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Read Borges and watch Moomins please.

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amma only logs on to lock threads
https://www.phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=17809 I didn't lock this thread. I check several times a day, locking I do not do often.
<quote user="elmco">also stop double posting</quote>
Oxygen thief
Not with a magnitude of 0.1.
Hi Mishima
<quote user="GuywithPSvita"> Do you have a Twitter/insta/FB</quote> <quote user="Mishima">I'm not about to dox myself lol</quote> I'm on the case.<div class='edited'>(edited by Hifumi Togo)</div>
join my discord
fyi me being an admin is a deterrent
Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
<quote user="Kitagawa"><quote user="HifumiTogo">Oh I've actually never joined you in one of your drawing threads, hoping I go well for you.</quote> https://i.imgur.com/E5uZPJH.png</quote> Holy shit lmfao, you have really channeled me into the character. I'll use it for you
Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
Oh I've actually never joined you in one of your drawing threads, hoping I go well for you.
I need help, for real
<quote user="Mona2">Have you heard of this one scientist named Rick?</quote>Don't be an idiot.
Morgana is unnecessary and the game would be better without him, change my mind
<quote user="Makoto_Yuki7"> Well atlus needs that sweet merch money so they have to make a mascot to put on EVERYTHING. </quote> Persona 5's mascot is Joker, not Morgana. Unlike 4, where every character's design was relatively nondescript, they, from the onset, gave the Phantom Thieves each designs that stood out, with Joker's most culturally universal (the gentleman thief/picaresque thing is a lot bigger than people know).

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I will edit your post to its correct form if you precede the correcting post with two asterisks.
Two rather than one to let me know the particular service is being requested. I'm unsure if Mishima plans to allow all members to edit posts, though this is something I want to do unless people are fine with me doing it with one asterisk corrections. Of course, this entails deleting the correcting post after completing the correction. I will also put a note in my profile.
Spoilers if you haven't finished the game. http://i.imgur.com/WeXBuKp.png Are you aware of this?
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