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Me and Yu are Yu, except for Yu Narukami, we shall find the fake Yu, and make him gold

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Golden Yu- The cooler Yu<div class='edited'>(edited by Golden_Yu)</div>
Should I?....
*teleports behind Yu* Its ok. Yu foYund Yu first.
Yu Squad Assemble
Yu regrets doing this
Yu Squad Assemble
<quote user="Another_Yu">Yu heard Yu were Calling Yus. All Yu want tYu know is dYu Yu have cYukies?</quote> This is the worst Yu pun Yu've heard, good work
Yu Squad Assemble
Yu aren't typically allied with Yu, bYut this time, Yu'll make an exception to destroYu these false seekers.
Da man hath come
Yu know Yunderstands how Yu feels. The Yuniverse was a mistake
Da man hath come
Yu feels offended

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Yu SqYuad, Assemble
Yuniverse Ranger, Golden Power, standing bYu.
Persona 4 Golden: A Tall Tale
[In the center of Shibuya a grey haired man pushes his glasses up to his face as he adjusts his black jacked, looking over the Nexus as he summons a Golden card in his hand. Laughing to himself as he crushes it. Then. Just like that. Thousands and thousands of Golden Towers rise up from the floor, demolishing buildings and other structures, nothing being a match for the Golden Armada. The most curious thing however is the common people. They seem to gather around the towers, no fear in their eyes. Only a Golden Hue about them. Chanting mindless whispers. The only people seemingly unaffected are those attuned to magic or some other mystical thing. The man in charge of this catastrophe stands in the middle of Shibuya square before a gaping portal, a threatening aura surrounding him as he awaits for those who oppose him to gather...]
Tower of Yu
[A giant tower has been erected in the middle of Shibuya, towering above all the other buildings, however, that is not only what makes it special, the tower seems to be made of solid gold. Emitting rays of light from itself, the populace seems enraptured by it, seemingly praying to the strange tower, and the person in front of them. A man with silver hair, a pair of glasses, and a golden card twirling in his hand] This is only the first step to spreading the Yuniverse....
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