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I'm the guy who saved the world from the septrentiones

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Rat Cafe
<i>He walks in singing</i> “ Rats, rats, we're the rats. We prey at night, we stalk at night, we're the rats”
Phansite Poke-teams.
Strategic, good type coverage, but with a soft spot for cute Pokemon
Could you be a Phantom Thief? Welcome to the Velvet Gruum
I just have to manage my time and handle the double life of a student stealing hearts in his freetime.
Persona 5 scramble is gonna be AWSOME
I’m not normally into these kind of games, but it looks so smooth and fluid that I can’t help but be excited. My only worry is that the game might be too short, as the premise is that it takes place during summer vacation.
Drawing Requests Z!!!
Hmm, how about the Phantom Theives logo.
Most Hated Bosses in Video Games
The first Kingdom Hearts. Ice Titan isn’t even a hard boss, it’s just tedious as hell, as you have to wait for the right attack, then reflect it back at him, my successful attempt took me like, a half hour.
Hazbin Hotel is worth your time
I just watched it today, and honestly, I couldn't have enjoyed it more. I was dying with laughter at every turn. I love the offensive humor too.
Ina does a thing
<i>Hibki walks over to check on the excitement.</i> Oh, it’s that thing, I can’t belive I’ve never tried that thing before!
Persona 4 RP auditions
I guess I could be, Adachi. <spoiler>I’ve always wanted to be a villain.</spoiler>

Recent topics

Favorite type of pie?
It’s Pi day, so I’m asking a pie related question. So tell me, what form of 3.14 do you prefer? Personally mine is pumpkin pie.
I’m working on a short story.
So, I figured I could put a back of the book description here to see how it goes over. If people like it, I might use the prtagionist of the story in future RPs “Johnathon lives a simple life in the kingdom of Twain, led under the rule of the benevolent king Kain. However, over time the kingdom is getting harsher and harsher on its citizens, and rumors circulate saying the king has turned into a demon. Soon Johnathon’s simple life turns into a fight for survival, morals, and love. Will Johnathon do anything it takes to survive, even if it means the destruction of his villiage?”
Morgana dating sim: Text adventure version
You sit on your bed with Morgana, it’s a Saturday evening in June. As you stare at each other he asks you, with a flirty tone in his voice, “What’s the plan for tonight?”
Things you do, that’s you know you shouldn’t.
For me, it’s consuming dairy every day. I know I’m lactose intolerant, yet I can’t deny myself the simple pleasures in life. Like milk, ice cream, buttered popcorn, buttered toast, and cheese slices to name a few. I regret it later but it all tastes so good at the time.
Title screens.
Have you ever just left a game on it’s title screen just to have the music in the background? I tended to do this a lot before I discovered YouTube.
Persona challenge modes?
I just started to replay Persona 5 for its one year anniversary, I got impatient and couldn’t wait until April, but I was wondering if there were any challenges people have come up with to make it more interesting. I’ll be playing on hard if that helps you come up with one.
Let’s watch “Into the Woods”
This is the 1991 on stage musical version. I figured If I had to watch it I might as well not do it alone. https://lets.rabb.it/886j/3mBzsApKiK
Guilty Pleasures?
You know, the things you’re afraid to admit becuase you think your friends will lose all respect for you. Personally mine is reading Young Adult romance novels. You know, authors like, Sarah Dessen and John Green. These books make me feel all giddy inside.
You seem like the type of person who.. (Game)
How this game works is there will be a target, I’ll be the first one. What you are supposed to do is guess what I would probably do. However your guess has to start with, “You seem like the type of person who” other than that there are 4 rules 1. No obvious choices. For example you can’t say you seem like the type of person who likes Persona 5. 2. You can only guess once per target. 3. The first person to guess correctly is the new target. 4. If you are the target please be truthful. Nothing would ruin the game faster than a target that won’t admit anything.
Good PS4 games for less than $5?
I want something new to play but I don’t exactly have a fortune. Hopefully you guys know something good?
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