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Hi my name is Chie Satonaka, I may not be the best person you know but I hope Im good enough to be your friend, also my favourite food is steak and I love kung fu movies.

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We are living our lives
Cmon guys let go of the remote, dont you know youre letting all the junk flood in?
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Ah, I see this thread is still alive<div class='edited'>(edited by Chie_chan)</div>
Random Persona Question
<quote user="Yu-Narukami">What do you mean? My fate is the worst. I have to listen to bear puns throughout the entirety of my game.</quote> Hey, but at least you get to eat my cooking
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Well, even though Im not on break anymore still not going to revise for the big exam \(-▪-▪-)/
Who do you ship
Ship him with all girls!!! His thirst will never be quenched
I think that the phansite is dieing and I don’t like that.
<quote user="Futaba_45">Do you agree </quote> eh, this isnt the worst better than having this site shutdown
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
then why not try to come up with a subject to talk about? like what part of meat do you like the most?
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
then we just have to not post here anymore to lock it automaticaly
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
this thread is just an extended conversational thread
Aight, who ya phansite crush?
If people get banned cant they just made new account?

Recent topics

Is it possible to max out all social links under one playthrough???
It seems impossible but my recent playthrough actually gives me a small hope that it might work. So is it possible?
I need anime recomendations
Any type of anime is fine, Im trying to expand my interest but searching them randomly doesnt work well. So if there is an underated anime deserved to be on the spotlight pls tell me :)
Today is Chie Satonaka annual celebration of birth
I know this is kinda irrelevant to the phansite, but I just want to give this girl some appreciation she deserved. She is a great girl, basically Makoto Niijima Persona 4 version, probably not the study attribute but others pretty much the same. I am not discriminating makoto nor am I intending to mock her (pls dont kill me Niijima fans). I just want some appreciation for this girl. Thank you for listening and have a great day
Which Persona era are you?
Is it 3? 4? Or newly joined 5? OR totally Veteran 1 and 2. Im just curious to know when you guys started playing this <span class="through">cursed</span> wonderful game : )
Who would you kiss, marry, kill Persona edition
-Ryuji Sakamoto -Yusuke Kitagawa -Akechi Goro Now choose on who would you kill, marry, kiss. ; ) Dont worry, I wont judge you . If youre guys, this would be your option - Makoto Niijima - Haru Okumura - Futaba Sakura
How did Yaldabaoth got into the Velvet Room?
&quot;This is a place only those who are bound by the contract may enter...&quot; These are the words or rather condition in order to be able to get in the velvet room and yet somehow Yaldabaoth managed to snoop into this place. Any ideas on how this happen? ps. I didnt put the spoiler cover on because I thought that it is unneccesary
Is there any news regarding P5R?
They said the next info would be this march right? But I cant find any news about it. If you guys know anything about it pls tell me
Q/A for the Moderators and Admin
Im making this thread out of curiousity and boredom, here are some of the question Ive been wandering about and I hope that it will be answered by the Mods and Admin Q1.Are you guys meeting each other in real world as well? Q2.How do the mods became the mods? Q3.Is it hard to get the fundings for this site? Q4.Are you guys working with Atlus? Q5.Will there be more new features in the future? Thats it for now, you guys should also ask question to them
Petition for Atlus to give a chance to fight Igor in Persona 5 R
I just want to know how strong he is and maybe I can defeat him? Im pretty confident with my personas ; ) What do you guys think?
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