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http://ahatintime.wikia.com/wiki/Hat_Kid .... http://ahatintime.wikia.com/wiki/Hat .... http://ahatintime.wikia.com/wiki/Badge (Nicknames) (Hat Kid) Merlin-Chan - Noe (Hat Kid) Hat-Chan - Mirei_Ebonhart and Sylveon (Hat Kid) Magician - Aki-Joker

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A hatty return
&quot;It's alright&quot; <b>Hat Kid soon sits down and sighs before she gently started patting Mae's head</b>
A hatty return
<b>Hat Kid soon uses her Hat to slow down time and dodge the attack before time returned</b> &quot;Ok, can we please stop fighting... please...&quot;
A hatty return
<b>Hat Kid soon teleports behide Niko and she had the Time Stop Hat on</b> &quot;Guess it was&quot;
A hatty return
<b>After the fight, the Mafia Boss explodes... Hat Kid (with only 1 hp left) sits down and sighs</b>
A hatty return
<b>Hat Kid sighs as she take out her umbrella before the Mafia boss started attacking her and she soon noticed... he was powered up (Deathwish)</b> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgDi0D-NTsw
A hatty return
<b>Hat Kid soon gets up and sees her dark/evil self before her evil self vanished and soon the Mafia Boss appears</b> <spoiler>https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/a-hat-in-time/images/6/6a/MafiaBoss.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/310?cb=20151024183546</spoiler> Mafia Boss: What!? Where am i? Hey, i'm not stuck in a jar and i have my body back (Yeah i'm just going to ignore the supervillain. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings)<div class='edited'>(edited by Hat_Kid)</div>
A hatty return
<b>Hat Kid just looks at the SUPERVILLAIN</b> &quot;... uhhh... just to let you know I don't even know this guys and I can tell he's not the one who did that to me&quot; <b>Hat Kid said before a huge dark laser hits her in the well everywhere</b>
A hatty return
<spoiler>(When you don't realized you made a error in your spelling until it's too late XD_</spoiler>
A hatty return
<b>Hat Kid after getting slapped would look at Niko</b> &quot;It's ok&quot; <b>Hat Kid soon looks at Maria and was about to say something until Mae appeared. Soon Hat Kid looks at Mae, wondering who this person was</b>

