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I am Chronos, I have existed since time itself for I am its master and creator. All anomalies within the flow of time must be destroyed.

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Door to the End/Door to the Beginning
<i>The reptile would just keep approaching, eventually, once it reached Star it would jump at her, trying to grab onto her shoulder to continue shouting into her ear.</i> &quot;Cursed! Cursed! Cursed! This vest was a gift actually.&quot; <i>The man seemed somewhat impartial towards the question. He seemed to remain silent for a moment, his eyes ticking as the gears would turn. Finally, he seemed to begin answering.</i> &quot;It depends, you ask what is real but is that not a rather contradictory question? I'll give a more direct answer though rather than wasting any more time with mere musings though. The ones who are natural to this world are not what I believe you're suggesting to be 'real'. Merely puppets crafted by another being of immense power, the same being that keeps this place from simply being destroyed. It's not that they don't have free will but they are very close to what you might call a reflection of another being. However, this world is in fact inconsistent. To amend that...hmmm, this is difficult to explain, even for me. I suppose the world itself is alive in a way. It has a will but not one of its own. It's a will that constantly is controlled by those who reside here and it works to try and regulate those who exist here in order to avoid deterioration. I believe the divine who created this anomaly also created this system in order to keep it in check. I'm unsure if that completely answered your question but my power to observe the flow of time is severally hindered because of how warped time and space here is. This world will continue creating its own entities though and sucking in those from other timelines until it destroys itself though.&quot;
Door to the End/Door to the Beginning
<i>The reptile would just look at Star with uncaring eyes and continue shouting and hissing while slowly walking towards her.</i> &quot;C-cursed!&quot; <i>The man would seem to almost sigh but it seemed halfhearted as if the idea of sighing wasn't something they were used to.</i> &quot;This place should physically manifest often but it is troublesome that it did so now. Perhaps I should indulge a little further on the state of things. My partner has told me of a potential end for this place. It is not yet inevitable but it's almost unavoidable. If this world were destroyed it would normally be in my favor but this particular incident isn't one I could ignore. Time I'd an impartial force that puts responsibility on those in it and never on itself. Time simply moves forward and nothing more, however this is an incident that predates time, an incident from my original conception and the beginning of existanctime is already broken in this world but soon space shall be too... That's all I feel is needed to be revealed. Anything more is no concern of any mortal or god.&quot;
Door to the End/Door to the Beginning
<i>the hook comes flying upward, except the hook has now been replaced by a strange lizard like creature which the line would now be tied around. The creature would land somewhere in front of Star breathing heavily. It would slowly get up and stand before looking at Star with eyes that seemed full of...bloodlust?</i> &quot;C-c-cursed!!!&quot; <i>The reptile would begin shooting at Star in a shrill voice, only pausing to occasionally hiss as well. Upon closer inspection the reptile seemed to be wearing a vest that covered its whole body. The man would seem to look around as if gesturing towards all the clocks. </i> &quot;Each one of these clocks is a different timeline with it's own unique laws and rules that govern it. The only consistency in most of these worlds is time yet this one defies that law. At a point I wished to destroy it but now I believe it is more worth it to observe. It's an enigma that must be examined. But taking residence here also comes with risks, this places appearance is one such risk involved.&quot; <i>The woman smiles at Nicola for a moment as her image seems to begin fading away.</i> &quot;I am Ananke, she who represents inevitability. We shall meet again, Nicola. Until then, fate smiles upon you...&quot; <i>The pathway would return to how it once was, opening back up for Nicola.</i>
Door to the End/Door to the Beginning
<i>The man showed no real facial response maintaining a completely neutral disposition. His eyes would tick slowly as he spoke.</i> &quot;In this current body I am an avatar of the God Chronos but I suppose you are speaking to me directly as well. I control this form directly since I made this form directly. I am the god who predates existence itself and the creator of time but once again I suppose you could consider this avatar nothing more than an observer. I see you were observing the clock of this world. Dont worry about touching it, you couldn't make it any worse if you wanted to and even I can't destroy it. It's guarded by a divine force that resists my control.&quot; <i>The woman would look at Nicola with a sort of curiosity. Her pale eyes almost seemed to be look more into him rather than at him directly. </i> &quot;That crystal is a fragment of my husband's power. It is broken and weakened as is the flow of time in this place but it should still posses a large amount of energy within.&quot; <i>Upon being submerged within the liquid Star's fishing hook would begin flowing as well.</i>
