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Just your average fan of the Phantom Thieves. I also like to visit the art gallery from time to time too, y'know.

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Only 2 years late
Yo dude, congrats on the achievement!
Hi, We're the Kidz Bop Kidz!
This reminds me of that time recently where my 10 yr old cousin decided to visit my family after three years. She only listened to Kidz Bop and popular songs <i>only in Kidz Bop.</i> So, being the person who I am, I couldn't bring myself to say to her how cruddy her music tastes were. I had to put up with her listening to the latest Kidz Bop songs on my computer while I sat there; dying inside with a happy face. I know she's a kid, but wow. Kidz Bop?? Also, she loves rap, but like, the really bad YouTuber kinds.
switch lite
Personally I don't have a use for it since I prefer playing my games on my tv, but it would be cool if I had another Switch that my brother wouldn't steal <i>all the time</i>
How did you get into Persona?
I saw a Persona 5 introduction video in my recommondations and clicked on it since the style looked nice. After that, I looked it up and got hooked.
What are the best quotes in gaming?
&quot;It's funny because we're all living in a simulation and free will is a lie.&quot; Marina, Splatoon 2
Why do I look like an inkling
How about Fu-crab-ba? Has a nice ring to it
Waifu War (the revival)
Never played Scrabble so definitly Risk. Plus, it's fun to break your friend's soul by absolutely dominating them Douma Umaru (Himouto! Umaru-chan) vs Chiaki Nanami (Super Danganronpa 2)
Oh my fucking god
How could you imbecils forget the one and only <span class="through"><i>Haru</i></span> Makoto! She's a strong and lovely GF. Plus, her name is *Queen.* That's a pretty sweet alias name for somebody who isn't the leader
My parents took away my stairs because I am grounded
Stack a bunch of books to make stairs, obviously

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