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What you want from macdondal
The goddamn food machine better not be broke this time
Kitagawa goes to Taco Bell - OPEN RP
<i>Seeing that Zelda is trying to tell him to leave, Shaq gives her a thumbs up.</i> Understandable, have a nice day. <i>Shaq then does two quick donuts with his car before speeding out of the Taco Bell, breaking another wall.</i>
Kitagawa goes to Taco Bell - OPEN RP
<i>Yet another car blasts through wall. The car does a small drift as it enters and stops when it reaches the counter. The window of the car rolls down, revealing the man, the legend, Shaquille O'Neill. He reaches his hand out of the car and points at the person behind the counter.</i> Hello, food?
An Interesting Day At The GYM
*Ya boy Shaq drives his car into the GYM and rolls down his window when he gets to Eito* Hello, food?
Drink Machine: Liquid Snake
Thanks bruh, have a nice day. *Shaq takes the cup and drives away*
Drink Machine: Liquid Snake
*Yo boy Shaq, in his car, pulls up to the the drink machine and types in &quot;Yo bruh, let me get uhhhhhhhhh, boneless chicken&quot;*
Fidget Spinner RP
*Uhh fidget broke* Understandable, have a nice day. *Shaq drives away*
Fidget Spinner RP
*Shaq spins a boneless deadass fidget spinner*

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McDonalds Drive Thru
Food isn't broke this time.
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