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Read Borges and watch Moomins please.

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Tag your threads properly.
Guys the phansite is dying
Really happy to see Hazama checking our dear pet project. <quote user="Flareon">piss</quote> <quote user="Raccoon2">Poop</quote> Don't spam talk threads.
Can threads that are locked have a lock symbol next to them?
You shouldn't need that. Threads go inactive if they are older than ten days, so if the last message was eleven days ago you will be unable to reply.
I have something CrAzY to say
Please tag your shitposts appropriately next time.
This site is unblocked on school computers.
<quote user="Flareon">penis</quote> Don't spam talk threads.
How to increase grades fast
Tag your threads properly.
honest opinions
<quote user="elmco"><quote user="HifumiTogo">Do you have any clue of who I am?</quote>the best co-admin and my favourite person ever</quote>You and Mona are both so sweet with me, thank you. &lt;3

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I will edit your post to its correct form if you precede the correcting post with two asterisks.
Two rather than one to let me know the particular service is being requested. I'm unsure if Mishima plans to allow all members to edit posts, though this is something I want to do unless people are fine with me doing it with one asterisk corrections. Of course, this entails deleting the correcting post after completing the correction. I will also put a note in my profile.
Spoilers if you haven't finished the game. http://i.imgur.com/WeXBuKp.png Are you aware of this?
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