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Sesame Street Parodies: Persoda C2: New Cutlery Labrinth
*Cooker was driving the Tuna-van on a relatively uneventful trip through Mekneesntoes.* Cooker: Wow, what a completely uneventful trip through Mekneesntoes! Mmm, let's see, what if me sing songs to pass the time... *Cookie takes a few sharp turns and grumbles as he thinks of what song to sing.* Cooker: Oh, me got it! Now, let's goes like mmm hahaha yes. *He then very vocally clears his throat* Cooker: You'll never see me chewiiiing! You'll seethat me eat just too fast to taste! Me eat themmmm by the time you've put them on my plate! Oooohhh, cookieeeee.
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