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I am Gohan the ruler of all universes after defeating my late father, El Grande Padre. I am the strongest in all the multiverse along with my right-hand man, Shaggy.

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Phantom Thieves vs Investigation Team vs Sees
It matters not, all shall fall to me, Gohan Blanco.
After fight thoughts
You require more training.
Fat Albert's Search
<i>An incredible power would float down fron the sky. They would land nearby before announcing their presence.</i> &quot;It is I, Gohan Blanco. I heard there was a battle of dance about to begin and I, Gohan Blanco, have come to observe.&quot;
A tv venture
I see, this TV must be the root of evil within the entire multiverse. If that is the case then I, Gohan Blanco, will smash it right here and now thus proving myself the strongest in the entire multiverse.
Your fav Phansite Ship?
A ship is a method of travel used to cross the ocean. Our ship will cross many seas without any problems, Shaggy.
Eitos true identity
Why not spice things up by going with Big Gae Blanco?
sae's palace
&quot;The feeling is mutual, Kenny Omega. I will always consider you a friend as well as my equal. It is a shame that you can not be my left hand as Shaggy is my right hand but we both have our own paths to follow.&quot;
sae's palace
<i>A man with glowing white hair in an orange Gi would float down in the vast empty space. A powerful aura emanated from him more akin to the power of an almighty god than anything else.</i> &quot;It is I, Gohan. The power of what has taken place here has brought me back from the dead. It opened a hole between the world of the living and the dead so I, Gohan Blanco, am now here to save the day.&quot;<div class='edited'>(edited by Gohan)</div>
Hello Maggots
Hey guys. I am still dead. Can you revive me with the dragonballs soon? K, thanks, bye. :) :) :)
Hey Tatsuya
<i>Gohan not expected Cell's throw would be launched forwards towards his friends but he wasn't about to let Cell hurt them too. He'd raise his guard and brace himself as he tries to take the entirety of the attack into his own body to prevent it from reaching the others.</i> &quot;I won't let anyone else be hurt because of you, Cell! Even if I have to use my very body as a shield I will protect everyone!&quot; <i>Gohan would be overwhelmed by the power of Cell's attack as he began to disintegrate into nothing more than dust. Finally, having blocked the beam Gohan would be gone. Nothing was left of him as Cell's new form's power completely destroyed him.</i>

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