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Chaos Studios
<i>The tourist nods once more at the farmer, silently thanking him for his hospitality and giving the tax collector one final serious look before entering the dining room. Spotting the mother and the daughter, he gives a friendly wave, letting his bag fall to one shoulder casually. He smiles pleasantly at the girl, only to frown at her attempts to introduce her falling into awkward stumbling, and decides to take the initiative.</i> &quot;Heya, thanks so much for having me! I'm...&quot; <i>Heh. It honestly shouldn't have been that difficult to remember. His name...he'd gone so long just calling himself 'a tourist' or 'a hitch-hiker' that saying his real name out loud now just felt...strange, really. He jokes to himself how this whole trip's getting to him before shaking his head and trying to speak once more with a smile.</i> &quot;I...&quot; <i>And yet, nothing comes out. Did...did he somehow forget it? No, that's impossible. You can't forget your own name, right? It...It must be that damn heat outside. At this time of the year, it was damn near boiling outside. That was why he bought his hat back in...well, the place didn't matter, but he had it for a reason. He knew it'd be hot on the road to...wherever he was going. It's always hot in this season, right? After all, it was...</i> &quot;...&quot; <i>What season was it?</i>
Chaos Studios
<i>The tourist gives a thankful nod towards the farmer, but apprehensively takes only a few steps forward, inspecting the inside of his home before anything else.</i> &quot;Huh, nice enough place...&quot; <i>Of course, this only lasts as long as it takes for the man to explain how dangerous the outside is. All of a sudden, the stranger to the home is all too eager to enjoy the farmer's hospitality, rushing to join the tax collector inside. He spares the older man a glance at his advice to stick together and gives a slight nod.</i> &quot;Fair enough, I guess. Still, <i>do</i> try not to aggravate anyone, given your reason for being here.&quot; <i>A voice in the back of his head helpfully informed the tourist that his paranoia concerning these country people might have been a tad too much, but he swiftly disregarded it. Better safe than sorry, as the tax man said. Safety in numbers was one of humanity's most ancient instincts, and if all went wrong, the younger of the two would eagerly run away. At that point, he wouldn't have to be faster than their assailant, only faster than his older counterpart.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Eito)</div>
Chaos Studios
<i>The tourist nods and prepares to introduce himself, evidently relieved at the man's normalcy and the fact he's not the only stranger 'intruding' in the farmhouse. His friendly smile immediately falls at his fellow's introduction containing the words 'of the IRS'. He doubted things would turn disastrous, but dealing with taxes would surely sour the farmer's mood, and that spelled bad fortune for his own attempts at gaining shelter and a meal. Still, he re-adjusts his hat, puts on another smile and speaks in as friendly a tone as he could muster.</i> &quot;Good day, sir! As you might tell, I'm not exactly from around here, given my choice of attire. Truth is, I was planning on hitch-hiking my way through the country, but I wasn't exactly successful there, and I got lost to boot. I know this is quite the sudden request, but was hoping you could, at the very least, spare me some directions and a bit of rest for the evening.&quot; <i>He doesn't mention the fact that the rural feel of the surrounding area creeps him out majorly, and he's mostly doing this out of paranoia for what might happen to him if he decides to sleep in the woods or hitch-hike at night.</i>
Chaos Studios
<i>A young tourist slowly trundles ahead, failing to take in the sights and sounds before him in favor of staring at his phone's black screen.</i> &quot;Come on, come on! Are you kidding me?&quot; <i>He shakes it and taps on the screen a couple more times, with lackluster results. Finally, he lets his hand holding it hang low, emitting a sigh of defeat.</i> &quot;Dead. Great, just what I needed right now...&quot; <i>Letting out a low growl of annoyance, he puts the device in his dark blue jeans' pocket and grabs the sunglasses attached to the top of his plain white t-shirt, putting them on and readjusting the straps of his black backpack.</i> &quot;Try hitchhiking, they said, it'll be <i>fun</i> they said...&quot; <i>He can't quite remember who 'they' are, probably due to this damn heat, but their suggestion landed him in this situation.</i> <i>With one final sigh, the man tightens the plain white jacket wrapped around his waist, useless in the warmth of the exposed countryside, and briefly pulls off his similarly coloured stetson hat, fanning it to cool himself. Finally paying attention to the location around him beyond his immediate surroundings, he notices the farmhouse and allows himself a moment of hope, immediately switching direction and approaching it.</i> &quot;Please, God, don't let this place be haunted or infested by murderous hillbillies!&quot;
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
It's quite cursed, indeed.
