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The POWER of PROTEIN invokes me!

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What about rankings?
It was but I believe it was removed either by accident or because nobody used it anyway. Either way it was never brought back because I'd imagine it never saw much use outside its initial introduction.
The World, Sibuya, Tokyo, Japan
<i>Ghost Akihiko would take note of the odd biological globe and how odd it was for a world model to be alive or related to living things at all.</i> &quot;I need to get back to my training and protein consumption!&quot; <i>With that the ghost would float away and resume his long training arc once more.</i>
I've been waiting for this...
i'm a phantom thief
There is no help for you, monster...
Hello Phansite
Wait, PK's dead, right? Did we ever even find out what happened to his corpse either?
Hello Phansite
I'm sorry, he cant be with you for he is already with me. We've already made protein pancakes together so our bond is inseparable. I know it's hard but you need to move on and find a new pancake to be with.
Akihiko is too OP in BBTAG
I've never stopped waiting...for this.
Impression Thread
<quote user="Starwaddle">Grass: ... that's it. That's my best impression.</quote> Why even post then?
PK, I don't feel so good...
You should always love dank memes for the dank memes shall always love you.
PK, I don't feel so good...
Yes, finally it's time to post my Rosie fan art! https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/331131006343970818/446170250375987200/Super_Sayain_Rosie.png

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Do you see this Shinji?
Shinji, I need confirmation that you can in fact see this.
GYM of the Dead
<i>Once again, the lights of the GYM begin to flicker on, seemingly without anyone's interference. A ghostly figure would begin to fade into view as a hearty laughter filled the building. The figure would begin coughing though suddenly before forming into Ghost Akihiko.</i> &quot;<i>Cough Cough</i> Too much protein Powder...&quot; <i>Ghost Akihiko would quickly unlock the door before phasing into the ceiling looking for Ghost Water.</i>
GYM: A Ghastly Appearance
<i>After a moment of darkness the lights of GYM would slowly begin to flicker on. Their was a slight purplish tint to them as a eerie moaning could be heard all throughout the facility.</i> &quot;Prooooteeeiiiin...&quot; <i>The doors would seem to unlock themselves and protein shakes would seem to begin making themselves at the counter. From behind the counter a familiar ghostly figure would appear. It was the image of Akihiko as he picked up a protein shake and began drinking.</i> &quot;Much better, I'm not quite me until I have my 8th protein shake of the day!&quot;
GYM: Fullmetal Madness
<i>GYM as usual sits idle and locked. It seems the locks been replaced recently as well as recently people have been breaking into the GYM and starting fights. Weird events aside suddenly the GYM begins glowing with an ominous purple light. The lock slowly begins to undo itself as laughter can be heard echoing throughout the building. A sign floats to the front stating &quot;We're open! So have some PROTEIN!!!&quot;. It seems the GYM is now open as a floating, transparent boy is punching a bag with remarkable speed over by the ring.</i> &quot;PROTEIN!!!&quot;
Dankifying Profile Pictures
I Ghost Akihiko have returned to you glorious phansite! Before I have added Get Smoked! hats to profile picture but now I offer to dankiify them as well! Just send me your profile picture and requested level of dankness! Level 1: Just the hat. Level 2: Deal with it! Level 3: Maximum Dankness! So send in your request now! I also may do other things if asked!
Trick or Treat!!! Extra Spoooookky Edition!
OOC: So the idea of this thread is that I'm hoping people will take over after every house. There will be a main group of players who are the trick or treaters and someone to GM each house. PS: I'm hoping this becomes as memey as possible. ------------------------------------- It's a dark and spooooky night in the Nexus. It is the night of Halloween. Houses are lit up and its time to do what most people do on Halloween. Trick or Treating...The first house on the lane isn't a house at all but rather a building resembling a GYM. A spooky GYM.
The Best Halloween candy...
If course, that'd be protein candy! Or better yet tiny bottles of protein powder given out to trick or treaters!
The Formation of the Newest Ghost Hunting Team
It is I, Ghost Akihiko! I have noticed a rise in the amount of supernatural entities on the site and have decided that this site needs a hero to save them from these ghosts. So I, Ghost Akihiko, have decided to form a team to hunt down these ghosts! I won't allow ghosts to haunt my Nexus!
A True Savior
Worry not Phansite! I, Ghost Akihiko, have come to save you with the power of protein and training! I've been waiting for this!
*A little on the outskirts of Shibuya is a deserted area with broken buildings and cracking streets. No one is around except a lone black silhouette standing in the front of an abandoned building.*
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