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"I won't let those distorted lies deceive me anymore... And I won't be led astray by other's voices either... I'm going to trust my own eyes and my own heart to distinguish the truth from the lies. There's no way you're my mom! You're just a fake created by those horrid adults! I'll... I'll never... I'll never forgive them!"

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Day 3
I slept pretty good overall. Woke up, had breakfast, today we have off school so I suppose more My Hero Academia!
Day 2
Hello. It's been a while. I'm sorry about that. Life has had it's ups and downs. Right now I'm watching My Hero Academia, and it's really really good. Other than that, I've been pretty okay. I'll post again soon or later. I'm looking forward to my next post.
Day 1
Sitting in class, bored and checking other forums and blogs. It has its benifits though, only during my free time though. Poetry, I have never been good at poetry. Anyway, this will be a daily vlog kind of thing, if you are into that kind of stuff, be sure to make sure to never miss one of my posts.
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