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Hey hey hey, i'm the master of the keyblade

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Letters with the Kidz Bop Kids!
To all the Kidz Bop Kids: Are you the ones who killed Dumb Donald?
Hi, We're the Kidz Bop Kidz!
You are a being of pure darkness, Kidz Bop, I must strike you down.
Phansite Mini Pre-Orders
I am Fat Albert, and I approve of this machine.
Making Pancakes for Akechi
<quote user="Akechi_Kun">Hey hey hey, That's not very kind of you</quote> Hey hey hey, Akechi is gay!
I am darkness
<i>Fat Albert instant transmissions to Anti-Aqua.</i> Aqua, you gotta snap out of it, this isn't like you! Hey hey hey, darkness is gay!
A Lonely Firepit
A Lonely Firepit
A Lonely Firepit
<i>Thousands of keyblades rain around the pool, only one gap that lets people into the pool is unfilled. Fat Albert fits into it, closing it off. He's wearing a suit and tie, and it also seems like he has an afro.</i> &quot;Hey hey hey, pool's closed due to AIDS!&quot;
Fat Albert's Search
<spoiler>i'm going to bed, we shall continue this tomorrow</spoiler>

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Fat Albert's Search
<i>Fat Albert is flying around the Nexus, he has almost every Dragon Ball, and a Chaos Emerald. He's searching for the rest.</i> &quot;One way or another, I will bring back Dumb Donald. Hey hey hey, I'm coming to save the day!&quot; <i>This may be a heroic act, but take it as you will. Will you ally with the red keyblade wielding god? Or will you fight him? The choice is yours, dear person.</i>
Hey hey hey, it's Faaaaaaaaat Albert!
Hey hey hey, i'm the master of the keyblade. Hey hey hey, you're all gay.
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