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Salutations, and farewell. Thanks for everything, and thanks for nothing.

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Is there anybody still here from the start?
Depends on how you define "start of" and "still here".
The most satisfying (SFW) things you can think of
I'm a big fan of the feeling I get when I look at like four Phansite threads and then close the tab and decide that's enough of this place for several days.
Persona Q2 NA release
Eventually. Realistically it'll probably be a few months. Perhaps by June next year. Maybe delays will push it back a couple years...
The Holiday Season Amirite
I bought my family socks for Christmas.
It’s that time of year again…
Personally I agree it's the best one yet. Just look at the dislikes, they really broke a record this time!
Am I still relevant?
People still remember you all. As for you being <i>relevant</i> still.... Uhhh.... Check back another time.
Random Thought with PK
Is it correct though, to refer such an action as sinful, or inhumane? Who said it was? If the one who says so is human themselves, then it's not objective. If humans are the one deciding, then can I not, as a human, decide that I am no less human for partaking in said action? There are animals that cannibalize their own kind and there isn't much talk of them being seen as lesser for it, so should it be seen differently here?<div class='edited'>(edited by Hibiki)</div>
Zombieland Saga is Anime of the Year, change my mind
<quote user="Pancake_Knight">Sounds like a yuri hentai so 10/10 </quote> This single post is enough proof to me a downvote button is necessary.
Zombieland Saga is Anime of the Year, change my mind
Not even a single mention of Bloom Into You, huh... It's not over yet but the best anime of the year is Hugtto to me, no doubts. Even if it's concluding in 2019, most of it still aired in 2018 so I'm counting it.