Door to the End/Door to the Beginning
<i>As star tried to lift the rock out the rope would come up just as easy as before, only this time the minute it emerged from the liquid it seemed to fly upward in red fragments that seemed similar to a liquid as well. The red liquid would glow brightly as it spread throughout the air. It began falling down over Star as smoke trailed off it. It appears that the rock had reverted to a molten state.</i> &quot;Very well, fate is inevitable yet changeable. An end may not be a true end just a beginning may not be a true beginning.&quot; <i>The crystal walls would seem to begin glowing before the city of Isunia became visible. Flames would seem to engulf the city as in the distance people could be seen fighting one another, entire groups fighting one another. The image would fade away as quickly as it emerged leaving only the image of a woman with pale white eyes and long black hair. Skeletal wings seemed to extend from her back and she held a golden blade covered in strings at her side. She seemed to speak as the voice did.</i> &quot;That's all that I believe is necessary to show.&quot; <i>As Touma and Orthinus examined the globe they could hear a loud ticking from behind them. With the third tick, the air would become still as if frozen in place. It felt as though every clock in the room fell silent as if they knew better then to make a sound. A powerful presence began to form behind them as a voice began to speak.</i> &quot;Guests in my workshop? How unusual, you've been careful I hope? Any damage you cause could be disastrous. You could end an entire timeline just by stepping in the wrong place.&quot; <i>The voice was calm, overly so, as if the one speaking didn't truly care about the consequences he spoke of. Turning around they would see a man holding a clock with medium length black hair and calculating yellow eyes. The oddest feature of his eyes were the gear-like pupils that seemed to spin along with each tick.</i>
Door to the End/Door to the Beginning
&quot;You have stepped into the path towards invitability. It is here that the fate of everything is demonstrated in plain view. A limited mind though could only possibly process one existance at a time though. So, you fail to see what lies beyond the crystals of time. You see them as simple gems but I can show you what lies beyond your own existance, the fate of anything you wish.&quot; <i>the voice didn't seem to posses any malice but neither did it posses kindness. It simply seemed to speak in a way that seemed factual beyond anything else. Beyond the stacks of old clocks and on the side of the room that Touma had reached would be a clock unlike any other he had most likely seen before. The clock almost seemed like more of a globe as its face covered a circular circumstance. All along it were multiple numbers and hand almost seemingly placed at random. Ticking could be heard all over the strange amalgamation of clocks as the hands span around sometimes at high speeds and sometimes slowing to a crawl. Another rock would become trapped within the liquid as it began flowing like the last with a mysterious light. This time it seemed as though bubbles began forming from where the rock resides within the liquid.</i>
Door to the End/Door to the Beginning
<i>the rope wouldn't have a problem listing the rock out of the liquid as if it had become weightless. In the place of the rock that star pulled up, however, would be a shiny diamond about a tenth of the size of the rock in size. The brass door would open easily to reveal a dark room with old clocks piled in stacks that seemed to reach the ceiling. The sound of ticking echoes throughout the room as each clock seemed to be set to a different time. The stack would extend almost across the whole room but on the far right was a small opening that seemed to allow for someone to move past it to the other side of the room. As Nicola looks back he would notice...the say back is gone, replaced by another blank reflective crystal wall. Looking back at the wall in front of him, there was now 3 distinct surfaces to the wall, all facing him directly. Oddly, none of the reflective surfaces would reflect him in them. Nicola could suddenly hear a voice of a woman speaking directly into his ear. </i> &quot;Fate has been cruel. It is always cruel to those whose curiosity shines brighter than the stars themself, to those who challenge the void and try to find order in chaos. Have you come here hoping to seek out your own fate or that of another?&quot;
