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I'm friendly... but I may or may not have a flamethrower.

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how to pet a cat
Thanks. Not sure how well I did on finals.
The Evolution of Gaming
Turn based will never completely die out. Even though some games add gimmicks to the system, turn based isn't leaving permenatly for a long while.
how to pet a cat
Though this is a nice post why do people bump threads more than a week old.
LeBlanc C and C: Cyberpunk Barista Action
I need to go. I'll talk to you guys another time. *Leaves normally, unless blocked, in which case he uses a teleporter which is in his pocket.*
LeBlanc C and C: Cyberpunk Barista Action
Sorry, but him just grabbing that guy was a bit overkill. I'm just trying to separate the two.
LeBlanc C and C: Cyberpunk Barista Action
*Slaps @Mishimans, in an attempt to get him OFF of Ken* Why don't you calm down and try to not kill anyone today? Ok?
LeBlanc C and C: Cyberpunk Barista Action
OOC And he remembers literally nothing about me because I'm not sure I've interacted with you before. If I have then I may or may not have ordered coffee for you on me. Not sure which it is.
My name is Sojiro Sakura
Well ok then. Seriously though Boss is still the best Boss.
LeBlanc C and C: Cyberpunk Barista Action
OOC: ... Ok does he at the very least remember his own name or did he erase that as well?
LeBlanc C and C: Cyberpunk Barista Action
(OOC: Why did Ken erase his memory?)

Recent topics

I'm going to be away for awhile.
This isn't a permanent goodbye, I just need to do finals. I'll check up on this site again after I finish them in a week.
What persona did you use the most often during your playthrough of p5?
Has nothing to do with like/dislike, just what persona did you use the most? (Yes I kept Arsene for the entire run and used him a lot. Got him to lv 40 by the end with some skills that would make him good.)
Phan site story challange!
(Up to 3 words per post let's go!) It's a
Describe who you are rping as vague as possible.
Or have who you are rping as describe you as vague as possibe. Dude with a flamethrower when everything else is crazy.
Just curious...
Has there been any big time battles since Ramengod? I haven't been on enough to be able to say for sure or not. (I remember the heartless attack but it wasn't a huge one)
WYPTB?: You always have internet no matter where you are...
... but this is the ONLY website you can access.
If you were to get stranded on a desert Island...
... What would be your first thing to do after you get your mind back from the fact you are stranded. Finding a way to have shelter. Either by making it or finding a cave.
(OOC) What would be one thing your IC would tell your OOC self?
IC: It's time for a work montage for you friend.
May I ask what you are testing?
(OOC) If you could tell who you are roleplaying one thing what would it be?
(You can determine whether or not you get it IC) Actually go and buy the gas canisters instead of trying to order them from the delivery service.
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