Tokyo Café Seiren: #Phansite
<i>Eito completely ignores Kazuo, still looking towards Sen as she beats a hasty retreat.</i> &quot;Or you could just ignore the offer, that's also a pretty good option.&quot; <i>He shrugs and places the weapon back in it's sheath, patting it lovingly.</i> &quot;You'll find yourself a new home eventually, pal. Just you wait.&quot; <i>With that, Eito simply turns around, giving Itsuki and Kazuo a lazy salute before beginning to walk off. </i> &quot;Pleasant meeting you, gentlemen, let's hope we see each other again in the future. If you need me, I'll most likely be lazing around the GYM. Always ready for a practice fight if you need one.&quot; <i>He starts to leave, only to pause and look back once more.</i> &quot;Oh, and if either of you meet with our little hero of justice again, tell her the sword's always waiting for her in case she wants to start on her path to actually mattering in this place. Anyways, ciao.&quot; <i>And with that, the lunatic casually walks away, humming a pleasant tune all the while.</i>
Tokyo Café Seiren: #Phansite
<i>Eito spares Kazuo a look, only giving him an amused grin, as if inviting him to try, before turning to his primary focus.</i> &quot;Never said I wasn't, kid. I don't much mind being called a monster, in truth. I could give you some more of my philosophy on how the term 'monster' has no worth in any case, but I see you wouldn't care to listen much.&quot; <i>He shrugs idly.</i> &quot;Still, if you want to act like some sort of hero of justice and call people monsters, I suppose you ought to act on your words, right? Strike down the evil-doer and such.&quot; <i>The madman grins again, his hand falling down to one of the sheathed swords tied to his hips, grasping it's silver hilt.</i> &quot;Of course, I'm not really one to lay down and take some punishment.&quot; <i>He draws the silver blade completely, a wave of heat immediately bursting forth from it's exposed presence. He lazily points it at Sen.</i> &quot;Make your prayers and all that, this'll be quick.&quot; <i>He raises the deadly weapon as it sets itself aflame and begins to swing it down in an inhumanly quick and lethal arc, only to stop right before it strikes true. He pauses idly.</i> &quot;Then again, I'd feel pretty bad for killing a defenseless kid, even if I am a 'monster' by your words...&quot; <i>Casually, he throws it into the air, allowing it to spin once before grabbing it by the blade, the searing heat failing to even affect his hand. He calmly points the hilt towards Sen.</i> &quot;It's called Tyrfing, got it off some fairy goddess for completing one of her challenges and murdering a reflection of myself. Wild stuff, would love to tell the tale, but now's evidently not the time.&quot; &quot;Don't have much of a use for it considering what my little Persona can do, so I figure it might as well find it's place in the hands of an owner who actually believes she's on the side of justice.&quot;<div class='edited'>(edited by Eito)</div>
Tokyo Café Seiren: #Phansite
&quot;Depends entirely upon your definition of what humanity is here.&quot; <i>He says to Sen, as casually as discussing the weather.</i> &quot;You ever notice all the rando's around us? The ones not dressing in absurd outfits with absurd weapons going on absurd adventures? Do they <i>ever</i> have an effect on the events around us that <i>actually</i> matter?&quot; <i>Eito answers his own question with a chuckle and a shake of his head.</i> &quot;Of course they don't. Because they're nothing more than scenery. Background characters that only exist to flesh out this world. The only ones that are important here are people like you and me.&quot; <i>The clearly somewhat insane man extends his pale hand towards his counterpart, then swings it wildly towards both Itsuki and Kazuo.</i> &quot;People like that guy that just broke into a store and murdered a weird monster, people like this other guy that actually noticed and casually came in to talk about it. We're the only ones here that can truthfully say we're alive. <i>We</i> are humanity. I place myself firmly above the trash that fills out the background, same as you would place yourself above the furniture in your house. It's really just that simple.&quot; <i>He puts his hand back in his pocket, staring Sen down with his empty eyes.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Eito)</div>