Door to the End/Door to the Beginning
<i>The rock would seem to begin sinking at first into the abyss but suddenly it would stop. It would float in place a few feet down as if the liquid itself stopped its movement. There would be a slight glow around the rock obscuring any ability to see what was happening to it. One of the larger crystals would break into several shards as Nicola smashed it against a wall. At first it almost seemed as though nothing had happened as the shards would seem to remain in place but merely moving one of the shards would cause the others to fall away from each other for a brief moment before taking on the properties of the crystal he had originally found. Using the crystals to make a trail the right path would prove to wind and twist into different directions several times. The walk down the hall would prove to take several minutes, almost as if the path was extending just to toy with Nicola. Eventually though, the path would reach an end as Nicola came face to face with one of the reflective crystals which would be completely blank. As the clock reached the two position it would seem to begin shaking as the ticking grew more and more intense. It would do this for several minutes before quickly stopping and seeming to unlock. Nothing else of note would happen at this moment.</i>
Door to the End/Door to the Beginning
<i>Nicola would find themselves walking down a path where the crystals seemed to grow thicker in consistency, losing any sign of transparency they once had and becoming more reflecting like the surface of a mirror. The path seemed to eventually become like a maze with more branching paths. There was a simple path to the left and right with no real difference between them that could be observed. Star would go down the path to the middle having to track through the odd liquid that seemed to flood the path. It reached up about a foot high and seemed to have a higher consistancy than water but it wasn't so thick as to be compared to sludge and neither did it seem to stick to clothing or skin. She might notice that despite any contact she made with the liquid she would still be completely dry. Regardless, the path eventually would lead to a much larger room that seemed to contain a much deeper part of the puddle in its center. Unlike the liquid around it that was only a foot deep the deeper part didn't seem to have a clear bottom like a massive abyss in the middle of the puddle. Touma's path would seem to go from crystal to metal quickly. Specifically the area seemed to be made of a sort of bronze or brass. The ticking from before seemed to grow louder and the ceiling of the hall seemed to be covered in the clockwork from before. Ahead of them was finally a brass door with a clock on it. The clock seemed to have an open face allowing for anyone to adjust it. Currently both hands of the clock rested on 12. </i>
Door to the End/Door to the Beginning
<i>Nicola in the cave opening would only see 3 paths extending past the main chamber. The left path only seemed like an extension of the cave itself leading into another opening of the cave. The path down the middle seemed to be similar except it was flooded with a strange blue liquid that ran about a foot deep. Finally, the right path seemed to be much more cut out like the hallway of a building. The clockwork cogs and pieces seemed to be most common around this path. The crystal itself seemed to move easily as if it weighed nothing. The odd part about it was that whenever Nicola wasn't influencing it directly it seemed to freeze in place as if stuck there. The crystals seemed to shine with many colors at once giving them a white appearance. The other colors were only noticable on close observation.</i>

Recent topics

Door to the End/Door to the Beginning
<i>It would seem like a normal enough day surprisingly. No big events or monsters rampaging through the streets as there usually was. Not even the large walls that divided Japan seemed to cause as much panic today. For once it seemed as though things were at peace. A door opened up somewhere. It opened up far before this day began and long after it ended but despite everything it would now be open. A clocktower that nobody remembered existing now would stand tall out in an open field just outside the populated areas of Tokyo. At its base was a door and any who opened it would find themself within a vast open crystal cave. Many of the crystals in this cave that weren't hanging from the walls and ceiling hung suspended in the air. Some even seemed to be frozen shattering against the ground but their pieces wouldn't scatter. They would hang floating near what still remained of the whole crystal as if frozen in time. Some might see that some sections of the cave had clockwork cogs and gears sticking out of the walls as well but for the most part the cave seemed quiet aside from the ticking coming from what clockwork pieces that were around as they moved in rhythm to it.</i>
Bar of the Gods (No Mortals allowed. Ya dig?)
