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Greetings, I'm Copycat. (I'm considering changing my name to something else) I am an artist, Somewhat. I post all my art @ IkaiTheWeeaboo (Twitter). So please check me out there! Thank you for viewing my profile.

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Isn't Futaba cute?
Haru Is better.
Hello new member here , I have a quick question, what’s a R Y U G I B E S T B O Y
I'm honestly suprised no one has replied with Strawberry pancakes. They're the best...With some whippedcream as well. Top tier pancake in my opinion.
What P5 character would taste the best?
How did this go from eating people to a rp. Wh
Perpna Five Sucks
Watching this made me die a little inside.
Persona dreams (Spoilers)
I've also had a Persona x Rick and morty dream. it was hell and it confused me alot
Rawr owo
Oh that's actually pretty cool, Still. I think i'd actually die If he saw that ajbsuv
Rawr owo
<quote user="Skechi-Akechi">Someone should show this to Robbie Daymond (Akechi's VA)</quote> (( i swear to god if somebody does im taking a bullet
Rawr owo
<quote user="Gro_Akooch">ho om goro akooch i giv u mi pancuck u gib me bob vegen</quote> No!!! 3:&lt;&lt;&lt;I may lov pancakes but i wouldnt stoop dat low 4 dem. Rr ÒmÓ
Rawr owo
i hate myself

Recent topics

F l o r i d a b o y z
Yo yo, How do you do fellow kids. I'm about to go on a cruise and I'm scared. Boats and water scare me. My number one fear is drowning and hoo boy. I'm dyib
Persona dreams (Spoilers)
I just had a dream that I played persona 5 all over again. It was hell. But like the end was different? I actually got to save akechi in the velvet room. I honestly wish we could've saved Akechi. He just needs some love. ;;
Rawr owo
OwO Hewwo! It is i mister akechi-kun &gt;3&lt; Do chu hav any info on teh cute wittle phantom thievez!?!? O3O chu see..I ned to punish dem for their evil crimez, as i am teh defendr of justice☆☆ &gt;A&lt;); if not, das okie umu wait...*notices ur pancakes* OwO wuts this? Can i pwease hav sum of ur vewy delicious pancakes??? Jus pweasee. I'm vewy hungry umu oh umhn, ono; nevamind...I hav to go to vewy important meetin &gt;_&lt;;;) sowwie! Maybe next time... &gt;3O)
Im dea d hh
I finally finished Persona 5. And I cried alot. It was such a good game sjbsjjm Out of all the characters, Akechi was my fav. I lov that pancake boye 👌👌😩😩
*Spoilers* Help?
Uh, I'm on the last Mini-Boss, The apocalyptic guide. And I just cant kill him. The stupid angel things just healing him. I have like 0 moves that are weak against them so sgxsogc i wanna die
Ignore plz im an edgy loser
I have like 0 sites to vent on Shswhweh guess I could use vent but that place is...Weird. Anyhoo. Tried drawing some persona 5 today, wanted to actual throw my tablet away dont even know why I try. Everytime I try to draw I end up 1. Hating myself. 2. Hating my art. Fun fun weehee. I feel like everyone actually hates me but idk how to fix myself so ehh. I give up. Im 90% sure I made my friend hate me even more. I think im just gunna browse the forums for a bit then die or whatever ewg8egueog eigx
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