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Hey there, i'm just a little Flareon. I'm a big otaku and a huge fan of Super Justice Warrior Z Ultimate! Don't ask me too many questions, please! Moveset: -Bite -Tackle -Flame Charge -Ember

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Leblac Cafe-
<i>Enters the cafe</i> &quot;This was a mistake.&quot;
Can you be gay in P5R?
So we're the bad guys now? Sick
Can you be gay in P5R?
<quote user="Former_Holy_General">Even if Yusuke was gay, it doesn't mean that Joker would be. Also if Yusuke not being gay is the only reason for you not buying the game then why even play the games at all. Just stay with the fan-fictions.</quote> You're right, there's no point in the games without incest. I mean, how can they call themselves royal if they don't even imitate the most basic behavior of royals?
Remember when Rayquaza worked at 7/11?
I'm sorry I don't speak Pokemon
Remember when Rayquaza worked at 7/11?
hmm yes pokemon good. epic dungeon tiem. many region very casual. soon.
A Fun Day in Hawaii
&quot;Ugh, my phone's on low battery, now what am I gonna do? Actually enjoy my vacation?&quot; <i>Sighs</i>
Yo, who remembers these old relics?
<quote user="Kazuya">Those are some classics, but let us not forget &quot;This is Sparta&quot; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvYZRskNV3w </quote> Vibe check
What game should I play first if I wanna really get into Persona
Fellas... i'm not sure where to place the Catherine player. Like, it's not real shin megami tensei but at the same time it's still a semi-mature game.
Anime Night
I don't know what you're talking about, Donkey Kong Country isn't an anime but regardless i'd be down for it.
Writing Requests
Well, that's the only comic that exsists of him but there's tons of fan art

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Café Leblanc: Because Why Not
<i>Suffering from a dirth of rp, the pokeman decides to wander into the café. Blazing a trail of fire in its wake, the fox leaps behind the counter and could now be seen wearing a barista outfit. He then goes to the coffee machine and puts the hamster in the wheel to get it started. </i>
*Enters café*
I would like a girlfriend
I want a girl who is sweet, nice and fun to hang out with me if this describes you please ask me out because i'll never muster up the courage to speak directly to you otherwise. Doesn't necessarily have to be a female but i'd prefer it.
Rate my Persona oc
Name: Blonde Dudebro Persona: Testosterone Backstory: Blonde Dudebro had some traumatic experience due to the atrocities committed by Badguy McNamara Description: Manly man clothing Personality: None Strengths: Strong Weaknesses: Feelings Weapon: The first thing they see
botw 2 wishlist
So, as we all know, breath of the wild is the one of if not the greatest zelda game there is and possibly one of the most defining games of the decade. As such, the decision to develop a direct sequel to the much beloved system seller would naturally stir up much anticipation within the gaming community. While we don't know what to expect as of now beyond the fact that there will be some sort of continuity, I figured I might be able to drum up some positive discussion if we discussed what changes we would like to see in the next installment. Personally, i'd like to see expanded town functionality with the option to not only build your house in any village but also fully customize it and have an increased storage area, or at the least a way to improve weapons or increase their durability. I'd also like some sort of online functionality, if only the ability to leave messages for other players to read. Some indicator of the total amount of collectibles or completion percentage of the game would be nice, too.
Favorite Real Shin Megami Tensei Game?
Just wondering what everyone's favorite real Shin Megami Tensei game was. No, Persona 5 doesn't count because they dropped Shin Megami Tensei from the title. Yes, Jack Bros counts because despite not having Shin Megami Tensei in the title it is based. Personally, my favorite has to be IV because it's the only one i've played to near completion.
Not feeling up to dick
Not gonna lie, my mental well-being gets worse every day. It really do be like that, though.
May your heart be the guiding key
That's right, we're getting Sora in Smash Bros at the TGAs awards show tomorrow. Can't wait to have an epic traditional magic user for once. The stage is gonna be so lit, too.
Cringe compilation
Post things that are cringe such as this: https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=17248
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