<i>A massive building rests on a random corner of the city. Many metal gears and clocks surround the exterior of the building and giant clockwork golems guard the doors on either side of the building. The metal itself seems to be unknown and strange. There doesn't appear to be any listings for this building either and the only indication as to what it is, is a small sign next to either door. The sign reads, &quot;No mortals allowed&quot;. Any divine with any proper merit knows of this places existence already. Within the building is a being surrounded with clockwork components.It almost appears as though a humanoid figure is within but it is impossible to tell with all the metal components. A light ticking can be heard in the background as music of a orchestral variety plays.</i> &quot;How long has it been since I've opened shop....like a day or something, right? Yes, that must be it...there's no way I'd lose track of time. I am time...&quot;
Then the Clock Struck 1:00
*The time was around midday when it happened. The two suns of the Nexus were high in the sky with one shining brighter than the other with a strange white glow. The clock that sat atop the clockwork platform floating over the Nexus finally was approaching the 1 o'clock position. Finally, it hit 1:00. A large alarm screeched from the clock and shook the city of Shibuya itself. Windows shattered as the clock continues to ring on before suddenly stopping once more and remaining silent. The Clockwork God was standing atop the platform.* &quot;Finally, this game of ours...&quot; &quot;It will begin...&quot; &quot;It's time to see if you can change fate, children of man.&quot;
The Clock struck 12:00
*Slowly under the two suns that shine over the city of Shibuya, gears begin appearing one by one. Though small at first they gradually begin increasing in number and size until a strange structure is formed into a clock that looks down upon the city. The clocks hand points to twelve. As the clock finishes constructing itself it begins to glow before a loud ring can be heard coming from within it. As the clock finishes ringing all clocks within the city begin chiming in as well as all of them are forced into the 12 o'clock position.*
Anomaly: End of a Friend
*The world is spinning, it seems the flow of time has gone out of control. The clockwork god looks around with a look of disdain.* &quot;What a mess, seems this won't be easy to clean...I suppose I shall have to begin erasing this world.&quot;
Club of the Gods (No Mortals/Non-Deties Allowed)
*A glorious palace sized building sits on the outskirts of Shibuya. Within resides a bar with many strange bottles some of which glow with a powerful aura.* All divine and deties are welcome to come to party and as the mortals say &quot;hang out&quot;.
Fate of the Goddess of Lies: A Different Time Part 1
*The clock tower stands tall as usual as the numbers slowly tick down on the clock. The clocks hand is about to reach twelve.* OOC: This will be a dungeon in which different points of time within the persona universe will be reached, as such certain events from different games might be spoiled so join at your own risk. The last part will be the most spoiler free for this dungeon as it will cover events from most recent Persona games. That being said the plan for this part is two boss fights that will be GMed using almost a purely narrative format aside from keeping track of the bosses health.
Is it TIME to stop?
I feel it's time that I talk about the times that I have said the word time. I just felt like it's a time saving word for a lot of the more time consuming explanations I don't have time for. I can see that a lot of people don't really like the amount of times I've said time because they simply don't have time to listen to me say time. Time time time time time time TICK tock TICK tock!
Tick Tock says the clock...
*The clocktower sits in the abandoned streets of Shibuya. It slowly counts down towards the upward position at a rate that is hard to determine. It's already 1/4 of the way there. The Clockwork God can be seen standing on the top of the tower as if waiting for something.*
Clockwork Garden: Illusion of Time
*In the place of what once was Izanami's Garden a new place emerges. From left to right it seems the flow of time here is disrupted. As you go further to the right the garden becomes more decayed and barren while on the other hand the further you go to the left the more lively the garden appears to be. It seems as though time changes for anything without a will of it's own within this place depending on where it is. In the center stand two beings at a tables with a clock in the middle. The two beings appear to be fighting over something.*
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