Recent topics

A new day, a new Hat
<spoiler>&quot;Where's my Moneh&quot; (sorry, I just can't help but to think that thanks to the new DLC for Hat Kid known as nyakuza metro. which is the reason for my new profile picture and is to explain why Hat Kid is going to have a bit of a personalty change for awhile now. Ok, on to the rp)</spoiler> <b>It was a cool and peaceful day but quite dark for some reason and something seemed off</b> <b>In a alleyway, a man was knocked out cold as a piece of a bat falls down. A sigh is heard as the rest of the bat was dropped and a new bat was picked up</b> <b>soon coming out of the alleyway was Hat Kid but wearing a weird looking outfit and holding a baseball bat now, what happened to her?</b> <b>Hat Kid soon walked down the seemingly empty street, looking around to see if anyone was around</b>
A hatty return
<b>It was a nice peaceful time at the park. The same place where Hat Kid vanished but now she was back... somehow and Hat Adult was with her</b> <b>Hat Kid started eatting some ice cream as she looks around and to some people who can see powers and such. They would see that Hat Kid had a new power (Teleportation)</b>
The Snowy land
<b>crunch, crunch, crunch. That was the sound of a girl's boots hitting the snow. This girl was Hat Kid, she was looking for a time piece in this cold place, she did come prepared for the coldness by her winter outfit, she even put her Ice Hat on. Hat Kid kept walking around until she found before she stops and sighs, she was not going to find that TimePiece anytime soon. She hopes maybe some of her friends here here or maybe meet some new faces, she didn't care</b>
Hat Kid's Spaceship (3)
<b>It was nice and peaceful in a spaceship that has been seeing some upgrades since the last time we have been in it. Now Hat Kid had made rooms for any guests, she also made a room for her older self (Hat Adult) and well she also upgraded the teleporter so that anyone could just teleport to her spaceship even if they don't have a way to teleport their... Also she add some weapons to the spaceship, in case if the ship ever gotten attacked</b> <b>Anyways Hat Kid was sitting in the main room, playing some video games on her bigger tv, she also gotten herself a couch. Hat Kid kept playing, mostly waiting for people to come in or well teleport in</b>
A triple hatty day
<spoiler>(I really hope the title was good)</spoiler> <b>It a nice and peaceful time at the park, a young girl also known as Hat Kid was sitting on a bench. She currently had a black eye, she had bruises everywhere, she had some holes in her clothes and all around just looks weak</b> <b>Hat Kid sighs as she held a small bag with eyes in it to her black eye, she just got out from doing a death wish challenge from the Snatcher. Hopeful she might just meet some people and have a peaceful time at the park</b>
A hatty day (2)
<b>Hat Kid was walking around the streets, eating a hot dog as she walking around aimlessly since she was bored and wanted to see what the rest of the city was</b> <spoiler>(Yeah short, could not think of anything)</spoiler>
Another hat(girl/adult)
<b>In a alleyway what appears to be a very shadowy door suddenly appears a adult verison of Hat Kid walks out of it, soon the shadowy door vanishes and the Adult Hat Kid looks around as she looks at her right arm which some darkness seems to be spiraling around it before vanishing</b> &quot;alright, time to get this day started&quot; <b>Adult Hat Kid walks out of the alleyway looking around seeing not alot of people were out, mostly thanks to them being at work. Adult Hat Kid walks down the street to maybe find her younger self in this world... (grumbs) and maybe to find a restaurant, maybe a fast food restaurant</b>
Hat Kid's Spaceship (2)
<b>A Spaceship is floating somewhat close to the Earth but not close to be sucked into the Earth's gravity (even with the ship having it's own gravity)</b> <b>Hat Kid was not inside of her ship but on Earth waiting for someone aka Aki and her friends or well who ever deiced to come with her. Hat Kid had made sure their was food and drinks ready for Aki, meaning she had to go shopping yesterday after the beach party and get a bigger tv</b> <b>Hat Kid soon sat down and thinks about her home planet and wounder if she will ever see it again... Hat Kid sighs and thinks about maybe making this her new home since she might not have enough Time Pieces to get even 1/4 of the way back home</b>
A hatty day
<spoiler>(Im sorry for that pun... but it's the only topic name I could think of)</spoiler> <b>Hat Kid was walking around the city, watching the cars drive by, seeing people have fun, people arguing over small things. Hat Kid soon walked into a alleyway to hopeful make it to the park quickly</b> <b>Hat Kid almost made it out of the alleyway when she noticed her hat was gone and turn around to see a man running away with it, soon the man was knocked out a a umbrella and a woman who looks much like hat kid but only older and had a scarf instead of a cape, her hat was different, she had a raincoat on and her brown boots had a black bow on them</b> <spoiler>(Heres a picture of example) https://i.redd.it/oixri9xcmusz.jpg</spoiler> <b>The adult soon gave Hat Kid her hat back, Hat Kid said thank you to her before walking to the park with a happy smile on her face. She soon made it to the park and looked around hoping to see a familiar face maybe Aki or Sylveon or maybe someone she had not seem before</b>
Sharp Future
<spoiler>Had to use a title generator for this threads title</spoiler> <b>In a middle of a grass field near a park, a girl with brown hair, purple top hat with a yellow strip and a yellow flower, purple clothes, a yellow cape, and brown boots also known as Hat Kid was sitting in the middle of the field in deep thought</b> <b>(In hat kid's mind: &quot;So, if I fight DIO and he used his stand's THE WORLD time stop power, will still see him move around thanks to my time stop hat, then their yoshikage kira which if he used his stand killer queen's bite the dust I would remember what happen before time rewinds and speaking of time rewinding, when i met the clockwork god and after I read a bit about him and him getting rid of people who can change time, becuse when I die time rewinds and he might get rid of me but even if he does that time would rewind since it counts me getting killed... (sigh) I wish I could meet a charter from Jojo, I heard they were around but I cant get my hopes up)</b> <b>Hat Kid soon got up and turn around once she heard someone moving in the grass</b> <spoiler>(i might leave soom due to face to face finals but i will be back)</spoiler>
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