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GYM Deluxe: Summer Heat Rush
<i>The long standing, newly renovated building inexplicably lights up. The 'OPEN' sign glows brightly and flamboyantly, obvious to any who might pass by as the humble training hub comes to life once more. Eito cracks his knuckles as he walks around the GYM near aimlessly, simply taking in the atmosphere in perfect silence. Soon enough, however, the red-clothed young man finds himself seated behind the counter for the first time in quite a few months.</i> &quot;Alright, let's see if I've still got what it takes to keep this place running.&quot;
Be Gentle To The New Door, It Is It's First Time At The GYM.
<i>So it's another wonderful day at the GYM as Eito goes about cleaning the place with a broom, the sign on the door already changed to 'Open'.</i> &quot;Let's see which psycho busts down the door first!&quot; <i>The employee can only sigh as he continues his work, thoughts swimming from all the voices in his head, to the weird entity he's lending a room to and maybe owns, to how many Shadows he's hunted so far.</i>
Good Ol' GYM
<i>The sign on the GYM's door was changed from 'Closed But Not Like It Matters' to 'Open So Please Don't Break The Door' as Eito started another day of work, sitting behind the counter of drink bar and cleaning an already clean glass out of habit.</i> &quot;Another day of seeing people beat each other up and getting paid for it. Truly, this is the best job ever.&quot; <i>With his little speech to himself over, he sits back and waits.</i>
Dear Phansite
Y'all are gay butts lol Much Love, Eito The Gayest Butt
Beat Each Other Up In The GYM! Guaranteed Bruises!
<i>Stretching out, a raven-haired teenager wearing a red jacket walks up to the GYM, unlocking it's door, entering and changing the sign from 'Closed' to 'Open'. </i> &quot;Been too long since I actually did some goddamn work in this place.&quot; <i>He walks behind the bar and crouches, grabbing a small flower vase with one white rose and one black rose in it and placing it on the counter, slightly adjusting it's position before smiling and nodding. He also grabs a wooden cane with a diamond topping and starts examining it as he sits down.</i> &quot;This ought to be good...&quot;
Rep's True Form
Yusuke Is Very Creative
Logan-senpai is so impressed he's ascended to a new dimension. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/348954811036598274/407227952967712769/eyes.png?width=400&amp;height=220
An Interesting Day At The GYM
<i>Eito unlocks the now reinforced door of the GYM and changes the sign from 'Closed' to 'Open' as usual. He then walks behind the shake bar and relaxes.</i> &quot;Another wonderful day to see people beat each other up.&quot;
A Small Deviation In GYM Activity
<spoiler>Continuation of Eito and Wakui's trip to the GYM from the shopping thread.</spoiler> <i>As the GYM's door opens and the two enter, a wave of heat hit them immediately. Eito rushes Wakui in and closes the door, locking it.</i> &quot;Jesus fucking Christ, how can it be that cold?&quot;
A Late And Somewhat Boring Day At The Gym
<i>Eito walked towards the door, changing the sign to say 'Open' before going to a back room. Despite his focus, due to exhaustion, he near instantly falls asleep once his butt hits a chair.</i> <spoiler>And that, ladies and gents, is what happens when I forget to make a thread and do it really late at night. I won't be participating much here, that is, if the thread lasts long enough for me to get a chance to.</spoiler>
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