Recent topics

Salutations and Farewell
Salutations. A while ago as the Phansite started being less active, I moved to other platforms, and started engaging with new people, new communities. As a result I've really been thinking a lot, reflecting on the Phansite and my time here. In all that thinking, I've decided to stop just lurking and officially quit the Phansite, but it'd feel wrong going without a word. To be blunt, in hindsight, I think the Phansite truly was toxic, for me at the very least. At the time it all happened, sure I thought this website was fun, and everyone I met here were great for the most part. Though as I look back on things, there was an overwhelming air of negativity that I seemed to always be drowning in. The people I chose to hang out with and make friends with, it's now difficult for me to understand why I ever considered most of them friends frankly. As much as I loved this place at the time, now I realize it had a detrimental effect on my mental health, and I didn't wanna really think about it. The community drama, and the bad influences I had surrounded myself with quickly made me drift away from the person I want to be, and I'm not very fond of the person I was during most of my run on the Phansite. Teasing went too far, and said a lot of things that to me were just jokes, and I wasn't really willing to think too hard about the kind of impact those words had. I also went too far in criticizing people on some aspects, when in the end they were just new to something and still learning. For all of this, I apologize. In the end, my time here was a big misstep for me, an extended moment where I let go of the kind person I wanted to be, and regressed instead of improving myself. So I'm officially going, the Phansite, fun as it was sometimes, is now too closely connected to regrets, anxieties, fears, and so forth. Since I'm leaving, I've also transferred ownership of the Steam group, regardless of its active status, to Joker. Similarly, I'm abandoning my Wiki account due to it being tied to the Phansite Wiki, so for those who still care for that, I'd recommend backing things up and making a new one from the ground up, seeing as there will no longer be an active Admin. If for whatever reason you still wanted to talk with me, I apologize but I'm adamant that this will be my final post on this website, though I might keep an eye on this post for the next day or so. If you wanna track me down and try to follow or add me on Twitter or Discord, well I can't technically stop you from doing that, but don't be too surprised if I block you once I'm made aware. If all this seems harsh, I'm sorry, but I would hate to be dishonest on this matter. I don't mean to tell anyone that this site is awful, and you should leave. Just that in hindsight, I realized it was awful for me. I do urge everyone though, from time to time, to reflect on everything around you. Think about your environment, and the impact it has on you, and if you're truly the person you want to be. So this is farewell, Phansite helped me in many ways, but hurt me in many others. I hope everyone who reads this can think about who they are, where they are, and how they might improve, and believe in the song in your heart.
Atlus Registers Multiple Domains
Surprise, it's me. Seems ATLUS has gone and registered internet domains for things such as... Persona 5 R Persona 5 S Persona 5 M Persona 5 B What could these be for? Who can say for sure? In the past they've registered domains without actually using them, either for security reasons or otherwise. Though some of these registered domains later lead to the reveals of Dancing Star/Moon Night and Persona Q2. What do you all think? Any ideas what Persona 5 related content could be coming from this, or perhaps ATLUS is just going through their security stuff again. Get speculating nerds.
Happy Birthday Yukari!
<i>Throws confetti.</i> It's Takeba Yukari's Birthday, whoooo!! Can't wait for this thread about my favorite <span class="underline">Persona 3</span> character to be overtaken by people talking about how terrible they think she is. Y'know, like what always happens.
General Talk Thread
It's too quiet every time I come around, so hop in losers, I'm making another one of these. What's goin' on for you at the moment? General life stuff, anime or shows you're watching, games you're playing, books you're reading. Let's talk about things. For me the past few weeks have been fairly slow, and my Birthday didn't really have anything special going on. Currently I'm just killing time between work mostly by playing games, occasionally chipping away at my anime and games list. My main PC and PS3 have fried themselves somehow I guess, so I've migrated back to my PS2, finally playing Rule of Rose. You'd think I'd try playing it more earlier since I bought it years ago for like $150. I might replay some RPGs on the side like Wild Arms and some Persona titles. Since my primary distractions are dead now, I'll probably also make progress on watching Digimon Data Squad, Kamen Rider Blade, and Pretty Cure Max Heart.
Hibistream's Revengeance
Been a while since I've done this. Get in nerds, we're streaming a rewatch of KR Build. If you show up late, don't sweat it Confusion is half the fun https://www.rabb.it/unlimitedbeat
Modbiki's Month of Pain
So with <span class="underline">Persona 5 the Animation</span> being out for a few weeks now, I’ve seen a lot of discussion about its quality as both an adaptation and as a general anime. Mostly I’ve just been seeing people say it sucks, myself included. For various reasons, not many people are happy about it and it seems I can’t go a day now without someone on some website talking about it. More recently I’ve stumbled upon someone who just shrugged it off with the phrase “<i>It’s still better than <span class="underline">Trinity Soul</span></i>”. Talk about being damned by faint praise. Since reading this comment, a question has been scratching in the back of my mind. Not if <span class="underline">P5A</span> is actually better or not, I frankly don’t care. Instead I’ve been thinking… “<i>Wait, did someone actually watched that show</i>?” I often see it get ignored more than anything, and rarely do I see anyone comment on the actual series itself, just the fact that it is bad and this is an accepted fact. I remember near the end of high school, I tried to watch <span class="underline">Trinity Soul</span>, and later I live streamed it in the early days of the <b>Phansite</b>. Honestly, I never paid a whole lot of attention to it on either of these attempts, and more or less dropped it after a few episodes, but I didn’t actually hate what little I saw and paid attention to. Now I’m actually curious though, if it is bad… <i>why is it bad</i>? The easiest solution to the question would be trying to find some actual review instead of actually wasting my time, but where is the <b>fun</b> in <i>that</i>? Thus I introduce the <span class="underline">Month of Pain</span>. Starting May 1st, I’m going to try and watch an episode of <span class="underline">Trinity Soul</span> a day and try to return here to talk about it in some capacity. More importantly, I encourage everyone to try and join me in the suffering of watching it throughout the month and trying to discuss it together. It may turn out to be a diamond in the rough, more likely, it may turn out to be the exact shit that was expected, but the least we can do is try to come together as a community and have fun with the experience. Maybe we can all join in and discover something neat, or just all point and laugh at the entire thing… potentially also just all be mad we wasted our time. Whatever, it might be fun right? Whelp, if you’re interested, I hope to see you join as much as possible from the <span class="underline">1st to the 26th of May</span>.
Phansite Split
Madman Mishima has invented a way to browse the PMs and Forums simultaneously. Still a prototype, could be buggy. Join us in the next step of the Altpocalypse. https://phansite.net/split/
KR:CF, new PV. Showa Confirmed?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaxmMbz16PU Black confirmed, unexpected. I thought this would be Heisei only. Also strange for them to announce a Showa Rider when so many Secondary Heisei Riders are unconfirmed. Ah well, PV is somewhat interesting, shows gameplay clips of just about every Rider confirmed, a lot recycled, some new.
KR: Climax Fighters PV2
Secondary Riders confirmed, neat. If I get a PS4 I'm maining Accel probably. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2pcy40Af2c
A Corner of Thoughts: A Chain of Bonds
We had a discussion about some of this on Discord, but I felt it may be good to do on site, for those who want more discussion but can’t see the Discords for one reason or another. Social Links. I think it’s fair to say opinions are a bit split on them. Consider this a general catch-all discussion for Social Links, and how you feel about them. Who have the best Links? The weakest? Are Confidant skills in P5 useful here or threre, or a missed opportunity. Which game treated them the best? Feel free to put some thought into your feelings on these topics, and remember this is a dicussion. It would be appreciated if we could have a conversation, agree with people, disagree, argue (in a civil manner) about things. There’s no fun in dropping an opinion and leaving like you’re confessing to a wall. To start, I’ll see if I can briefly state how I feel about this stuff. Persona 5 probably has the best Social Links, or Confidants if you prefer, overall in my opinion. Though it’s a mixed bag in its own way, mostly due to new elements. Persona 3 has my favorite cast, of the ‘modern’ games at least. Though this is mostly for the actual party and major cast. The Social Links are quite awkward, I feel like there are really good ones, and really bad ones without much inbetween. There are the ones I’d say are the best, such as Aigis’, “Maya”, or even the old monk, to ones I can’t stand or even remember like the Moon kid, what was his name again? Also P3P had best girl Saori. I think a major problem comes from a bit of a disconnect, most obvious in the party members. Characters who have development focused in the story, but they also have Social Links. This creates issues in my opinion since they end up being redundant, or working against the story. I think this issue is more apparent in Persona 4, where the Social Links I feel are similar to 3, but the party members in P4 ALL have Social Links, and this is extremely awkward in this case. Persona 4 introduces characters WITH their issue and theirs is somewhat complete by the time they join your party. This means the character development feels restricted, like the story acts as if they have concluded their development while working alongside social links that act like they are still struggling. Persona 5 has less of a problem with this, this specific issue anyway. I’d say it is a detriment however. Since characters have little development in the story itself, all development happens in Confidants, which is a shame two-fold. I think if no one else the cast SHOULD be focued on in the story, and if you like someone, have fun doing their Confidant. God forbid you want to get to know Haru but you neglected your Personality traits. Because of this I personally feel like Party members should not have Social Links, I really do think it’s a detriment above all else. I was going to discuss Confidant abilities, but I think I shall do so another day, I’ve already written more than e
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