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Beach Adventure: Operation Babe Hunt 3.5 HD Remix
"Ah, well... that is... boy is it hot out here." Gleamstar sweats nervously and backs away. "I've got to go... iron my plant. Maybe next time." She runs off on all fours, coming to a stop near Kyoko's one-man volleyball tournament. She sighs and bats at the ball when it comes near. "Figures. I almost miss having a love polygon considering these results..."
Beach Adventure: Operation Babe Hunt 3.5 HD Remix
"Beautiful name. And actually..." It's time to go for the kill. The operation is complete with at least one win condition... She turns on all her cat charm and winks. "I was wondering what your number was. Mind giving me it?"
Beach Adventure: Operation Babe Hunt 3.5 HD Remix
"Indeed. And a very fabulous one at that. The name's Gleamstar. What's yours, if I may ask~?" Gleamstar adjusts her sunglasses so they're on the tip of her nose, revealing her orange eyes that occasionally seem rainbow.
Beach Adventure: Operation Babe Hunt 3.5 HD Remix
"Target acquired. Time to move in." Gleamstar puts away the newspaper she was hiding behind and dashes across the sand on all fours because wow that's hot. "Hey there, hot stuff. How's it hanging?" If Kali looked down, she would see some weird purple cat with sunglasses leaning against the lifeguard tower in an attempt to look cool.
Quality and "Quality" Persona Fanfics
Ah yes, those two. Good times. iSonic is legendary, and for those who don't know, the Persona 4 fic Teddie mentioned is called "The Third Dojima" on Quotev. Both are great to read with friends.
Phansite Mini Pre-Orders
A purple cat paused the Kickstarter video and called the conventient phone number. “I’LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK”
Broken wings (roleplay)
Gleamstar took a sip of tea while watching from the good ol' Velvet Room TV. "While it's a bit derailing, this is actually pretty interesting, I'll admit. Much more interesting than whatever was going on before." She picked up a phone and called Jaguar Warrior. "Okay, whatever you do, DON'T tell them about our secret stash of catnip. Ya hear me?"
Broken wings (roleplay)
“Nice, nice. I’m down for PMs. You might see me there on my writer’s main account, Cait_Sith. She also owns the Damon-Lumien account so she’s ready to continue the EVIL thread after lunch. That aside, the writer’ll be eating lunch now, so expect her to come back later in PMs.”
Broken wings (roleplay)
“I see. I’m no expert, but my guess is that the reason you haven’t gotten to the palace is A: there’s not a huge drive to GO there, as it’s unknown and there hasn’t been a push in-story to do so, B: relying on someone playing Joker slowed things, and C: you didn’t really assert much authority as the ‘GM’ of the plot so to speak.” Gleamstar wrote something down on her notepad. “But I think I found a major problem: Amino. You’re used to that environment, but out here, it’s a lot less contained. It’s like moving towns: you don’t know anyone, the culture’s different, and there’s different expectations for writing, you see? And wholeheartedly agreeing with Liam here. I can nab the Discord link too if ya want.”<div class='edited'>(edited by Gleamstar)</div>
Broken wings (roleplay)
“That plot part was kinda hyperbole, but that ain’t the point, chief. So, why do you feel dissatisfied? Why did you feel unable to steer the plot this time? Also, where have you roleplayed before? All these questions could help get to our problems’ roots.”<div class='edited'>(edited by Gleamstar)</div>

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Beach Adventure: Operation Babe Hunt 3.5 HD Remix
&quot;Aha, yes. Summer. Beaches. Purrrfect for searching for a date. I'm technically not married anymore so let's get searching.&quot; Gleamstar leans back in her chair and puts on some cool shades. Time to search for targets.
Quality and "Quality" Persona Fanfics
Out of curiosity, what are some of the best and/or worst fics you've come across? The latter's a guilty pleasure of mine (heck, this account is based off a legendary trollfic) but the former's always nice to look at.
Operation Babe Hunt 4.0
Yes, I did it. A terrible idea but we’ll roll with it. Anyway, enough narrator chatter. A purple cat sits on a beach towel, facing the ocean. Her new sunglasses also serve the purpose of looking official for this Very Important Mission.
Terrible fanfics?
I think I posted a topic about this a few months ago, but doesn't hurt to have a chat again. What are some terrible fanfics you've encountered? As you can see, I've read Starkit's Prophecy, but I've also witnessed the glory of My Immortal and... &quot;supper smash bros Mishnoh from God.&quot; Don't know if I spelled that correctly, but you get the point. In general, bad fanfics are a guilty pleasure for me, save for some more... disturbing ones. Also, not technically a fanfic, but AO3 tags are a wild ride without even reading the actual stories.
Gleamstar's bootleg book store
A purple cat with a star on her head sits at a stand. Books are piles around her. The sign has &quot;book store&quot; messily written on it.
How to handle a love polygon???
There are like 5 guys who love me who do I choose???
Bad fanfics?
What are some bad fics you've come across? Obviously, this account is based off a character from Starkit's Prophecy, an infamous Warriors trollfic. Terrible spelling, canon out the window, &quot;Tiggerstar&quot;... it's a wild ride.
Gleamstar's Literature Class
In the middle of a park, multiple desks and chairs are set up. A purple cat sits in front of a blackboard, wearing glasses to make her look smarter.
Streaming Starkit's Prophecy
<a href='http://lets.rabb.it/886j/q4H7l5LLhG' class='link' target='_blank'>http://lets.rabb.it/886j/q4H7l5LLhG</a> no benig gay
Phansite Super Edition: Gleamstar's Journey
After conquering the great monster that is a car in a parking lot, Gleamstar is faced with an even greater challenge... &quot;Don u daer!&quot; The purple cat glares at the twoleg that steps out of the &quot;monster&quot; labeled &quot;Animal Control.&quot;
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