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“lolno” tleport bhind u “Cum purseowner” yshoitsune cum ut in blu lite nd unsheets sord “Verythng personnel kid” yshoitsune duz moof wit red sord swooshy swoosh al arund nd blud esplods on tekin
*levates* “Yes helo it is I fogagr de vlet rom oner. I cum to fite u tekin.”
P5R Name figured out?
I kep teling u, it iz p5 racig kazmi is rite prof frum atliss https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/432391193356271626/530603855420063754/unknown.png
I know what P5R stands for
no p5r is p5racig heer i hav prof frum atlis thmselfs https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/432391193356271626/530603855420063754/unknown.png
Anything can happen Text Adventure
>by gus msk n maek birb fren ware it

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phapsit quranten day 2.5 hd remix
teh crona vrius mdae me loose al mai gud boi pointz. tiem 4 me to maek n onlyfans 4 mai shitpots
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