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im just a average person with a average life

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Most Hated Bosses in Video Games
Fun, i get to vent Pikmin 2s final boss is none other than the infamous Titan Dweevil (apologies if i get some things wrong, been i while since i played- read, a few years) HOLY HELL Titan Dweevil essentially uses the last 4 ships parts you need for different attacks, all of them using the elemental hazards that have been annoying you for the entire fucking game, and is easily capable of wiping out all your Pikmin with its attacks, and besides, the arena you fight it in is so small the fatass takes at least 80% of it, so yeah, you can defintly see the trouble it caused me Water Wraith was a contender simply because it chases you through most of the area and is basically immortal until the boss fight, then you use Purple Pikmin to beat its ass down.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Wow, the amount of posts is even. It would be a shame to see that ruined
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
<quote user="Bartz">why is this crap still not dead? </quote> Because suffering is eternal
who is your favorite phantom thief
<quote user="akira_merio">u guys are prety dumb</quote> it seems you dont know how sarcasm and satire works, and may i assist you with the spelling error as well? your missing a T.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
We do not mention Crazy Bus on this thread
Favorite character?
that will have to go to my boi Ryuji
Spooky times
im gonna dress up as Jason (not sure what variant) and scare little kids away from my house
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
ah. thank you for enlightening me of this information
What's YOUR Arcana?
i have Fool as well. i bet some of you can agree with that

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Burger King 2.0
Burger King is back in business!
Send Me Thy Memes
Send me your happy, sad, wholesome, trashy, any kind of memes can be sent and shared here.
Characters You Want REMOVED From Smash
Hero. Please remove this broken piece of trash from the meta. We do not need it
Horror Icon Deathmatch- Round 1
Chucky vs Annabelle. Tell me who would win and a reason why. Lets get it!
Lucid Dreaming
Have you had a lucid dream before? If so, please share your experience
extra extra! Get your fresh memes here!
Get your fresh memes here! Extra hot and delicious
Hello, what would u like from Borger King?
You have been transported via teleporter to Borger King, what do you order?
Canon Roleplay
I wanna do a roleplay based on the canon storyline of Persona 5, I can be Ryuji, and my new Oc, unless your not ok with that :/
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