'm very sorry kiddo! I really am!&quot;
Joe's Average Joe Cafe
&quot;I would like to have something cheap. I got money to pay...&quot;
Joe's Average Joe Cafe
Joe's Average Joe Cafe
<i>A man with a bean cap and green coat with a glock 17 hid away in it walks in leaving a shopping cart outside with sign on it saying &quot;Property of homer&quot; and the man sits down somewhere knowing he may be thrown out anyway, But he might go and try and get something to eat.</i> &quot;How much can i get from 500 yen?&quot;
Hey, guys, i'm new.
<quote user="Guydude21">You know what, I don't think I want to be here anymore</quote> It is kinda peaceful here once in a while
How Gay is Fortnite?
It sounds like you want to throw hot tea on those Game developers I believe.
Roleplaying thread
I got a handgun in my pants

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The Hobo Royale
After Homer manages to get a boat and go to an island a flare is shot into the air and a cardboard sign saying &quot;The hobo battle royale!&quot; Near an abandoned village, and hours of half-assed preparations.... The homeless man walks unto a soap box with paper in his hands and reads. &quot;Welcome who ever has sneaked on the boat here! I am the host of this grand battle named Homer Callas the 3rd! or Hobo homer! And now to the main event, Throughout the island is weapons and giant mechs of destruction and whatnot, I swear this is the world these days....Now let the Grand battle begin!&quot; A air-horn is blaring and it suddenly dies from over use and the hobo gets off the soap box.
The Tokyo Hobo
In the night time of Tokyo a homeless man sits on a bench..... Reading a newspaper drinking some tea wearing a cap saying &quot;Support Our Troops&quot; with a green Coat and Black Boots and Tan Jeans and facial hair &quot;Hmm...Alot happens it looks like hehehehe&quot;
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